Well, Isn’t That Special?

If that phrase sounds familiar, it is what Enid Strict said regularly on the Saturday Night Live ‘Church Lady’ spots.  We have something ‘special’ again with which to deal and that is the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, appointed by the Justice Department to oversee the federal investigation of the purported Russia-Trump relationship and the supposition by liberals that Russia somehow managed to influence our 2016 elections.  Mueller is a former FBI Director.  I am unfamiliar with his ‘politics’ but to be welcomed by the Dems seems to point in a certain direction.  That may simply be their giddiness over playing the Republicans once again, though.

Special Counsels might be likened to the puppy that follows the thousands of scents in the park every time it is let loose by its master.  You can see that puppy bounding here and there, stopping and starting again as one scent becomes overpowered by another scent.  Special Counsels are usually appointed for specific reasons BUT they are free to follow any leads on any subject they come across.  Let us hope that Robert Mueller will keep his nose on the trail of scents relating to his original assignment, but there can be no assurance that will be the case.  Who knows what lurks in the District of Columbia?  It is the center of political intrigue and an unleashed investigator will undoubtedly be exposed to a number of different things, either intentionally by others or simply as a part of his role ferreting information on the subject he was assigned.

This might well be seen by Democrats as their opportunity to “get even” for Ken Starr’s investigation of then President Bill Clinton, for example.  And there can be little doubt that the Dems will be emboldened at the thought of the wonderful opportunities this gives them for things nefarious.  What better target than President Donald Trump for a good, solid Democrat.  And, for some Dems, this might be the last opportunity to “stir it up” given their poor performances at the polls.

Conservatives are not good at the skulduggery now seemingly so deeply interwoven in politics.  Anything of this ilk is red meat for Dems.  I can almost see the giddy liberals at the New York Times who are feeling good about things again in their liberal quest to derail the Trump Administration.  Google Nicholas Kristof, and read some of his writings if you doubt that.  Buckle your seatbelts; we are going to experience a rough ride for months to come assuming this ‘investigation’ will take on a life of its own as it will if the Dems can feed it nourishing tidbits whether or not true.

All of this comes at a bad time for the Trump Administration which is experiencing some self-driven turbulence.  People are being sent packing from the White House.  Rumors flow freely as usual in the District.  This latest headline has to be like red meat for the Dems, and they will make the best of it.

That is all the more reason for the adults in the Republican ranks to get out in front of this story rather than to be defending themselves from whatever mythical thing they fear.  If the Republicans can take control of this situation and drive the news theme, they can emerge in control of the news cycle.  That is no easy thing to accomplish given the leanings of those in the ‘news business’, but it can be done if Republicans can get their ‘stuff’ together and follow the party line through the next couple of weeks.

That will require a President Trump that is not the typical President Trump.  He will need to be the adult in the room and not act out as he has been prone to sometimes doing.  This could prove to have been a golden opportunity for Trump to show the rational and reasoning person he is rather than to be sucked into the sewers of Democratic politics.

In order for that to be possible, we need the President Trump who rises above Oval office intrigue and the petty press antagonists and simply steers the straight and narrow without bombast.  That is the best way for him to play this current hand he has been dealt.

Republicans can ill-afford to permit the air to be sucked from the room because the vacuum always favors the Dems, whether fairly or unfairly.  It certainly does seem that the Dems are more accustomed to these back-alley goings on than are the Republicans, but we have to learn from these occurrences.  We know the press is aligned with the liberals; that is not news.  We know these kinds of moves are to be expected from the Dems.

It is unfortunate we don’t seem to have something put away for such rainy days.  I suppose we could always trot out the Clintons again.  Republicans do not seem to have the manufactured anger stored up for use as necessary.  It is a cinch that is not a problem for the Dems.


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