Drip, Drip, Drip…

Water torture has been with us almost since the beginning of what has passed for a semblance of civilization.  The steady drip, drip, drip of water on one’s forehead that has the result of driving people crazy seems to be alive and well although water is not being used to cause the result.

This steady drip, drip, drip is courtesy of the liberals and their compatriots in the press and in Congress.

The targets of this particular drip, drip, drip are…conservatives in general and the current President of the United States who now is under the microscope of Robert Mueller, former FBI Director and current Special Counsel who has been reported to have increased his efforts to find substance that would be useful in toppling President Donald Trump which, of course, is the desire of the liberal faction and even some seeming conservatives, if I am correct about a certain Republican Senator from Arizona, but that is for another day.

Special Counsel Mueller is reported to be seriously looking at the Russian election influence claim and tying that into looking at President Trump to determine if there is some evidence of collusion.  Special Counsels appear to be second only to God in terms of their power.

One might wonder how the Clintons have been able to avoid the scrutiny of any number of Special Counsels.  Maybe being a liberal is helpful in avoiding such examination.  Maybe those named as Special Counsels have already passed the smell test of liberalism.  Or maybe the answer is that there is no answer to that question other than that they are avowed liberals and part of the liberal history of our great nation and, therefore, a protected species.

We know by now that President Donald Trump is not likely to be seen by Democrats and liberals as anything but a demon and a failure as President.  That has been preordained in their minds and is not easily altered since it has already been writ.  We should accept that fact and recognize then that President Trump will be under whatever political microscope happens to be in operation in the District of Columbia.

Actually, maybe the equivalent of ‘water torture’ is what the Democrats are experiencing as the result of his election as our President.  They may be going nuttier by the day due to that drip-drip-drip that just never seems to end.  Apparently, the direction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s efforts has been affected by James Comey’s firing as FBI Director, or at least that is the supposition of some.

Time marches on and the District of Columbia, so de-politicized with the recent shooting for a day or two, is back to normal as that is defined in that small piece of our country.  I wonder if there ought to be some kind of rotation for residents of the District.  Should they, for their own good as well as ours, be required to live in a real state with no contrived political essence other than for regular elections, for two years every decade simply to remind them and us of how damaging the D.C. tour can be to a person?

Originally, if I recall my history, there was no thought but what the people would send representatives to the capital and that those people would come back in between sessions to be with real folks and get part of their sanity and ‘feet-on-the-ground’ elixir before going back into that never-never land.  There has to be a very real danger in breathing that rarified air to begin to be affected by that experience, to get further and further from the person he or she was and to become more and more a creature of the hallowed halls of government.  Maybe that accounts for the liberal persuasion at least in part.  If you can conjure up a picture in your mind of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi you can begin to see what prolonged residency in that former swampland can do to a human being.

Frankly, the immediate past President has already established permanent residence in a smaller version of the palace he occupied until this vulgar Trump person moved in.  He is apparently deChicagoized sufficiently that he’ll never live there again.  It is that rarified air I suspect.  That, and the fact that Chicago might be gone at the rate it is spiraling downward these days under the tutelage of a former D.C. temporary resident who is now the Mayor.

It seems that us conservatives have come under a more or less permanent cloud while the liberals bask in the sunlight of righteous governance.  We elected the man we wanted as our President.  Leave him alone to run the country.  And, get yourselves back into the real world more often and for longer periods of time as reminders to you all of who and what we are.

If there is evidence, solid evidence, of wrong-doing by our President, present it to us.  If we want him recalled we’ll tell you that.  Yeah, we know he doesn’t fit your preconceived notion of what a President ought to be; but, then again, Barack Obama didn’t fit my preconceived idea of what a President ought to be either and he was not subjected to this nonsense.

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