Some few in Congress have begun to think of and talk openly about an effort to impeach the President of the United States.  Absurd, you say?  Agreed.

Then again, if you think about some of those who occupy seats in the House and the Senate, as absurd as this talk is, we could see that kind of effort at least commencing if not actually occurring.  What are the rules?  There is a school of thought that the rules are whatever the Congress at the time decides they are so this could easily be a truly political situation.

Another school of thought holds that a President would have had to have committed an “indictable crime” in order to be indicted.  Others hold that this only would need to be applicable to the official duties of the President.

I have mentioned that our nation’s Capitol is actually built on a former swamp.  This kind of action would suggest that the swampland continues to exist.  About the time we ‘pooh-pooh’ such comments by ‘loose lips’ in Congress though, we may well see some action proposed, even if subtly, to test the waters concerning an attempt to impeach President Trump.

There are, for a conservative, some very scary people elected to Congress.  Once in a while that even encompasses another conservative and those of us who are of that ilk work diligently to help that person understand the various issues about which they opine.

This “loose talk” happening on the liberal side of the aisle, seems to be encouraged by other liberals and by the press that is constantly seeking a new storyline.  There might have been a time when this talk would’ve simply been passed off as something to be pooh-poohed, but today it seems the press is happy to serve as the megaphone without regard to the lack of validity.

The apparent need to move to the “atom bomb” of alternatives, politically, seems to define the left as bereft of anything other than the ultimate weapon…which they also do not have, by the way.  They are defenseless against the Trump juggernaut so they have to use confusion and obfuscation, half-truths and outright lies.  None of that matters when you have your back up against the wall in the political sense and simply begin to flail and flop about like the ‘fish out of water’.

This feeds the press which, in turn, pays homage to the left as has almost always been the case.  One feeds the other and the roles can be changed in an instant depending on the situation.

The best defense against this kind of feeble folly is simple:  continue full speed ahead with the changes possible having a majority and a sitting President.  These are nothing more nor less than attempts to slow the progress, to ideally delay everything until there is another election that might bring relief for Democrats.  Blow enough smoke and maybe some wonderful Democrat miracle will occur.

If this were only a political game and not the future of our country at stake, then the Dems might be forgiven for such tactics as this hue and cry over things created from whole cloth.

The danger in all this is that there are those who are either unable to reason or who are able to reason but refuse to do so simply due to their political persuasion.  In either case, we conservatives have the obligation to help them better grasp the issues as best we can, and to hope they will someday have the joy of finding their way to the conservative side of issues where they will be welcomed by us all without any doubt and without retribution for past political sins.  Not all of us were so fortunate as to have been conservative from the time we could reason.  For some, that move takes more time, yet the outcome is just as desirable.


There is the reality that politics and friendships do not necessarily align, and I choose to avoid damaging or destroying a friendship except, of course, if they happen to read my blogs of their own volition.



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