Freedom of the Press?

Our Constitution protects the ‘free press’ to permit and encourage it to keep us informed about all the goings on in our worlds.  The Constitution’s writers likely hadn’t too much concern about how the press might evolve at that time, and might well be shocked if they were to come back today and witness what passes for ‘freedom of the press’.

Jay Weber, WISN 1130 in Milwaukee, had a segment this morning that got my juices flowing on this issue and the current liberal-leaning players.  There are three ‘players’ that seem to stand out: The Washington Post, the New York Times and Politico.  I’d add to that cluster the series of Real Clear ‘this and that’ publications headquartered in Chicago, each of which centers on differing general subject matters.

The current brouhaha has to do with the President supposedly giving Russian guests too much information while they visited with him in the Oval office.  Supposedly he divulged “code word” information during that meeting.  This essentially is driven by the Washington Post stories that are unattributed; so far no named sources.  This publication is certainly liberal in its slant based on my readings of the various stories posted under their banner.

The President has the authority to discuss such information, but, since this is all unattributed, that doesn’t seem to enter into the minds of those intent on getting him out of office.  Unfortunately, this President tends to step in these puddles too often since that is simply his style, and the left is standing at the ready to seize the advantage even if it is an advantage based on lies.  Since this storyline is not attributed to anyone, it is highly suspect to most of us, unless we want it to be true so that we can smear some more mud on President Trump and his Administration.

The seed information then is suspect but the follow-on stories stemming from this suspect information report it as if it were solid info and it goes on from there.  As you can imagine, with Trumpitis at the stage it is at, these stories cover the universe of outlets at high speed and take on lives of their own.  Those who get drawn into this storyline at later stages lose the benefit of having understood from the start that this was much ado about nothing.

Once the hounds are released, whether or not there was attribution, it takes on a life of its own.  Two senior Administration people, Tillerson and McMaster, who were both in that Oval office meeting have denied that anything of a questionable nature occurred.

Never mind there is virtually no ‘there’ there.  The damage has been done and the liberals are not about to let the truth get in the way of a ‘good story’ line.  The liberal news organizations continue on their merry way.  The Democrats are only too happy to help this story line stay top-of-mind.

This is the classic ‘liberal freedom’ to enhance (obfuscate) the truth to suit political needs.  The truth is just not a very important concept to some when there is political ground to be gained.  We obviously see that virtually every day but it takes on even greater dimensions than usual when it involves major media outlets.

It is very important, actually critically important, that instances such as this are not permitted to go unchallenged.  That is true no matter what it might do for a day or two to the liberal theme of an ‘inept’ President.  These untruths must be challenged and laid out in the light of day so that those who might be uncertain of whom or what they support can see the political left for precisely what it is.

One might wish that our President would be able to learn from this; he may or may not take this lesson to heart since he did nothing untoward.

Members of the press are the culprits in this tempest-in-a-teapot, and they will continue to take advantage of anything they can to bring disrespect to President Trump…and to the Republicans.  There are certain realities in this world, even as much as we might wish that were different.  Liberals will seize any opportunity to take advantage of a situation even though they can plainly see that there really isn’t anything serious involved.  On the other hand, this would never have gotten any play had President Obama still been our President.

Liberals will seize any opportunity to take advantage of a situation even though they can plainly see that there really isn’t anything serious involved.  The truth is just a minor obstacle.  This would never have gotten any play had President Obama still been our President.  In fact, there may well have been similar situations but we never heard anything about those.

We conservatives play an uphill game in every situation of this type.  That is a simple reality.  The media is left-of-center.  That left-of-center media will resort to devices other media outlets, the few that are conservative, wouldn’t touch.  Is that fair?  No!

We can add a bit to an old phrase full of truth:

All is fair in love and war…and politics!


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