Liberal World Tilted On Its Axis…

We are witnesses to the liberal world introspectively tearing itself apart.  The evidence is found in the liberal publications (which I read as a requirement for blogging…and nothing else).  The liberal press has been reduced, in many cases, to mere shadows of their former selves thrashing around in the hinterlands.  Of course, there are the usual complaints about this Trump guy.  He is the antithesis of who/what ought to be sitting in our Oval office so far as they are concerned.

The liberal press people are despondent since they have been unable to gain much if any traction even with stories that seem a bit skewed, or worse when exposed to the light of day.  Liberal organizations are in the process of raising funds since their coffers are apparently somewhat depleted.  The liberals, in general, seem to be despairing and that is exacerbated by their inability to blunt the Trump force even using lies carefully crafted to destroy his reputation.

This place they find themselves in must be sort of a ‘political purgatory’.

We are roughly 1/8 of the way through President Trump’s first term, and the liberals are apoplectic…which does nothing to help their cause.  In fact, their actions actually deepen the hole they find themselves in and they can’t seem to do anything about it.

Now, how could this be made even less pleasant for the opposition?  That could be accomplished if President Trump were to end his tweets or at least significantly reduce their number and their inflection.  I know these tweets are almost literally a part of his persona.  But, they are also the chief bane of his Presidency.  When he takes the time to work through his thoughts before spontaneously expressing his feelings, he is almost always a more successful communicator.  If I open my mouth before engaging my brain and conscience, not much good seems to result.  Our President is no different than any of us in that regard.

Frankly, given the Dems’ intense dislike, or hatred if you prefer, for the man, nothing is likely to soothe them, so maybe the tweets are good, with rare exception, for their annoyance factor, if nothing else.

President Trump has been able, already, to assure a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court for years to come.  He likely has at least one more appointment to make and the success of that appointment will be dependent upon the Republicans keeping a strong majority in Congress.

It seems that the liberals are going to be beating the same old drums throughout this first term if the first 1/8 of that term is a good gauge.  The press will continue to try to find their way in this new world but some in their entourage have damaged the entire group’s reputation with their outright fabrication of ‘news’.  One can allude to something without making an outright claim to the allusions being a complete truth.  That has been a tool of both sides for years.  But, when there becomes evidence of outright fabrication the ruse is very difficult to pull off as truth.

If we conservatives get out of the liberals’ way, they might very well do our work for us.  The viciousness of some attacks from the left defies acceptable decorum.  When the press piles on in those situations, we find an almost comedic element to it all.

The liberals find themselves dangerously close to being seen as against everything.  Even the minority has to be for something and the constant railing against everything Republican, everything conservative, grows old even with the liberal soldiers marching in lockstep through the halls of Washington, D.C.

The first term of President Donald Trump has only just begun, and it has caused some apoplexy for the opposition.  They seem unable to find a solid foothold in their attempts to denigrate this President.  Of course, there are the myriad investigations underway that could yield something useful for the Dems.  Or, they might provide some information that is not terribly flattering to the Dems…but that, of course, requires a high degree of integrity, which we fully expect, from those in roles of investigating.


Take A Deep Breath & Get It Right…

A handful of Republican Senators, including Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson (R), blew the whistle on the effort to rapidly bring the Bill to replace ObamaCare to a vote.  That step was taken in spite of heavy lobbying and ‘politicing’ to the contrary and bought time which now has to be put to good use.  That was a courageous move, not a purely political move.

The Weekly Standard’s July 3 Editorial, already released, raises the need to be very careful and very deliberate in the further writing and editing and debating of this proposed replacement (although it builds on ObamaCare and alters that where it needs to be altered from the Republican perspective) for ObamaCare.  I would refer to this as the solution to ObamaCare rather than its replacement since that is precisely what it will be.

True, time is of the essence given the sorry state of ObamaCare today, but the bromide that we remember from the selling of ObamaCare is critical.  That was the utterance of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who said in effect –“We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”.  We Americans do not need another chapter of ObamaCare, we need to overwrite that terrible law with a commonsense, practical, more affordable approach that works.  We need to provide the solution for ObamaCare.

That theme is entirely appropriate when one looks at the mess that is ObamaCare today.  States without an insurer.  States with one or two insurers, but many counties without coverage due to lack of provider networks. The messaging will be critical and it will have to be done without expectation of media support.

