Blood in the Water…

Elected officials whom we thought we knew pretty well seem to change when there is metaphorical ‘blood in the water’.  If you have even had your television on for an hour each day, you have likely seen the testiness and the nastiness that goes for proper political speech and good manners at this juncture.

People whom you thought you had a pretty decent understanding of, how they talk, how they work and so on, are off the reservation.  What would’ve been thought too nasty to mention a month ago is now the order of the day.  Politicos who were decent last week are smarmy, nasty creatures this week.

Some very likely point to President Trump and blame it all on him, but, even though that is the easy route, he is simply not the cause, maybe a participant but not the cause.  The hearings have created their own weather systems in the District.  Political friends seem on edge and do not act at all like they acted just a couple of weeks earlier.  Maybe they have cause for concern.

The blood in the water has scared the bejeebers out of some of the old dogs.  I expect better from Sen. McCain for one.  The behind-the-scenes maneuvering is sucking all the air from the room.  I suspect that everyone, with very few exceptions, sees this as a time when a misstep might cost them the office they hold today be they Republican or Democrat.

Some very old political bridges are being threatened today and, if those are burned, there will be a cost to be paid for a long, long time.  When I hear some of the comments attributed to this person or that person, I am reminded of a person who is fearful he or she is next on the chopping block.

I’d like to see President Trump act the parent at this point and simply make a brief speech for the nation BUT obviously keyed to the behavior we’re witnessing in our nation’s capitol.  Our elected officials are, too often, letting us down simply through their frightened hurry-scurrying.  They seem to see that someone or several someones might well lose their jobs, and they apparently see themselves as being in the crosshairs.  Maybe there is just cause for their concern but the foolishness going on today is far beneath the dignity we expect, rightfully, from our elected officials.

Go back to your state or district, take a deep breath, meet with your constituents and then come back to the District and start anew to be part of the well-oiled machine we expect to see in the District of Columbia.

There is frankly more than enough reason to be painting with such a broad brush.  People whom I have respected for some time are either no longer respected or very near that point.  I know I am but a lonely voice in the woods, but I cannot believe I am the only person who has seen this degradation in the quality of our governance.

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