Yesterday’s “Winners”?

The winners of the grand inquisition instituted by former FBI Director Comey’s actions are the Senate Intelligence Committee members.  For the very most part, these fifteen Senators conducted themselves very well, posed intelligent questions and played well with each other.  This is probably a surprise even to those Senators.

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James Comey was not a ‘winner’; he was instead to be seen as a ‘whiner’ who felt put down by President Trump, etc., etc., etc.  His answers to the questions posed by the Senators were truthful but still left impressions as they were intended to do.  Comey is a very intelligent man who plays quite well in the world of politics.  Where he’ll end up is anyone’s guess but don’t write him off as a future politician.

# # # # #

As seems usual these days, President Trump was not a winner even though he was not directly involved other than as the FBI Director’s boss.  Sufficient innuendo was left after the hearing to continue to support the various reporters who want to see him fail even though he was elected by a majority of us.  Democracy, for them, seems only to be useful when they get their way.  Democracy worked as it was intended yesterday and the press fumed.  I did not think that the President’s personal attorney did an effective job of defusing some of that we knew was going to follow.

# # # # #

This was a grand show of government at this level in action.  It was grand television.  It was a solid opportunity for any of these fifteen Senators thinking of going after the Oval office or simply getting re-elected by the folks back home.

Comey got to take some shots at the President of the United States.  For those who are not fans of President Trump, Comey probably scored with his assertions.  Others saw those same assertions as the whines of a childish person refusing to give the President his due.  I do not believe that former FBI Director Comey did himself any favors.  He’ll continue to be the darling of the left; he probably has a great future ahead of him; he may run for the Senate or do whatever he chooses since he has the people of a more liberal persuasion in his corner.  But he did not come across to me as a real leader; of course, my definition of great leadership has a decided military leaning to it.

The press may, and probably will take off after President Trump trying to intimate that he was not a proper leader and that he tried to make Comey fold like a wet paper sack over various investigative issues.  That may be a fine line to some.  I tend to see Comey as a bit too sensitive and of finding more there than was there in those couple of instances he cited as having occurred in the Oval Office.  The press will probably be all over that ‘old’ news today, as they concoct their stories explaining how yesterday happened without someone demanding the President’s resignation.

Finally, it seems the Russians must be very deeply involved in our government since I hear about ‘the Russians’ at every press conference and in most every TV show where people discuss the politics of the day.  If Hillary Clinton can just get the Russians to leave our politics alone, maybe she’ll take another run, but she better have some new excuses concocted because we’re not likely to buy any of the old overused excuses ever again.

If the Russians have managed to penetrate our government apparatus, I certainly hope we’re inside theirs as well.  They may be playing with our heads…or it might be we are simply playing with our own heads.  If there’s proof of Russian involvement in that arena, let us have that proof now.


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