Midterm Elections – 2018

People, mostly pundits, are beginning to opine about the coming mid-term elections in 2018.  The opinions seem to aim at President Trump’s influence, for better or worse, and on Republicans’ success or lack of success in those elections.

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for grabs as will 33 Senate seats.  Democrats will be rolling out their big guns soon and the most likely approach/line of attack will be to attempt to vilify President Trump thus denying Republicans votes on the ballots across the country with people voting, by default, for Democrats.

That presupposes that the Dems can find decent candidates to run against incumbent Republicans and that Trump’s hoped for lack of solid results will serve to tip the balance.  The two parties have about a year and one-half left to see what they can do to each other’s fortunes.  You and I will be observers in this battle until we cast our votes.

If President Trump has coattails that Republicans can proudly hang onto, they might be more victorious.  If those coattails are something Republicans have to run away from, there could be seismic shifting in power.  This is nothing new except for the fact that a ‘President Trump’ doesn’t come along all that often.  He is a bit of a lightning rod and that can auger either to the benefit or to the detriment of Republicans.

If there are relatively weak Democratic candidates, those candidates will likely work the Trump angle for all it is worth.  If Trump is not the ‘tool’ the Dems hope for, Republicans will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him looking for the help he’ll be able to bring to them.  Midterm elections are almost always looked at in this way, but with President Trump in office, the Dems hope they can parlay that into a House and Senate majority which would effectively end the Republicans’ dominance by limiting that party’s power through budget restraints and outright vicious politics.  Not to mention the balance on the U.S. Supreme Court.

If President Trump is riding a crest of popularity at that time, the opposite could occur with Republicans adding to their votes in both the House and the Senate.  If we were hoping for this Trump brouhaha to quiet down a bit, we will be disappointed.  If anything, it will be worse than we might’ve expected, UNLESS…

Unless President Trump’s initiatives continue to have appeal to the general citizenry based on the simple fact they are working to our collective benefit.  If that continues to be the case, the Dems risk losing even more ground if they’re seen as simply being petty losers and in opposition to what the majority want for this country.  We are in for a rough ride up to November 2018.  The petty back-and-forth between the two parties will continue.  The press will play a significant role in all this, as well, and it is tilted toward the Dems, unfortunately.

If President Trump has established himself as a solid President, the media risks losing even more of its power if it continues to ride the tired old Democratic donkey.  We people are not quite so simple-minded as the media too often assumes.

This does not all rest on President Trump’s shoulders.  The Dems will need to come up with good candidates, and stay out of their own way.  If they continue to fight against Trump’s policies and if those policies prove wise and are working, then this all comes down to who the candidates are and what they stand for politically.  With a good economy, they will be hard-pressed to come up with a saleable rationale to sway voters.

If North Korea is still in the ‘acting up’ to get noticed business, that will add up in favor of Republicans assuming they can be fully supportive of President Trump’s actions in that situation.  China and Russia may well have roles to play in that election, too.

We will likely have a bumpy ride up to the midterm elections, but what else is new?  Much will ride on the kinds of decisions made by the President, on the state of world affairs, and on the candidates the Dems can line up for those midterm elections.  So far, President Trump seems not to be threatened by the world’s leaders, especially not the likely transgressor leaders.  He is not going to easily be placed in a particular role or slot by foreign leaders, either.  I doubt that he will be the most predictable person we’ve had in the Oval office, although I don’t mean to say he’ll go off half-cocked.  He is quite intelligent.

He has a grasp of world affairs from his business dealings.  He is comfortable in his own skin and therefore doesn’t have to try to conform to the desires of others.  He is nobody’s fool.  He is not a Casper Milquetoast to be pushed around by others.  His exposure on the world’s stage so far has been very positive and productive.

He is definitely not another Barack Obama nor anything at all like Hillary Clinton.  We conservatives can be very thankful for both of those things.

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