Trump, Trump, Trump…

The President of the United States of America is driving the mainstream media nuts.  He has made some progress in the Middle East where none has been made for a long time.  He defies the norm for politics and foreign policy and yet there seem workable possibilities where none were apparent before this trip.  It seemed just the opposite, in fact.

It is difficult for critics to work in their usual words of disdain when President Trump seems to have a vision that might just work in this hotbed of back and forth pokes and jabs and parries.

Of course, we must begin with the fact that we now have a U.S. President who is willing to be seen with the Israeli President.  That hasn’t been the case for eight years and those eight years have seen further deterioration in the prospect for peace in the Middle East.  Might there be a glimmer of hope simply because President Trump recognizes the Israelis, and that both sides in that situation recognize the change that has taken place?

For all the rough edges he brings along as baggage, this man seems to have a very real understanding of the world and is willing to put himself in the position where there could be a solution or another failure, but at least there is an effort being expended when and where it is required.  He identified a fact that has not been discussed openly in quite some time, if ever.  Iran is the potential key since it is a threat to both sides in the Israeli situation.  If that was recognized before, there was apparently no one with the confidence in his deal-making prowess to poke a stick at the issue.

Meanwhile, back in the District of Columbia, there seems nothing different, at least from the way the news is framed.  The Dems and Republicans continue to bicker while issues remain to be solved.  President Trump seems to cast a very large shadow over our nation’s capitol.  He impacts both major parties.  His firing of the FBI Director is still the meaty issue since the Dems hope there may be a foothold there that will enable them to further damage the President and, by connection, the Republicans.

Of course, there is also that meaty possible RUSSIAN scandal-in-the-making and Comey might have an opportunity to even the playing field or to ‘get even’ if you wish to see it that way.

Who could possibly fault that approach other than for all us citizens waiting to see some progress to be made on the promises most recently tossed around to gather votes?  We get the same-old same-old it seems no matter who we vote for or against apparently because it isn’t about us voters.

There is a very real and growing level of discontent in America.  This is shown by the strident opposition, anger even, displayed when our elected officials come home to their districts and hold meetings.  Some of that is concocted, true.  But some is also very real.  That is occurring across the country.  Some of this is, unfortunately, ginned up at the expense of President Trump but has moved quickly back to the states in the form of much more difficult voter meetings for state-level officeholders.

The organizers of the opposition are very good at what they do and find the core people they need to take front row seats and begin to harass the elected official as he or she walk into the room.  That sets the tone and too often the others in the room are caught up in the resulting frenzy or simply disengage in the face of the conflict occurring.

So is President Trump at fault for all this even down to the local level?  I don’t think that is the case.  I believe that the losing party, the Democrats, in this case, are responsible for this given their willingness to engage in this manner when they don’t get their way.  They are more interested in power than the will of the voters.  They also know how to get down and dirty in the way they play their political game.  Power is everything, unfortunately, and they will do whatever they need do to get and keep that power.

There may be a few Republicans that act this way, but they are few and far between…at least at this time.

So, back to President Trump.  Is he the cause?  Not at all, except if you blame him for winning.  Had the Democrats not put Barack Obama into office and kept him there for eight years, I doubt they’d have found themselves in this desperate spot they feel they’re in today.  I doubt that Donald Trump would’ve played so well to the voters if there was not the backdrop of the eight Obama years.  The Dems have themselves to blame; they had the majority and blew it.

Is Trump a one-term President?  Time will tell,  but if that is what the Dems are basing their ‘comeback’ on, they might again be very disappointed.  President Trump is showing skills and mental acuity that we haven’t seen in the past eight years…even though that President was the brightest guy ever, and knew it.

I do agree with the Dems on one thing:  We got what we deserved when we elected Donald Trump as our President.  We had earned it after the past eight years.



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