The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling…

Chicken Little, or Henny Penny if you prefer, should bring an action against the leaders of the Democrat party who seem to be trampling on the copyrights of that age-old children’s story with their mimicking of the Sky is Falling line as they flail about trying to derail the Republicans.

That, of course, means they’re also trying to derail the country since the Republicans are in the majority in the various bodies of governance as well as in the primary seat in the Oval office.  This tactic actually frames the lack of any factual base for the rantings and ravings of Sen. Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Pelosi (D-CA) the current leaders of the Senate and House Democrats, respectively.

Democrats might take heed of the guidance by Sun Tzu from “The Art of War” where he said “Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself” since they are currently in that very role as Republicans flail about seeking their positions and building majorities, given the fractures within that party at the moment.  Republicans are simply getting on with the business of our country while the Dems run around hollering like Chicken Little saying “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” as their attack phrase against the Republicans.

We have Sen. Schumer threatening to block any person from being approved as the new FBI Director even while he derides the President for firing the most recent Director while there is so much to be done.  Tom Perez, the new voice of the Democrats as the party’s Chairman has become known for his use of expletives in his speeches.  He apparently has a limited vocabulary and limited control of his base impulses.  Dems apparently thought that a good fit.

The Democrats are in a bad place, politically.  They have limited opportunities to make points since they have no real political power at the moment.  They have been neutered by the voters and that has to sting.  All they have left is disruption and denial.  They will use every tool to disrupt the Republicans as the deny they are actually hurting this country for their own selfish reasons.

I know this may sound a bit extreme, but…

Wouldn’t it be great to see the two major parties come together for the good of the total electorate rather than to act out like a spoiled child while they try to find some tool to use to regain their power?  We seem to be at a point where I’m not sure that we’d even get everybody on the same page if we were attacked in any form.  To what extremes are the Democrats prepared to go in their attempts to embarrass and denigrate the Republicans?

What has occurred to make the competing parties forget that they first and foremost do our work no matter their party affiliation?  We seem to have become nothing more than chattel, personal property, rather than the voters who make the overall decisions as to who runs the country.

Just as a reminder, there are people in this world who wait for our defenses to be dropped or to allow them to deteriorate to the point where they are simply laughed at by our enemies.  The crazy ‘juvenile delinquent’ in North Korea is chief among those at the moment.  The Russians, also, who have occasionally mentioned low-level atomic weapons designed to destroy the means for us to control our infrastructure by destroying the electrical grid system and any and all things computerized.

We have elections to select the leadership team for the next coming years.  The leadership team expects, at the very least, that it will not be worked against by the losing team.  All that gets stuck back into the closet and the two parties find the ways where they can work together.  Now, apparently, the losing party seems to think we who elected the President have made a grievous mistake that only they can work to derail.   In fact, we avoided the ‘grievous mistake’ they ran for the office by electing Donald Trump.  He is working diligently to right the wrongs left over from the past eight years; those include both the domestic wrongs as well as the international wrongs largely brought on by a lack of attention and plain old ignorance of just how things work.

The former FBI Director seemed out of his element for his entire term in that office, and the new President decided he wanted someone new in that position and made that decision.  And then we hear the equivalent of “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling” as the response from the opposition party.

Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi need to reflect on what their roles and responsibilities in this republic actually are today.  They are to work for the good of the people.  They do not benefit their own party unless that results from doing what is right for the country and for those of us who populate this country.  They will continue to be the lesser of the two parties unless they demonstrate why they deserve to be in the seat of power.  Maybe they have misunderstood their roles as being responsible first to their party and second to the country and its people.

The idea that we could have people at this level in our country’s leadership who are so short-sighted and angry about their current position would not typically occur to most of us.  That country would be placed behind their party in importance is frightening since that will potentially infect the other party, too.  If that happens, you and I are both victims no matter our political position.

This needs to be corrected immediately.  Maybe President Trump needs to simply identify this issue in a speech, and invite the Democrat response.

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