Do You Feel Safer Today?

If you feel safer today, that may have been, at least partially, the result of Dennis Rodman going back to see his buddy in North Korea.  Yup.  Rodman is back with his apparent best friend, Kim Jong Un the somewhat rotund Supreme Leader of North Korea.  It would be difficult to dream up a more unlikely duo, but this is at least Rodman’s fourth trip to visit North Korea’s leader who loves basketball.

Can you even begin to imagine the conversations that must occur?  Rodman was quoted by CNN at the Beijing airport as saying he was “pretty sure” President Trump was happy and that “I’m over here trying to accomplish something we both need.”  Another East Asian ‘expert’, Daniel Pinkston at Troy University in South Korea, in what may prove the understatement of the year, said: “Dennis is not a diplomat or scholar of international affairs or security or diplomacy, so people should not have that expectation of him.”  “But he’s very kindhearted and generous and means well.  He only wants what is best.”

Either Kim Jong Un does really enjoy Rodman’s visits or he sees this as a way to tweak our collective noses or a combination of these things.  The article I read mentioned Rodman’s appearance on a couple of the television shows Trump has been associated with so there is a possibility, whether or not realistic, that Trump was aware of this visit.

When you step back and take another look at this seemingly unlikely pairing, maybe it becomes a bit more understandable.  These two people, who are certainly unique in their own ways, may well feed the needs of each other even if in a bizarre way.  And, under President Trump, there might be a bit of the sense that even if the President didn’t condone, he might also see some reason not to condemn.

Maybe Dennis Rodman can serve a very useful purpose, diplomatically, given our complete separation otherwise from the North Korean dictator.  Maybe this could be one of those Trumpian things that make him the person he is.  Maybe this is an example of how Donald Trump came to be so successful in the world he has previously occupied.

This is, after all, at least the fourth trip Rodman has made to visit his apparent friend.  And he may just have the ear of the dictator sufficiently to have a worthwhile conversation with him over the drinks they both appear to enjoy…if the gossip is of any value.

We do live in a seemingly strange world these days.  It is strange because we humans make it that way of course.  If it weren’t for us, the world would simply be the world.  When the human element is added to this equation, we have to expect that there will be aberrations.  When we couple Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un and some adult beverages, as they are both reported to sometimes enjoy to extremes, we may have little idea what to expect.  If there are a series of missile launches while Rodman is in North Korea, that might just be Kim Jong Un showing off for his friend…or maybe they were playing with the controls while inebriated.

That gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling, eh?


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