When Will This End?

When will our seeming infatuation with Special Prosecutors end?  Likely not until President Trump has either stepped down from office or has been convicted of something such as obstruction of justice.  Fred Barnes points out in The Weekly Standard that Special Prosecutors seldom end their quest without finding something upon which to hang their hats.  Their probes expand until something is found.  They have to justify their existence and the millions they, and their targets, have spent finding someone to prosecute and to defend themselves.

President Trump has been fighting the challenges thrown at him by Democrats and by his somewhat unorthodox approach to being our President.  His Tweets are interesting and often the source of more difficulties since the Dems, a handful of Republicans and the vaunted press lay in wait for the slightest opportunity to stick pins into the Trump balloon.  The President, unfortunately, does not always disappoint those who lay in wait, and instead seems further energized by those actions.  That is his nature as we’ve seen from his business successes.

The field of play is decidedly tilted against whomever a Special Prosecutor aims his or her investigation at given the array of tools available to those prosecutors.  That gives credence to Fred Barnes’ prognostication.  Couple that with the ‘blood in the water’ mentality of the opposition, and we see a very steep hill to climb.  The President continues to act as our President, but these side issues make that work more difficult than is usually the case.

If the opposition sees any unraveling of the threads of the Presidency, they will pick at those threads until the seam has been torn apart.  Either party is good at that kind of opposition, but, frankly, the Dems seem to have this art completely at their disposal…especially when the mainstream media is so quick to take part in the feeding frenzy.

The uphill nature of the Trump Presidency will not soon level out given all the various forces at play.  There is more than enough vitriol and outright hatred to take the fight out of almost anyone.  The success of the individual coupled with a degree of notoriety seems to breed the very worst in our opponents.  Then, of course, there is the fact that President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton who had been bequeathed the Oval Office simply because she was Hillary.  And worst yet, he was not a politician.  Just who did he think he was?  He was an interloper to be feared…and maybe destroyed politically if possible.

Will he serve out his full term or not?  I have no idea, but I do know that he’ll likely never find relief from the headwinds of his political opposition, headwinds contrived by his opposition which proves often there are virtually no dirty tricks it wouldn’t employ to win.  I frankly hope he continues to poke his finger in the eye of “the way it has always been done” crowd who see him as an interloper and miscreant who demeans the office of the President of the United States of America.  If they succeed, that will be a sad day in America.  That kind of action would’ve been impossible to even dream of a short time ago, and today it seems all too plausible given the opposition’s determination to use innuendo and half-truths as the tools to deprive us of the service of the person we elected.  They threaten to make my vote invalid and that is not right.  My vote is equal to their vote.

I am deeply saddened at the thought this could happen in this country.  But, it seems that there are too many culpable and willing participants that would be all too happy to see that day come.  They may see themselves as patriots but I have different words to describe who and what they are.  There has never been a perfect man serving in the Oval Office.  There have been some who were openly imperfect and they seem to have come from the political party that now wishes us to believe it is as pure as the driven snow.

This witch hunt has the potential to tear us apart if it continues and if it is permitted to be successful.  That we would have a new President by the name of Pence would salve the wound somewhat but the real damage to this country will have been done both here and abroad.

Petty politicians are the very worst breed of politicians.  The great politicians are those who see their duty to God and country and who overcome for all of us even at their own expense.  There seem fewer and fewer of those today.  This is the kind of politics that can breed the mentally deranged people such as the man who found the baseball practice diamond the other day.

Nothing good comes from this kind of politics.  Most Democrats and a few Republicans ought to be ashamed, but that is not likely to happen.


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