We Await Breathlessly…

Thursday is the day, or at least the first day, we finally hear all the dirt on President Trump if the Dems have their way.  That is, of course, the day that former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the United States Senate Intelligence Committee.  There is something twinging inside me when I use ‘intelligence’ and ‘Senate’ in the same sentence, but that is just me.

Where do we think this will go?  No matter the ‘disclosures’, we are safe to say that this will be used by the Democrats whether or not there is anything useful to be found in the testimony.  That is quite simply a foregone conclusion that proves out time and time again.  This is a classic political witch hunt no matter what the findings may be at the end of the day.  The simple ‘fact’ that there ‘had to be’ such a hearing means President Trump is deftly slammed if nothing else.

The White House has said that there will be no use of “Executive Privilege” to attempt to block Comey’s testimony.  To think that tool would be intentionally ignored if there were any ‘there’ there is ludicrous, but the atmosphere itself will be sufficiently useful to the Dems.  There may be no evidence produced to support the supposition, but the simple fact that a hearing had to be called counts in their world.

Comey’s actions while FBI Director were sometimes strange from my perspective.  He has the presence, the clean-cut appearance, to have been a towering figure, but there was something missing that made me wonder how he’d been selected for the spot in the first place.

Will there be any mind-blowing facts that emerge during this hearing?  That depends on your definition of mind-blowing but I do not expect any such happenings.  Comey has testified already and did not make any comments that would lead me to think there was any substance to the Dem’s attempted charge-through-association against President Trump.

The theatrics promise to be something to behold if this runs the course of most other such, dare I use the term, fake charges brought for purely political gain.  The media will tilt in each member of the media’s pre-supposed direction…primarily liberal.  Some will find smoke and others will find nothing but political posturing.  For all we know, there may even be an attempt to bring Russia and Putin into the mix, if not during the questioning proper after the fact through the typical spreading of innuendo.

The New York Times has accused President Trump of pressuring Comey so that serves as the match with which the Dems hope to start the fire.  The Times, a member of the much-vaunted press, has the apparent right to light fires without fear of a lack of factual evidence, but that is for another day.

This is simply part of the drip-drip-drip water torture that is political-reporting/political- opportunism from the Dems’ perspective.  The press is all-too-eager to latch onto anything that remotely suggests their meme is valid.  The obvious reason is so they can continue to feed the masses that do not know any better because they do not dig for facts beyond what they see/hear in the daily reporting.

As conservatives, we are aware that we will be accosted in this manner more often than not, and we also know that those who fall victim to this kind of witch-hunt misinformation have a vote that counts as much as our vote counts.  We also know they like liberals even without being politically aware since they ‘get stuff’ when those people are running the country…and they learn that conservatives are bad people because they ‘take stuff’ away.

Pretty simple, but it works very well.  That should make us all sleep much better tonight.

(And, hot off the press, we have the announcement by Michael Moore that he is launching TrumpiLeaks so people can report anything they believe is of value to enable us to be aware of what is happening.  A sound journalistic news gathering device if ever there was one.)



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