Tolerance or Intolerance?

We have witnessed another in what seems a more and more regular display of Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe, and we step back and think ‘why there and not here’?  Is it only a matter of time; is there a way to help preclude such attacks in our country?

The reality is that we could see such homegrown incidents if we relax our security as that relates to our borders and to those whom we permit to enter our country on visas that seem to have no end dates.  We have had a few, by comparison to Europe, and those should’ve been sufficient to overcome the ‘politics’ of the issue.  There ought to be no ‘politics’ in issues of this ilk.

Europe seems to have become a hotbed for these attacks and England has found itself in the spotlight recently.  We tend to sit back, watch the television reports and then forget about those kinds of things until the next time similar attacks occur.  The immigration regulations in the bulk of Europe have prompted an influx of Muslims.  That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing.  We are a country formed on the backs of immigrants and we are, I believe, the better for the mingling of various nationalities and various customs and various religions.  I am of the Norwegian and Scottish persuasion, for example, and the product of immigration…obviously.

We, unfortunately, find ourselves in a time when we are targets of some who hate us, hate who we are and hate what we stand for as compared to other nations.  They are intolerant of us because we do not all flock to one religious practice, theirs, and because we are a successful country that doesn’t share enough of its wealth with them…as they see their appropriate share of our wealth.  Their target is painted on our backs.

We are blessed in that we have the opportunity to learn from the shortcomings of other country’s approaches to the solution of this problem…before it becomes as significant a problem in our own country as it is in other countries.  We are cursed because we have too many people who are unable to foresee the realities, and who, therefore, pooh-pooh those of us who demand policies of more strict regulation.

President Trump is the right person at the right time in this case.  He sees and understands the realities that exist.  He is not frightened to address the issues.  He sees what happens when policies are too relaxed or entirely non-existent.  He is a conservative in this regard and therefore tends to drive the liberals in our country a bit nutty.  They seem to live for anything about which they can pose for ‘holy pictures’ and create divisions to be exploited politically.  They seem more inclined to politicize these kinds of issues than they do to find the best solutions for those same problems…until it is too late; and, then it suddenly becomes a conservative-driven problem…and the press flocks to that conclusion and pillories us conservatives for being so short-sighted.

In short, the safety of our country is more a political football than a real issue from the liberals’ perspective.  Us conservatives, who tend to be both feet on the ground realists in things like this, cringe over the liberals inability to realize that ‘there but for the grace of God’ go we.  So, we elected President Trump and we gave him a Republican majority and essentially said: “let’s get it done”.

We know that we need strict regulations that are enforced evenly across all nationalities, a conceptual wall, and we know that there will be some pain for us conservatives and political gain for the liberals over our purported ‘intolerance’.  This signifies that terrorism in our country is still a political issue driven by liberals and we simply have to step up to the plate and be the adults once again.

President Trump will also take some heat, but he is used to that by now.  That is why we conservatives will likely put him back in office when we get that chance.  That is why we conservatives will cause Congress to get serious about this before we become another England.  That is why we’ll take some more shots from the liberal left, and watch as the press plays those up for a couple of weeks.

But, we are ‘the adults’ for a reason, and we know what our duty is even if liberals wish to make this a political plaything.  That’s who we are and that’s what we do.  There are no shortcuts.  It would be great if this wouldn’t be politicized but our opponents cannot pass up a golden opportunity for the so-called ‘holy pictures’ even as they vote against what is best for this country in this arena.

For Europe, it is already too late and we’ll continue to see that time and again.  For the United States, there is a bit of time left to us to formulate the proper safeguards while we can still implement those.  If that opportunity is squandered for political reasons, we will rue the day because we will see here what we watch today in Europe.

If ever there were an issue about which we could forget politics and do what is right for all the people, wouldn’t this be that issue?  This is not a question about tolerance.  This is an issue relating to life and death on this side of the ocean, threats to all political belief systems, and that transcends both petty and serious politics.  Let us see if there is a limit to politics for the left.  If they dilly-dally too long for purely political reasons, and we suffer as the result, we the people need to remember.

It is ‘put up’ or ‘shut up’ time on the issue of immigration.

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