This breathing space needs to be used intelligently, not just politically.  This solution to ObamaCare needs to be created knowing that the Dems will attempt to besmirch the results at every opportunity.  Imagine the contrast between the Republican’s reasoned solution-based language and the Dems’ hair-on-fire opposition.  Snarky, ugly snit fits from the Dems versus the reasoned, adult approach offered by the Republicans will show the stark contrast between the parties and between the original ObamaCare and the proposed new and improved solution to ObamaCare and all its faults.

Time is of the essence, however.  The time to which I refer is that which is used to thoroughly explain to the American public precisely what has occurred, what is being done and why it is necessary.  Rushing something to a vote does nothing for the American public or the Republicans in Congress.  Adding to and compounding the colossal failure of ObamaCare is not what this country needs today.

Publicly identifying and correcting the shortcomings with the necessary solutions is what is necessary.  Holding the Dems’ feet to the fire for their haphazard approach with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at the helm, showing what they created and the terrible cost, beyond monetary cost, they brought to us in the dark of night.  We need to understand the manner in which our system functions and what needs to be accomplished to keep that system vibrant AND affordable.  We need to explain why ObamaCare was doomed from day one (which justifies no Republican votes for it), and we need to be able to express why this solution is different and better.

Maybe we will need to coin a new spelling for the word to describe what the Dems will use as their primary tactic: DEMagoguery since they will be carrying this tactic to the extreme and likely beyond.  By explaining what their tactics will be, we defuse the effectiveness of those tactics.  We have to be aware of how the press will play this and be ready to show their disingenuous actions for what they are: the pro-Democrat propaganda machine.

I suspect we have the right person in the Oval office for this work.  This comes right on the heels of fake news that we finally have actually come to understand and see on a daily basis.

Republicans need to move with all deliberate speed, but not in a mad rush to some ethereal end game.  This isn’t going to be available this plan year.  Some emergency stop-gap plan might be necessary but that cannot be allowed to be seen as THE solution, only the temporary stop gap to right the wrongs brought about by the Dems in the dark of night voting without any real idea of what they were voting for at the time.

We are the solution; liberals are the problem.  Conservatives have a heart and a brain.  Liberals have emotion and DEMagoguery.

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Really?

Those who desire to see our President impeached nearly foam at the mouth over the very thought of Trump figuratively dangling from the hangman’s noose.  Apparently, this has to do with some kind of Russian collaboration that supposedly had the effect of getting him elected.  None other than the former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been named the Special Counsel in this matter.  As we know, Special Counsels seem to have the nine lives of the typical cat.  They have powers to make grown men and women shrink into the corner rather than to stand up for their innocence.

The accusations of Russian tampering seem to hinge on their ability to gain access to computers used in the vote tallying process, and then manipulating the counts to illegally increase the numbers cast for Trump, thus making him President.  Since the Democrats know there is absolutely no possibility that Trump actually received more votes than Hillary did, there has to be evidence of tampering, and tampering is bad, therefore Trump needs to be removed from office in shame.  It might take longer for the actual evidence to be acquired but we need to move now!

There is a certain common thread amongst Special Counsels.  They tend to expand their investigations, as pointed out by Fred Barnes in the June 26, 2017, issue of The Weekly Standard.  Those investigations are expanded until they prove to have been broad enough to find something, even if not that which was part of the original package.  See a thread, pull on it and see where that might lead.  See another thread, repeat process.

The fact that Special Counsel Mueller is a good friend of former FBI Director James Comey since fired by President Trump, who just happens to be the target of Mueller’s investigation, shouldn’t cause us any undue concern.  Everything will be on the up and up!

The Dems want to capitalize on Trump’s issues, even if imagined, in any and all ways possible.  They need a gain of 24 seats in the House of Representatives for a 2018 majority that would permit them to take up the topic of impeachment of President Trump.  They are, in such situations, capable of nearly anything even if it has little or no substance to it.  After all, that is what they believe all people elected to such offices do with their power.  Everyone knows the Republicans do what the Dems do, so anything is fair in these circumstances.  Evidence be damned; it’ll be found ultimately.  That is what politicians do to one and other, or so they say to cover themselves as if that would make this an appropriate action…maybe just slightly ahead of the finding of evidence.

