Comey v. Trump? Trump v. Comey?

The press has already staked out its ground in this epic situation.  The left has decided that the President is in a lot of trouble.  The right thinks that Comey has a problem.  The Senators sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee, seven Democrats and eight Republicans are prepared for what could be the most important situation they’ll be called upon to address ever, at least up to this point.

The lead-up to this hearing has already dominated the news.  We can only imagine how the actual testimony will add to the furor that has been created.  It seems a bit incongruous to be seeing/hearing discussion of the ‘expected/anticipated/hoped for’ results from both sides since the actual hearing has yet to begin.  Most of this supposition has evolved or devolved from Comey’s memo to himself following a dinner with the President, which he has stated is a new habit he has acquired since he began dealing with President Trump.  An interesting new habit.

That simply points to the potential for this to end up having been a critical factor in a decision that will not be appreciated by whichever side that believes it did not prevail as it had hoped to prevail.

It is red meat for anyone trying to make a name for him or herself, which is virtually everyone within a 500-mile radius of Washington, D.C.  The Democratic Senators will be there with fangs bared waiting for their chance to add to personal fortunes with the ‘folks back home’ and the ‘liberal press’.  The Republican Senators, I hope, will be there to point out the personal nature of the FBI Director’s memorialization tactics, which he claims were just adopted when Trump made it to the White House, and to show him as more the problem than the aggrieved in this situation.  Why shouldn’t a President expect loyalty/honesty from an appointee?

So, on the one hand, we have the prospect of the President of the United States being cast by some Senators as having committed an impeachable offense, while Comey’s reputation will be thoroughly blackened by some Senators who see President Trump as the rightful holder of that office…and not just the guy who stole it from Hillary Clinton through some mystically-rigged election at the hands of the Russians.

If Comey thinks this is all about him, he is far too naive to be the head of the FBI.  This is about Trump, and this is all about the Democrats seizing the opportunity to create whatever further obstacles that might be possible for them to create for the President.  They pay no mind to the outcome’s effect, good or bad, on our country.  That is the last thing that concerns them.  They are, after all, the most important people in this country…and they will be reminding us of that for the days and weeks to come.

That the liberal press can already have concluded the outcome yesterday in order to have written their columns that have appeared in this morning’s web and paper versions is but another example of how politicized the news media has become.  They have actually been working diligently yesterday to give the Democrats a place to stand this morning during the hearing.  The press has pre-determined what the outcome ought to be based on liberal vs. conservative positions.

This again points to the need for us consumers of what we used to think of as the “news of the day” to be very much aware that the liberal press works diligently to affect the news of the day by setting it up the preceding day or week or month.  The liberal press is actually providing direction to the liberal politicians as to what they ought to be doing if they want “good press” to assure their re-election.

If you seek out the liberal New York and Washington news sites this morning, you’ll see the pieces that were written yesterday.  Never mind that the hearing doesn’t begin for another couple of hours as this is being written, they already know what they expect the outcome to look like…and they’re messaging is intended to advise the liberal elected officials of the path they’re expected to take…not that this path was any great secret.

Trump never should have been elected, as they see it, so anything the libs do is permissible.  Us voters be damned, especially us voters of the conservative persuasion. The liberal intelligentsia has everything under control.  They have known for days how this will all turn out since they pre-write the stories that will describe the outcome.  The Democratic Senators have been programmed over time so their positions are easily predictable.  They will pillory their Republican counterparts and they will present their version of the truth and that is all there is to it.

Trump will be the victim of the press once again; and, the liberal storyline will have been right once again.

# # # # #

As the testimony unfolds this morning, it becomes evident that this is pointed at the President certainly by the Dems and maybe even by a Republican or two.  A grand old Washington, D.C. witchhunt.

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