High Dudgeon…

High dudgeon is defined as ‘a feeling of intense indignation’.

That seems to also define Hillary Clinton.  She continues to find all kinds of reasons, none of which are the real reason, for her inability to gather sufficient votes to be seated in the Oval Office.  It just isn’t fair as she sees it.  How can so many of us be so foolish as to be unable to see what she could bring us if we just came to our senses?

Hillary Clinton is one of those people who many find it impossible to like.  Hillary seems driven by the sense of her being deserving of the highest office in our country, and she is apparently blessedly blind to the feelings others have about her.

The Dems have, of course, regularly fallen for this lovely fairy tale and have been willing to help Hillary whenever she needs to be helped…which is quite often since she is quite ‘needy’.

Hillary has shown us many different versions of herself, and, once in awhile, she gives us a glimpse at a version we can almost get excited about…almost being the operative term.  It is, from my perspective, her feeling of deservedness that is nearly more off-putting than anything else.  Then, I am reminded of another section in the great tome “The History of Hillary”.  There are so many versions of Hillary as to be disconcerting in and of themselves.

Why the Democrats have been so enthralled with the Clintons is another of those great unanswerable questions.  Obviously, Bill was their choice for President and he actually made it into the Oval Office.  He will be remembered as something less than the greatest person to occupy that office.  But that gave Hillary a taste of power that she has been in quest of since.  After all, she has put up with Bill’s foibles and she deserves a reward for that effort.

Now she has fallen to the level of blaming the Democratic Party for the latest embarrassment.  It had no money, its data collection system was wanting; Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. should’ve been hers, and it fell to her to carry the whole burden while the Republican Party was so well equipped it got the votes out to permit Donald Trump to win the race.  That is truly a state of high dudgeon from Hillary’s point-of-view.  She actually lost to Trump.  It doesn’t get much worse if you are Hillary Clinton.  Of course, Trump only won because of some kind of behind-the-scenes shenanigans by the Republicans.  He couldn’t possibly have gotten those votes on his own.

All this having been said, the Clintons are reputedly worth some $200+ Million.  How one might ask, is this possible?  Well, it is made possible by selling the Clinton name and whatever remaining aura exists to those who originally gave them the money to get elected.  Those books must be grand…probably as grand is will those penned by Barack Obama be judged to be.  Dems take care of their own no matter whether deserving or undeserving.

Imagine the skeletons that have to be ignored and the bald-faced audacity necessary to be able to brag about the Clinton family name and to forget all the sordid details that made them who and what they are.

Hillary’s high dudgeon is just part of the facade that is necessary to be a Clinton and to be proud of that ‘accomplishment’ as it were.  There is a new face for the Dems; she of 1/24, or so, American Indian heritage, as we’re told, who threatens to obliterate the Clinton legacy.  This most likely was the last hurrah for Hil and Bill.  I doubt that Chelsea will be able to mount a threat at least in the foreseeable future.

Maybe, just maybe, we are witnessing the end of the Clinton era.  It is long overdue from my perspective.  I have experienced high dudgeon at their hands, although they no doubt could not care less.


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