A Diamond-in-the rough

Matthew Continetti has an article published in today’s National Review online that strikes a key thought:  The political parties in America today are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Trumpians.  And Trumpian politics is so far best defined as a hybrid yet to be named that leans decidedly conservative.

That is quite interesting when you step back and give it some thought.  Hillary Clinton failed to inspire enough Democrats/liberals to be elected.  Republicans reluctantly decided it was either Trump or Hillary, and most just couldn’t pull that lever under her name.

There were many reasons for Hillary hesitancy as we’ll call it.   She abandoned the Democratic Party’s appeal to the working class and instead sold out to, as Continetti puts it, the idea of “professional class diversity, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley”.  She had absolutely no idea that this loud-mouth named Trump would be so appealing to such a broad mix of voters.  And that torched her to the point that she lost to the ‘loud mouth’ she had scorned…and too often ignored.

Hillary may still be uncertain what that was that ran over her on Election Day.  If she can’t resolve the fact that she lost, she is destined to lose again…if she can find enough support to even declare that she is running.  I suspect that her people are too few and still reluctant to want to endure another excruciating loss.  We may have seen the last of Hillary-the-candidate…maybe.

The Republicans are also in a bit of a quandary in that Trump rolled over the other Republican bright lights that were running in the primaries, more than a dozen of them, in fact.  This was all very disconcerting, especially when FBI Director James Comey was so convenient upon who blame from both sides could be dumped.  Will the loose assembly of Trumpians come together in sufficient numbers as to give him a second term?  It is too soon to say, but he’ll have to screw up considerably to lose his following…which seems now to be growing rather than withering.

I suspect that the causes of the formation of Trumpians will be durable enough that they could be expected to provide for a second term unless Trump fails miserably…and that seems unlikely so far.  He has a very full plate including the pudgy North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, and that powder keg could blow any minute.  He does not appear to be ill-equipped for the vagaries and difficulties of the Oval Office; in fact, he appears to feed on those things which would potentially derail a ‘normal’ person.

So far, I have been impressed by President Trump’s adaptation to his office.  I have also been a bit surprised at Congress’ inability to fully adapt as yet.  If Trump continues to add marks to the win column, that will change decidedly.  Everybody likes to be associated with a winner…especially in politics.

If North Korea explodes, we can expect that President Trump will take decisive action.  To appear ineffectual would be the end of his political career and his current commanding presence.  We don’t know what would be defined as “decisive action” and we likely won’t know how to define that until we do see it.  But, we can be assured there will be some form of action which can be labeled ‘decisive’.

As the days of this Presidency pass, I find myself more and more assured that we the people made the right choice last November.  And, I am further comforted in noting that even the steamroller named Hillary was unable to dupe us into voting for her.  Maybe we voters have finally reached maturity at least so far as the name Clinton is concerned.  Enough is sometimes more than enough.  Even though she’d have been the first female President; even that distinction was insufficient to put her in the ‘winner’s circle’.

Back to President Trump.  He is a lot more than a huge comb-over.  He is a lot more than a real estate magnate and a successful businessman.  He is a lot more than many have given him credit for and seems to be making new gains daily in terms of his effectiveness and his approval.

I continue to see a special something on an almost daily basis.  It is almost Reaganesque.  This man is special in ways I’ve not even thought about up to now.  Each new day almost seems to display another facet since there are so many worldwide opportunities in front of us.  There is that almost instant recognition of a solution forming almost simultaneously with the problem displaying itself.  There are apparently many facets to the diamond-in-the-rough that we’ll be exposed to over the coming three and one-half years.

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