We can pretty well predict what this will cause.  President Trump probably will refuse to cower in the corner, even if there were one in the Oval office, and will take the offensive.  That could become nasty…and the press will love it.

Now, we have the issue of ‘fake news’.  Add fake news to this broth and we’ll have a robust, hearty stew that liberals, and members of the press (but I repeat myself), can live on at least until Trump has been removed from office.  By then, it will be all over but for the shouting and the Dems will have won even if with a hollow, disingenuous victory.  People don’t stay focussed that long so the press comes through squeaky clean in its own right, and the liberals have what they wanted:  Trump out of office or at least so damaged he can be run over with a tricycle by a youngster.

Too many of us voters look for the shiny object since our attention spans are measured in minutes or hours rather than months or years.  The Dems bank on this and seldom are disappointed.  Unsubstantiated claims of transgressions by Republicans is bread and butter to the Dems.  It is the Mother’s milk of politics.  With the CNNs of the media as dominant as they seem, this is the secret formula, the magic elixir.  They can be counted on to fill in whatever blanks the Dems’ news releases missed, and have it on the Internet in hours, if not in minutes.

Can You Spell Oligarchy?

I mentioned a few blogs ago that I had ordered a book titled The Deep State, authored by Mike Lofgren.  I am a very few pages from being done with my reading and found the book interesting, intriguing and quite believable, even if sometimes difficult to piece together, given my life experience.  If you are into such tomes, I think you’d enjoy this writing.  It lays bare much of the inner sanctum of politics.

Lofgren never uses the term oligarchy, that I found anyway, but his book points to that as the Deep State.  An oligarchy is defined as a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.  ‘Deep State’ is essentially his euphemism for the oligarchy that exerts significant, virtually total, control over our country.

You and I look at the energy being expended this week concerning a Republican replacement for ObamaCare.  We see this fight through a lens that we think makes sense, but we neglect to see all, or at least many, of the various and sundry special interests that hold great sway in our nation’s capitol.  It is sometimes, if not more often, that we have difficulty in understanding how so and so came up with that idea, or how this group formed in the House or the Senate.  We see the contortions that our politicians sometimes, often actually, go through as they struggle to find the nexus existing in certain situations.

The essence is simple:  If you and I enjoy our relatively benign lives, we probably don’t want to get into national politics.  We might even be hesitant about state politics but there are fewer moving parts in state government.  All governance at these rarified levels is composed of give and take, you do this for me and I’ll do that for you, etc.  Don’t misunderstand.  I am not suggesting there is anything untoward involved; this is simply the art of governing.

We can probably each think of a politician that we suspect crossed the line and feathered his or her own nest.  That happens but I don’t believe it is as widespread or deep as some might presume.

The Deep State, however, is alive and well and very real.  I suspect that President Trump, having avoided public political positions for his adult life until now, has already seen some of the Deep State unfolded as Lofgren lays it out in his book.  The military/industrial complex, the banking giants, the heavy hitter business people are all part of this Deep State.

I would submit that there is another more insidious group in this Deep State, and that is all those whose very lives depend upon the money they receive from their endeavors.  That might be appointed officials, long time members of the government’s institutions, etc.  Think about the recent FBI/ Attorney General brouhaha.  Think about all the very entrenched, well-known men and women who engage in official activities such as special investigations.  Think of all the personal power that is vested in those people by virtue of their positions and then you begin to appreciate the Deep State that is all over in, and hidden within, our national government.

Lofgren’s sub-title is  The Fall Of The Constitution And The Rise Of A Shadow Government.

We each have seen the Deep State at work, we just haven’t understood or chose not to be concerned about it because, at the time, it was doing something we could approve of so long as we didn’t have to admit we felt that way.  Something like the “chance meeting” on the tarmac in Arizona between Bill Clinton and the sitting Attorney General when Hillary was on the e-mail hot seat is, in my opinion, an example of the Deep State at work.

We saw that when an Illinois state Senator who had never cast a vote, other than ‘present’, in that body came to the White House with very few pennies to his name and bought a multi-multi-million dollar mansion in the District when he left office eight years later.  The book deals that just seem to fall into some laps and not into others are part of the Deep State at work.

