She’s Back…They’re Back

Hillary Clinton has apparently had sufficient time to pout and lick her wounds since she delivered the commencement address at Wellesley College yesterday.  As we might’ve expected, if we even thought about Hil during her all-too-brief absence, she has a big problem with our President.  And a seemingly bigger problem with her loss.


You will be happy to know, though, that she seems her old self once again.  She is still angry and shrill.  She has solutions for all the problems we face and is even able to identify problems most of us don’t think we have.  She, without naming names, said: “When people in authority invent their own facts and attack those who question them, it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society.”  Take that!  Without her at the helm, we are apparently doomed.

Some things never change, and the Clinton family is emblematic of that.  They have amassed tens of millions of dollars having done nothing but work for taxpayers in Arkansas and the U.S. and creating their own “charitable” foundation.  They have produced no products for people.  They have produced only political talk and filled positions funded totally by taxpayers and/or donors.

We probably all expected that the Clintons would not be too fond of our President.  He is, after all, to blame for Hillary not currently occupying the Oval Office.  Certainly, she deserved that office, but he somehow managed to wrest it out of her hands.  We all know, or certainly should know, that he knows nothing about governing and that she and Bill and their daughter know everything about almost everything.  Imagine what that Oval Office would’ve looked like.

This is much like a sore that simply refuses to heal.  It is all pus-like and discolored and ugly and simply refuses to be covered up for any length of time.  You think it finally is about healed…and there it is again in all its ugliness.

I wonder if the Obamas and the Clintons have ever thought of a ‘small p’ partnership?  Probably not since there is only so much oxygen in confined spaces and so much glory and self-worshiping that can occur in a lifetime.  It seems a cinch, however, that neither of these families will retire gracefully from the spotlight they work diligently to stand beneath.

It also seems a cinch that the media, cherishing both families as they apparently do, will make every effort to keep that spotlight bright and focused.  There’ll never be any thought given to looking into ‘foundations’ or questioning old lies that covered up this and that.  That kind of journalism seems to only have a place when it is aimed at other than Democrats and other than liberals.  No need to pick at old scabs, as it were.

How long will it take for the ‘tell all’ books to be written, sold for tons and published?  Maybe Hollywood will conjure up a movie that can depict Hil in all her glory as sort of recompense for all she has been forced to endure at the hands of others.  Of course, these kinds of endeavors will undoubtedly put even more millions into those pockets.

There are families formerly in public life that we look back upon with love or at least genuine affection, and there are other families formerly or still in public life.  The Reagans are among those we look back at with love and appreciation for all they did for us as well as for our country.  They helped us appreciate what we have and they showed us they were genuine and credible and had not a bad bone in their collective bodies.

I guess some who are likely not going to be occupiers of the Oval Office need more time to come to grips with that reality.  That has to be a tremendous feeling of lost opportunity, and yet there are all sorts of other opportunities if one simply remains alert and acts the part of a graceful former politician, and gets over the sting of a loss.  Even some who were in the Oval office for a couple of terms sometimes seem to have difficulty in accepting the fact they are no longer there.

There is a time for everything, and when it passes it is gone.  It doesn’t help to pretend that it is still that time.  Deal with it all gracefully as the Bushes have.



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