Speaking of Special Counsels…

Does it strike you as a bit odd that with all the discussions about Special Counsels and the supposed issues that Republicans have had involvement in, that we still do not have a Special Council investigating Loretta Lynch and her tarmac visit with Bill Clinton?  Especially since Hillary was supposedly being investigated by the FBI, part of Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department, about the so-called e-mail “matter” (rather than “investigation”) as she wished that to be labeled?   Something about ‘falling off the turnip truck’ seems to come to mind.

That certainly smacks of political favor-granting by neglecting to appoint a Special Counsel to look into the whole matter.

There must be some need to at least look into this through the designation of yet another Special Counsel if everything is to be seen as being on the up and up.  Of course, if there is no Special Counsel appointed for this purpose the press will certainly do its duty and investigate that decision, or lack of decision…or will it?  There are times such as this when it seems, even to us hicks in Nowhereville, that ‘the fix is in’.

Obviously, the meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix, AZ was no accidental encounter.  That is too much to swallow given the position she held at the time and the reputation that Bill Clinton has managed to acquire over his adult lifetime.  Yet, there was not even the slightest outcry by the media.  They weren’t looking or they didn’t want to risk learning something that would be more damning than the meeting “just happening” out of the blue.  We know the press was aware of this happening since we have not just fallen off the melon truck.

So the ‘fix’ was in just as it usually is for things involving Democrats in situations that appear untoward…and this situation was very much in that world.  A Special Counsel would’ve likely been appointed within weeks if this were a situation involving President Trump.

It seems that there might just be some rumblings, finally, in that several Republicans in Congress are making noises about just that.  Time will tell if there will be an appointment or if this will be another matter for stonewalling by the Dems for so long as is possible.  Or for the creation of another attention-getter driven by the Dems, that would serve to take the focus off the Special Counsel talk.

There are days when it seems that the Republicans are neophytes in the world of politics.  They are just too gentile, too nice to utter words that we hear almost every day from the Dems.

If the Republicans are incapable of fighting fire with fire, there is not much hope for anything resembling a level playing field; the Dems have a downhill run and we have an uphill run.  Unless and until we learn to take the gloves off when necessary and take our lumps from the press while getting our job done, we will always come out on the short end of the proverbial stick.

A Special Counsel looking into Loretta Lynch and her actions/inactions would likely be assailed by the press but that is simply the way this has to be.  If there is nothing to be found, which I doubt, then the Dems will simply have a good laugh at our expense.  But, the unseemly meeting at the airport seems to me to be evidence of an impropriety of some magnitude and we simply need to begin unraveling the weakest of alibis and getting to the heart of this matter.  Public testimony under oath would be an interesting turnabout for the Dems; that shoe is usually on the other foot.  There is no telling where this inquiry might lead since we know Special Prosecutors have enormous authority vested in them through their appointment.  Any testimony implicating others simply serves to increase the list of targets available for the Special Prosecutor.

Republicans need to demonstrate that they, too, can play tough.  If they do not, the Dems will eat their lunch and ‘we the people’ will have taken another punch to the tummy.  There comes a time for people to stand up for principle and that time is today.  Forget the press’ likely antics.

Does anyone, even Democrats, believe this ‘tarmac get together’ was not a planned occurrence, but was simply fate?  Does anyone really think Bill Clinton was not intending to have this ‘chance’ meeting?  And how would the ‘chance meeting’ have been made to occur?

There are way too many moving parts to this to try to foist it off as a chance meeting.  I think a Special Prosecutor would have a field day…and the ripple effect would keep the Dems off balance for the rest of President Trump’s initial four-year term.

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