Tossing Zeroes Around Like They’re Nothing :-) …

People go to Washington, D.C. and seemingly lose their comprehension of how much a million is…even how much a billion is.  A billion dollars is: $1,000,000,000.  (I think we’ve had this lecture before, haven’t we?)  In order to gather sufficient votes to pass the ObamaCare replacement some $8,000,000,000 was added to salve the need for what probably will prove to have been the critical vote.  Yup!  The last vote wrangled cost us $8,000,000,000.

Yes; I am getting on the Republicans, and I am getting on one of my favorite politicians, the Republican Leader of the House from Janesville, WI.  This was the final amount of new money that had to be added to the ObamaCare replacement bill in order to gain the promise of enough votes to gain passage in the House of Representatives.

This is not to say that ObamaCare ought to be left intact.  Iowans may very well have no insurers’ products to pick from in their ObamaCare basket for the coming year.  Medica, the last carrier participating in Iowa, is very likely to live up to its word and remove itself from the roster in Iowa given its experience so far.  So, without Republicans pushing a replacement across the line, Iowa simply would not have anything to pick from in what we thought was the health care savior program of the century

The webs we weave are something to behold.  Because the Democrats created ObamaCare in the dead of night, and because Republicans ran on the promise to clean up their health care mess, and because insurers are having problems staying in business in the world of ObamaCare, the residents of Iowa may very well have nothing to select in the coming Open Enrollment period.

Where oh where is the mainstream media that is still so in love with Barack Obama?  Where is the outrage?  It is to be found when the Republicans’ Leader of the House has to promise $8,000,000,000 to get what may be the final vote necessary when this new version of national healthcare comes to a vote today or soon after.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is risking his political future to help clean up the mess left behind by the Dems and Barack Obama.  Isn’t that ironic?

Think about this mess every time you see one of the iconic Dems on your television screen.  Think about their middle of the night vote some nine or so years ago.  Think about what they did to our system of health care delivery…and think about the glee they feel when they watch the current Republican Speaker of the House lay his career on the line to get enough votes to replace their mess.

There are good guys & gals and not-so-good guys & gals in politics.  I tend to find more of the latter in the Democratic Party.  More of the snarky, self-serving politicos seem to be Democrats than Republicans.  I don’t know who first uttered the saying that politics is a blood sport, but we see the truth of that statement over and over again especially on the national stage.

Republicans have had to cut this deal and that deal within their own ranks, too.  I cannot fathom what it takes to live in that world.  I can’t picture myself surviving or, at best, being able to live with myself when I see some of the shenanigans perpetrated simply in the name of political victories.  I know there are the white hats and the gray to black hats.  We’ve all seen the old cartoons of the big potbellied cigar smoking fellow who is making another deal that will reward him handsomely.

It is a shame, but we have the current versions with us today…and they are in both parties.  They are not going for the gold so much as they’re going for seats of power knowing that is more likely to get them re-elected thus perpetuating their ego needs and their power with the folks back home.  All this becomes a slippery slope for members of both major parties.  I believe that there are times when deeply-held personal beliefs are put on the back burner for sake of the party, and the knowledge that this is how one has to go along to get along and live to fight the good fight another day or month or year or decade.

I have the good fortune of being in my local government as a Village Trustee mixing and living with my fellow village residents daily.  There is a decided advantage in that the closer you are to those whom you serve, the more you are able to see through their eyes since you are experiencing precisely what they are experiencing.  If roads aren’t plowed in time to get to work, you and those you serve have the same experience.  Those in state government can be whipsawed by others to do what is good for the state even though it might not be as good for his or her constituents.  That danger on the national level is increased exponentially given the lack of daily encounters with the constituents you live next door to…and given the pressures of being heavily lobbied by pros.

But still, those numbers have a lot of zeroes in them…that is a lot of taxpayer money.

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