Where Do My Blogs Come From?

There are people who wonder where my ideas for blogs come from.  (There are probably others who wish those ideas would simply dry up thus ending this blog.)  Most are based on some occurrence in the news over the past 24 to 48 hours that leads me in that direction.  They also usually have a decided conservative-leaning to them unless there is simply a public interest side.  Some are based on recommendations from friends and others from readers.

Even though I live in Wisconsin, I try to avoid blogs that would only appeal to Wisconsinites since these are done on a WordPress site and that feeds Facebook thus exposing the blogs to more widespread viewing.

My background includes sales, marketing, writing for compensation, small business start-up and shut-down, military service both as an enlisted person and as an officer, etc., etc.  I have a strong faith and that comes through occasionally although that isn’t planned when I sit down to write.

I feel empty if a day passes, other than for a Sunday, when I haven’t been able for one reason or another to post a blog.  That might be the result of time constraints or simply my inability to come up with a topic that excites me. (You might think this blog is among those…and you’d be correct).  My usual time for writing is soon after I awaken (6 AM or so) and you’ll note that my blogs are usually posted fairly early.  Today was the day my Men’s quartet practices and when I have a regular Bible study meeting and a men’s breakfast get-together.  That combination took my creative ideas away with them and resulted in this blog.  The quartet is sounding good, though I have to toot our own horn.  We have been adopted by a special person who finds our songs, conducts our practices, rolls her eyes occasionally, and was well-suited to this duty give her history as a grade school teacher.

The blogs have decent readership although some topics drive more readers than other topics.  Those tend to be politically-driven since that is the bulk of my activity…and since there is seldom a shortage of topics given our world today.

Thank you for seeking out my blog(s) and for reading what dribbles or spurts from my mind.  Many of you know me and that helps to understand my writing.  Others don’t know me and that must make you scratch your heads wondering who or what I am, and just how I came to be this way.  It wasn’t caused by a fall and a bump on my head.  It is just the way I was formed by my maker and my experiences.

If you have ideas or suggestions, you can post those to me on Facebook (keep it clean and not too derogative please).  If you think my writing is nothing short of rubbish, thanks for taking the time to try one or more of them.  Tomorrow’s will be better…I hope!  And, if you think I might fit as a ghost writer for your needs, I’d be happy to consider that.


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