The Deep State is all around us and yet it is difficult to see if we’re not dialed into that sort of thing.

The arrival of President Donald Trump has obviously thrown a wrench into the works of this Deep State.  He has not been groomed over years and years to be the person the Deep State would’ve desired, the person who understood how things work.  The Deep State had to get into high gear very rapidly if it was to hold sway, I like that so much I used it twice, and let the new President know what was expected of him.

Except, the new President isn’t part of that club so he is sometimes a bit unpredictable.  It isn’t that President Trump has not been around power.  He has been around and wielded power such as the Deep State members haven’t personally experienced.  His was real world power while theirs was political.  Sometimes those two conflate but not always.  President Trump is sometimes a bit difficult to predict; maybe more often than not since he is only recently a part of the D.C. swamp club.

As we all watch this saga unfold day-by-day, I hope we can keep these thoughts in mind and recognize this for what it is:  President Donald Trump is viewed as an interloper whom the Deep State members haven’t yet had the opportunity to groom and educate as to the ways of national governance.  He is a refreshing breeze blowing over the swampland.  He is not tied to the way it has always been done.  There is nothing wrong with that; it might be better this way than the way it has always been.

Deep State indeed!

Herding Cats: Chapter ?

I’ve lost track of the number of times I have used the term found in the title of today’s blog, but there it is again.  The term typically refers to the issues confronting both parties in both houses, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  With the Republicans in control, theoretically, of both the House and the Senate, we watch today and in the days to come (and maybe beyond) as politicians jockey for position and for press coverage that is more flattering than damning concerning the Republicans’ proposed ‘replacement’ for ObamaCare.

The issue, so far, centers on the Republican effort to repeal and/or replace ObamaCare.  Too many people, in my opinion, see this as a very simple up or down vote when it appears to touch a lot of different things that we need be careful to avoid damaging or destroying.  ObamaCare was written, in many respects, in that manner to ‘protect’ it from ravaging Republicans.

Adding to the furor is this vote touted to end ObamaCare when it will only begin the process of ending that law.  The fight is made more difficult since it lends itself to the screams from the left that the Republicans want to kill the program and that this will ultimately bring misery and suffering to the American citizens.  This is, unfortunately, the ‘perfect storm’ from the Dems’ perspective.  And, the Republicans have essentially placed themselves in this ‘damned if we do and damned if we don’t’ position.

It is unfortunate, but the Republicans have set themselves up for the drubbing they’re going to be taking from the Dems and the press.  I do not understand, I’m sure, all the various pressures that exist in that world, but it seems that some careful tilling of the ground might’ve helped ward off this situation…which will get uglier every day.

I fear that this may further degenerate as the days pass and the press has its ‘fun’ at the expense of conservatives.  I listened as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tried to explain his position that more time is required.  He is very likely correct that more time is required to get this right, but that should’ve been seen by the Committee chairs and the Republican whips.

As it stands this morning, there has been an expectation set up that by the end of this week ObamaCare will be gone and something else will be in its place.  That, obviously, could not be further from the truth, but the Dems have been eager little beavers behind the scenes setting this all up…with the support of that part of the press which is liberal…and that is a lot of the press…to be certain this plays to the advantage of the Dems as part of the price to be paid for ridding us of ObamaCare.

As to ObamaCare, it continues on its road to oblivion with catastrophic financial losses all the way.  There are states without any ObamaCare plans available.  There are states with only some counties’ residents covered.  Major insurance organizations have bailed since they lost tens of millions and were not made whole as they had been promised.  ObamaCare was a grand Ponzi scheme…whether anyone will admit to that or not.  This Democrat “legislation” in the dark of night has shown exactly what it was all along.  It was meant to destroy the health insurance marketplace only to be ultimately salvageable by federal/national health care.  If there would be those decrying the intent, I’d pose the question:  How did you think this would work?

As is usual in these kinds of situations, Republicans (usually the adults, but not always) are left to clean up the mess as the Dems, and the press, lay traps for them every step of the way.  That having been said, I object to the Republicans setting themselves up with some partially-baked plan needing to be passed in a week or a little more.  I object to the internal battles among various kinds of Republicans that make Republicans look the fool.

