Trump In The Middle?

The polls have budged very little since the election.  Donald Trump is still underwater with generally a less than 50% approval rating and yet he actually won the Oval office, Hillary’s protestations to the contrary.  I have no idea of the make-up of the groups the pollsters seek, nor of the geographic locations of the majority, nor of the educational background, etc.

In general, we are asked to simply believe the pollsters that they selected a “true cross-section” of people from wide-spread geographical locations, etc., etc., etc.  I have to wonder if I am part of a minority that thinks President Trump has done quite well to date.  Our economy is soaring.  We seem to still have the respect (some out of fear for our capacity to inflict our power) of world’s powers.  There is no Russian influence for if there were it would’ve been front page news by now vs. the persistent continuing conversations about the fact that it must exist and can still be expected to be proven.

Donald Trump’s first hundred days were quite substantial so far as positive results.  The press seems to have had some difficulty in recognizing the good that has already come from our election of this, admittedly, ‘somewhat unique’ individual who is very comfortable in his own skin.  Unlike some who have occupied this office, such as the last gentleman, the man we elected is the man we got and we are pleased to see that it worked this time around.  He has a record of making things happen and he is still doing so.

Those who thought him the worst possible person for the office still seem to think that, and likely will for the rest of their lives.  We can debate ‘The Donald’ vs. Hillary but that will not result in any change in attitude on either the part of her supporters or of his supporters.  We have actually had that debate, as you’ll remember and she lost…and I’ll be forever thankful there is not another Clinton overshadowing our country, at least today.

The press is another story.  This group of people, any one of whom are self-conceived to be smarter than the smartest person among us voters who elected Donald Trump, by the way, will remain critical of him no matter the successes he has as our President.  He will continue to be denigrated, either directly or by the employment of faint praise, since these bright people cannot conceive of the fact that we believed him over their recommendations.

I suspect that President Trump’s polling numbers will continue about where they are and those may or may not be a valid representation of the nation’s real belief.  The fact is that he is our President and the sooner you denigrators get over your ‘snit fit’, the better it will be for us all.

We the people have exercised our powers many times in the history of this country.  We elected a merchant from Missouri, and we’ve elected decorated generals.  We elected a black community organizer and now a white community builder.  We are blessed in that we usually get it right, and if we don’t quite get it right, our system of governance is there to protect us from ourselves.

I will be happy to see, if that is at all possible given the press’ preconceived ideas of how bad this man would be in the Oval office, the coverage of President Trump shifted to a positive vein from the constant negative drumbeat of these people who always believe they know better than ‘we the people’.  It may well be that we the people will have to demonstrate our general dissatisfaction with the media’s approach to this Presidency by canceling subscriptions, writing letters to forewarn of that intent, and generally standing tall in our conviction that we made the right choice at the right time for our country…as our forefathers have done throughout our history.

It seems to me that the egocentric members of the Fourth Estate would be doing us, the lowly citizenry, a far better service if they reported the happenings rather than continuing to attempt to influence the happenings through their negative witnessing of events.  Tell us what happened and then report on what we think about those happenings, rather than reporting on what you think about those happenings from the git-go.

Frankly, if we want your opinion of the happenings, we can get those on the weekend news shows.  If we don’t want your opinions, we’ll not watch those shows.  Maybe that would be a better barometer of what we think of the President’s performance than is your supposition that because you are smarter than we are, you ought to be telling us what we think.

If we look at the plight of the print media in our country, we might already see how those polls would look.  If you were following the plight of your bread and butter industry, watching the death throes of long- established print media publications, you might better understand how we feel.  My local ink-on-paper newspaper has gone through the self-analysis of its bottom line and permitted itself to become part of the U.S. Today conglomerate since it would’ve failed if it had not done so.  I now have to search out my daily news sources or accept the pablum that is provided for me through a shrunken and homogenized version of what used to be.

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