Memorial Day a la Trump…

As I reflect on Memorial day and our President, I saw a person who held our military and our country in the highest esteem.  He even was moved to sing part of the Star Spangled Banner as the camera conveyed his image around the world.  For this, the press took him to task since that just wasn’t the way any other president had acted.  I, on the other hand, found that a warm and fuzzy thing since I was mouthing along at the time, as well.

As he interacted with the Gold Star families and shared the grief of their losses of a child in the military, I saw a real human being who felt their pain and who knows the magnitude of his powers and responsibilities while sitting in that Oval Office.  Some seem to believe that he is dangerous with his finger on the nuclear trigger, but I believe he showed just how wrong that belief is with his tender loving approach to those who lost loved ones.   This is a man who will not abuse his power but who, at the same time, will not shrink from its use, either.

I saw a man who has genuine love for his fellow countrymen and women.  I saw a man who is able to fulfill his role quite ably in spite of an opposition that approaches the rage of a rabid animal.  I saw a man for whom I’d be happy to again don a military uniform but I don’t know what the military would do with me, so I’ll just sit at home dreaming up blog topics.

I saw more emotion, more love for others, more concern for others in that one period of a few hours than I saw in the sum total of eight years from his predecessor.  I reflected on the Democrats in Congress who spew forth their condescending condemnation of this man on a daily basis and wonder where their heads are at (although I could offer an opinion that might get me in trouble).

I doubt that the Dems and the press will ever be able to bring themselves to offer a compliment to this President, or to utter a very quiet “well, he did okay”.  I think about the vitriol that has surrounded this Presidency and feel bad for an opposition that simply can’t bring itself to any level of civility.  That has to well up inside one and that cannot be healthy for body or mind.

Back to President Trump: I saw flickers of the two Presidents Bush and the great President Ronaldus Magnus (Ronald Reagan, if you hadn’t heard the other nickname before).  I’d love to see President Trump become a bit mellower, without losing that fighting instinct and edge.  Even if that occurs, the Dems and the press will have a tough time in even making complimentary comments acknowledging that fact.

The cartoonists continue to use the hair swept up in longer strands and the color orange for that ‘do’.  President Trump is made to look the buffoon in any cartoon drawn and printed.  There is simply no decency on the part of the opposition.  There is a steady stream of not-very-well-camouflaged disdain, anger, and contempt for our President.

This is a good man.  He will be so much better for the country than would’ve been another Clinton.  He has a lot to turn around, but he is capable of making that happen.  He seems able to make things happen.  He shows he is not going to be shy about what he expects from other nations in this world; we saw some of the pouty faces in Europe as this fact became understood.

That having been said, I expect that the opposition will continue to run around looking for microphones and TV cameras with their hair on fire.  The press will continue to deal in faint praise if any praise is to be given.  In short, President Trump will be going this alone, with even a handful of Republications likely happy over the bad press he receives.

I am anxious for more U.S. Supreme Court Justices to retire opening up other positions to be filled…with solid conservatives.  I recognize that I likely won’t see a press that plays straight down the middle.  I recognize that the Dems will continue their firestorm.  I loved Trump’s Isreali visit and his European visits.  I think he has handled the child-leader of North Korea as well as anyone could…and I am thrilled we knocked an ICBM down with another missile in the past twenty-four hours.  If NK Premier Porky wants to have it handed to him, I suspect we’ll be able to accommodate him.

I’ll put the pom pons down and change out of my conservative cheerleader outfit for the rest of the day.

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