That the Republicans could not see this coming, or did but chose to ignore it, thanks for squandering part of your strength.  We know, or should know by now, that everything undertaken by Republicans has to be done flawlessly to be even remotely acceptable to the press.  Even then, we know we’ll take some hits from the liberals; that is simply the way of politics.

It appears that too little time was allocated by the Republican leaders to get the cats aligned for a passing vote.  And, to have laid plans for the follow-on to this successful vote.  Expectations, once set, are virtually impossible to re-set.

And, all due apologies to the felines reading this or using it as the paper on which to relieve themselves.  Maybe my side, the conservative side, will ultimately get its act together, but the time that takes and the price it extracts is painful.

Sanctuary Cities…

The Sanctuary City ‘movement’ is a subject that draws a lot of comment, both pro, and con.  This seems to me to be among those defining ideas that separate conservatives from liberals.  No matter whether a village or city or county or state, the unit of government declaring itself a sanctuary for those who for reasons of law are not permitted in the United States of America.

The idea that a smaller unit of government can simply decide for itself that it will refuse to follow those laws made by our nation’s lawmakers flies in the face of what made this country a viable country in the first place.  When people come together there is a need for rules, regulations and formal laws in order to maintain the peace and orderliness we all expect.

For any governmental body under such law to make its own decision as to enforcement or intentional ignorance of a particular law is simply unacceptable.  And yet, we reportedly have hundreds of sanctuary thises and thats in the country and that number likely grows steadily.  Estimates today indicate 500 or more such declarations have been issued by lower governments in violation of the law of the land.

We find ourselves in the familiar world of liberal judges deciding what they think and probably patting themselves on their own backs because they’ve found something else about which they can disagree with elected governing officials in higher levels of government.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said, according to a Washington Post story, that Sanctuary cities are those that violate a federal law requiring local and state governments to share information with Federal officials about immigrants’ citizenship or legal status.  He has indicated that any city or town that violates the Federal statute could lose some Justice funding this year as long as Congress has spelled out those conditions before government awarded the grants.  He has already taken steps to revoke Federal funding from nine jurisdictions, each of which insists that it has complied with the law.

We recognize there will be, likely, years of court cases before this is resolved.  And this will ultimately rise to the U.S. Supreme Court since there are sufficient liberal-minded judges in the system to keep this alive until appeals reach that level.

We have such laws since we, as a country, need to be able to control whom we permit and whom we deny more or less permanent access.

This brings me around to the U.S. Supreme Court and its ultimate responsibility to make the final decision on any number of disputed things that work their way through our systems of courts.  We appear destined to have a conservative U.S. Supreme Court based upon the choices it appears President Trump will make as he appoints Justices to fill empty seats on the Court.  There are rumored to be two such openings in the very near future.

Elections have consequences that affect even the seemingly untouchable liberal judges we find throughout the system in America.  This is among the very most important things President Trump will do while in office.  We, of course, need to assure that Congress is decidedly conservative, as well.  These are decisions that will guide our country for decades.  It is impossible to be too bold in such statements.

Sanctuary cities are only part of the larger problem, of course, but they are emblematic of how these things work their ways through the liberal cities and liberal states.  There are Federal judges who are very much opposed to the defunding of so-called Sanctuary cities.  If that were to be permitted to exist, how long would it be before there was a Sanctuary state?

Hundreds of U.S. cities are reportedly now involved in the business of offering sanctuary, as mentioned above, to non-citizens in direct opposition to our laws.  Some are releasing such non-citizens from jails, when arrested, as soon as is possible so they’re back on the street.  Are all non-citizens bad people?  Certainly not, but there are some, just how many are currently unknown, who would not pass ‘muster’ if they were to be confronted in a court of law.  Simply disobeying laws with which we disagree is not the way things are done in this country, not for you or me at least, but there are some who seem to think that is precisely what they can do.  After all, they must reason, who is going to stop me?

Our immediate past President and his appointees seemed to not see much wrong with the Sanctuary city approach, but there is, fortunately, a new group in town.  We face an uphill battle, but we will persist and we will get on top of this growing problem.  Does this make conservatives hard-hearted stubborn people who hate others?  No.  It does show that conservatives believe in the rule of law, and follow those laws, even if flawed from our perspectives until they can be legally changed.  If the proper laws are not yet enacted, we will see to getting that job done in short order or at least short order from a national governance perspective.

