ObamaCare and the Senate

Yesterday’s blog discussed the House of Representatives’ decisions on ObamaCare but that is not actual fact unless and until the U. S. Senate takes action…and that is not likely to occur during this calendar year.  If and when the Senate does take its position on ObamaCare, the differences between that and the House’s results are subject to the further action to bring the two ‘solutions’ into an agreement.  And that could be a very difficult lift given whatever differences may exist; and, there certainly will be differences.  The Senate is so much better and more capable than the House, in the minds of the Senators at least, that there absolutely have to be some, possibly many, differences and the subsequent debate will be a touchy-feely experience at best.

So, the long and the short is simply that we have ObamaCare in place for the foreseeable future, and it is already badly broken without any outside interference from Republicans.  That was the result of its slow motion implosion and not from things Republicans might’ve done to make that happen.  The Republicans, as a party, need to absolutely hammer this theme home or the Dems, as a party, will pull another sneaky exit from the bright light of responsibility and dump the stinky, festering remains of ObamaCare back in the laps of Republicans.

Obviously, a bright-eyed true-to-its-self-conviction free press would make this distinction the better part of a month or more in the headlines.  We will have, however, yet another setting in which to observe how the fault lines can be so skillfully camouflaged by the non-biased press as to make them virtually disappear.  This is a fait accompli waiting in the wings for the prime time of launch into the headlines of the day, week, month and year.

Until the Senate has taken action, and until there is agreement on the actions to be taken to bring Senate and House versions into sync, this mess is a 100% Democrat mess with absolutely no culpability to be laid at the feet of the Republicans…except it will probably be laid there given the press’ love for things Democrat.

We Americans have an attention span of about one and one-half hours (that is meant to be somewhat sarcastic) and the free press is quite capable of relying upon that memory span when the time comes for more recriminations to be laid at the feet of the Dems.

There will likely have been more ‘Iowas’ before the Senate gets its stuff together, some of which we’re aware of at the time and some that will lie in the weeds yet to be discovered.  There will be more insurer carnage along the way.  That is simply inevitable given the basic design flaws in ObamaCare.  There will be more stories of lack of providers, lack of adequate care, etc.  AND we will need to be very, very demanding of the press so that the blame for all of this is placed properly at the feet of the Dems who created this mess all by themselves.

Of course, the press knows this is going to occur so its members will plant the stories leading up to the actual debacle so as to already having begun the camouflage activity on behalf of its favored political group.  We are likely to be inundated with sob stories, very real sob stories, unfortunately, of lack of treatment, of no providers to be found, etc., etc., etc.  Republican leadership and President Trump have to be ready for this and have to throw it right back at the Democrats with daily reminders that there wasn’t a single Republican vote that helped in the creation of this monster that threatens to destroy our very health care system.

The pictures of a gloating Nancy Pelosi also need to be dusted off and used daily so we can all be forced to recall that the blame for this lays squarely and solely laps of a single party, the Democratic Party.  I recall a statement close to: “We had to pass it so we could see what was in it” flowing from Ms. Pelosi’s mouth before the cameras that next morning.

The drumbeat should already be in preparation so it can commence when the first glimmer of this self-destructing debacle is apparent to the general public which knows little to nothing of these ins and outs.  Healthcare and health insurance are strange black-hole kinds of things.  This message must be hammered again and again in order to serve as a reminder to voters that whom they vote for matters immensely.  It needs to be understood that straight party voting is what caused this to happen, and we can certainly trot out the map of the United States to show where these heavily Democrat voting populaces exist.  We have those maps left over from the Trump victory celebrations of a short time ago.

The enormity of this coming debacle significantly overshadows the Veterans Administration issues which are absolutely terrible in their own right and which have been reported over and over, due solely to the fact that this issue affects every man, woman, and child in this country not covered by the VA health care system.

We owe our children and their children and their children’s children far better than this, and we know where the blame for that lies.  It lies squarely in the laps of the Democrats.  It lies with former President Obama who has been proud to have had his name attached to this whole mess…and likely still is since I’ve heard no statements to the contrary attributed to him or his spokespeople.

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