Dems Apoplectic Over Comey…

It has to be hard to be a Democrat today given the efforts to firmly occupy every position possible given whatever the circumstances of the day dictate where they desire to be seen.  It must seem to a Democrat that he or she is on a speeding Merry-Go-Round that virtually ground to a halt on the day after the election…but then tries to get going again whenever there is a ‘reason’ created by the press or one of the Democrats’ deep thinkers, such as those seem to be.

The firing of FBI Director Comey by President Trump is but another in a long chain of flip-flops by Dems.  When he was a potential threat to President Trump they were all fully supportive of his activities.  When Comey sort of lost sight of that target: Trump and the Russians, Hillary Clinton again became the target du jour, and the trusty Dems took up verbal arms against Comey and the horse he rode in on.

Now President Trump fires Director Comey, which should’ve probably been among his first acts as our new President given his track record but was ignored given the expected outcry from the left, and the Dems are parading around in their little tin hats claiming this was egregious and that it obviously shows there was a link between Trump and Russia, etc., etc., etc.

There was no link.  Director Comey should’ve been gone before the election given the crap that was going on with Bill Clinton and the then Attorney General on the Arizona tarmac, and Hillary’s ‘server’ issues, etc., etc., etc.  That, of course, was never going to happen since then President Obama was enjoying the theatrics and was hopeful that Hillary could actually succeed him in the Oval office.

The Dems seem bereft of any real targets, as they adopt whatever the press, through its selection of headlines and leading stories, dictates they ought to be sounding off about today.  Since the press is leading the parade, we never hear anything about the Dems having no real command of the issues of the day since they and the press are a team.

I suspect that stories dealing with North Korea attacking this or that country have already been largely written and are in a computer file waiting to be dressed in the clothing of that day when something occurs.  The press knows what it wants to say about the issues involved so why wait for the actual happening.

I’d wager the same thing is true today.  If you watch a White House press conference, you can tell what the next day or two will be in terms of the news since the press people are already looking for the themes, etc. days in advance.

Given that, do we really believe the Comey story hadn’t been written and was simply in a file somewhere waiting for its final dressing before being published in hard copy and television?  Do we think that the questions by the press have only at that moment been thought up by the presenter?

Sure, there are days when some news driver occurs that catches everyone off-guard, but in those instances, you can see the helter-skelter questions vs. the questions of the day before that had been in the can for days or even weeks.  Do we think there isn’t a series of press hang-outs where they gather over cocktails for story-time amongst themselves?

I would not be surprised if the stories of Comey’s firing had not been in the can except for final dressing since last fall.  They were certainly pretty well put together when Bill Clinton spent 35 minutes aboard Loretta’s airplane on the Phoenix tarmac.  Comey was dangling on a thin wisp of string knowing his end was in sight.  Actually, I am sure that every appointee knows his or her end is in sight, just not how far down the road that might be, at the moment they’re sworn in by the President.

For the Dems to be all in a tither about Comey’s firing is disingenuous at best.  For this now to be the rallying cry in the House and Senate simply points to the dearth of things in their political quiver.  Comey was the dead man walking for months.  He had to have been surprised, personally, that he lasted for so long as he did amidst the stuff that he was dodging and ducking every day.

It would be refreshing for someone in the elite press to simply say:  We all knew this was coming. We just weren’t sure of the timing.  Go home.  There is no here here.

Since that won’t likely occur, I’ll take on that duty.  You and I have known for weeks, if not months, that James Comey was on his way out.  I’m surprised he lasted for so long as he did…and I’m pretty sure he shared my surprise.

Just think about how you would’ve felt knowing you were in over your head, that you had screwed up several times and that you were simply serving as a place marker ’til you did something worse or someone else triggered your literal firing.  You had been fired the day you took the oath of office.  That is the nature of the beast in Washington, D.C.  No one walks on water, except in their own minds if they’ve convinced themselves we can’t make it without them.  I can see them in all their finery, telling something short of truth that leaves them just a tiny bit of wiggle room since they know they’ll ultimately need that wiggle room.

Another day in the District of Columbia.

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