CyberSecurity: Fact or Fiction?

Seemingly almost every month we are made aware of some kind of cybersecurity intrusion.  There are bad actors worldwide whose sole purpose is the interruption and/or destruction of computer networks and systems.   The U.S. might be included in that group since we, along with Israel, did the dirty deed to an Iranian nuclear enrichment operation using something code-named Stuxnet to destroy Iranian centrifuges to retard their development of nuclear capabilities.

The recent ‘Wanna Cry’ disruption has been credited to North Korea, for example, and that was so-called ‘ransomware’ which locks up systems unless and until some payment is received in return for the release of the system that has been locked up.

A week before Christmas, hackers blacked out a portion of the city of Kiev by shutting down the electrical grid system.  We’re told that this new malware has been designed with swappable, plug-in components that can be used to adapt to different power systems, different electric utilities and that they can be easily reused or even launched simultaneously at multiple electric system targets.  This malware has been given the name Crash Override.

The big buzz in our country recently has been the question of election tampering since virtually everything we do today is computer dependent.  There are claims that some attempts at incursion have been found but there is no evidence that the perpetrators did any damage in terms of changing vote counts.  It would seem, though, that with malware such as we see involved here, we need to do some real solid re-engineering of the way we conduct elections as dependent as we are on the behind-the-scenes systems that are critical to us today.

Our infrastructure is essentially driven by computers today.  Our banking system is driven by computers.  The stock market systems, if penetrated, would be terribly disruptive to our entire economy.   Power and water utilities are controlled by computer systems.  Everything we depend upon today involves computer systems to one degree or another.

Crash Override is said to be programmed to interact directly with grid equipment sending it signals to switch the flow of power on and off, for example.  Those in the know say that what would’ve required 20 or more people in the attack on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 would equate today to those same twenty people simultaneously targeting ten or fifteen different regional power companies instead of the three that were hit in Ukraine.

The capability exists today for the programming to make possible the attacks even on a network that is disconnected from the Internet.  It is equated by Dragos’ Rob Lee to a ‘logic bomb’ that can be planted and programmed to automatically detonate at a preset time.  Dragos is one of the two security companies cited in the information.  The other is a firm named ESET.  Targeted phishing e-mails were involved in the 2015 attack, but the ‘logic bomb’ could lay dormant for some time and then be triggered.

“Crash Override” is reportedly significantly more capable of inflicting outages that would be far more widespread than the 2015 attack on Kiev and to do so on preset command.  It could lay dormant and be triggered at will or be pre-programmed to trigger itself at a certain date/time.

Now, step back and think about everything we rely upon that is systems driven.  Think about the enormity of an intentional crashing of our stock market, the disruption of national banking capabilities, the shutdown of power systems in communities and potentially even states.  Think about the magnitude of disruption and destruction that could be triggered.

Computer systems are integral to virtually everything we touch and that touches us.  Those are networked in most cases so they would be susceptible, at least theoretically, to attacks such as these.  One rogue individual could, with the proper tools such as an even more sophisticated “Crash Override” for example, literally bring our country to its knees.

This gives us a new lens through which to view the world’s nutcases.  Quickly, North Korea becomes a more viable threat.  We know that North Korea has a quite sophisticated cyber warfare operation already.   We know the Russians and the Chinese are very likely to be at least that sophisticated and probably exponentially more sophisticated.

The possibility of election-rigging is important, but that pales by magnitudes given the threats which exist today that could literally shut our country down.  Food wouldn’t get delivered to stores.  Money would no longer be available at the local bank kiosk.  Health care would be shut down since it is virtually all systems driven.  Community water and sewerage systems would be off.  Gas stations would have no gas and couldn’t pump if they did.  Our defense capabilities would be severely eroded.  Our world as we know it would disappear almost literally overnight.

This is a frightening specter and nothing to just pooh-pooh as we continue to go about our daily business.  We need be aware and we need to impress on our elected officials that we want them aware and working in tandem with us to be certain we are safe from such incursions.  We could be back to the equivalent of the 1850s in the blink of an eye.  Even worse because we no longer know how to do the things that we’d need to do in order to simply exist.

Unfortunately, this stuff is real and it is critically important and there are some untrustworthy trigger fingers in our world today.