Can ‘News Junkies’ OD?

It is time for a confession.  I have a ‘News’ habit and I fear that I have gotten to the point of being a ‘News Junkie’.  I seem to be consuming too much ‘News’ whatever ‘too much’ actually is.  I’ve lost track of that definition somewhere along the line.

Part of the way in which I’ve gotten to this self-diagnosis is simply that I am more a disbeliever than a believer of the usual ‘News’ today.  Maybe the more correct term for what I have become is a doubter.  I have developed an almost sixth sense to become a doubter of sentences, paragraphs, pages and entire pieces of what I used to think of as ‘News’.  Being a doubter is actually sort of fun in that it challenges a person to be more critical, to refuse to take everything written and published as factual information.

This may have been precipitated by the election of Donald Trump as our President and the seeming instant degradation in the quality of what I used to think of as ‘News’.  If I craved a steady diet of “pull your hair out by the roots” instances, I’d appreciate what has become the new version of ‘News’.  It could drive me crazy if I had not learned how to be a doubter of the news I consume until I have had the opportunity to dig deeper than the writers and publishers desire me to go.

As a doubter of ‘News’, until I’ve been able to dig deeper, I find that I am less susceptible to the feeling I need to submit to being placed under the care of a psychoanalyst for my own good.  I am coming to understand the dynamics of what we see as ‘News’ today.  Some of it has some substance to it, but even that needs be confirmed by at least one other source if not several other sources.

Some of the ‘News’ we get today is easily thrown out with the trash without a great deal of further study and discernment.  That decision is made simply by the source of that ‘News’.  Surprisingly, some of the big ‘News’ names fall into that category.  They seemed to have gone over the boundary on the day that Donald Trump was sworn in as our President.  They certainly were lost as trusted sources by February 1st.

Some of the ‘News’ we get today is partially fact-based, and that ‘News’ is probably to be feared more than ‘News’ that can be dismissed as totally bogus with scant study.  The partially fact-based ‘News’ requires cross-referencing in order to confirm your earlier thought that this was simply not right.

I never expected to have to use The Onion as reference work, but some of what we see as ‘News’ today threatens to tread on The Onion’s turf.  It is factually untrue but still very possible to consume as fact if we let our minds wander at all during the study.  That is the really good fake news that President Trump may refer to on occasion.  I have become a bit of an understudy of the President since he seems to be able to ferret out fake news in a way that makes me wish for the capabilities he possesses.

That fake news stuff really does exist and it is insidious in its ability to trick even the above-average reader/consumer.  It usually comes from a previously trusted, or at least somewhat trusted, source which has allowed itself to lose sight of its former higher self-expectations given its eagerness to show this President is a real dope who should never have been given the keys to the White House.

If you’ve found yourself suffering a bit as I had, please give some thought to discarding your fear of having become a News Junkie that had an over-consumption problem.  You are likely really only a doubter of the ‘News’ you consume.  That is actually a very good sign that you need not also be concerned that you have OD’d on ‘News’.

We both are okay if we are careful to determine what today might pass as a more trusted source from which to obtain your daily dose of ‘News’.  That does not often include some of those former big names in the ‘News’ world, by the way.

My best wishes in your struggle for consumable and believable ‘News’.

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