Trump’s First 100 Days…

President Donald Trump has his first 100 days under his belt.  Contrary to the fears of Democrats and even some Republicans, the country has not self-destructed.  In general, I believe there is a fresh new optimism in the air.  There is hope, excitement and a half-million more people working in America than the day he took office.  Consumer confidence is at the highest level we’ve seen in 17 years.  The stock market rally since Trump was elected is the second largest since JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for you youngsters) was in office.

President Trump has signed 30 Executive Orders since taking office.  We can be assured there will be many more.  Among those was one that directed the Justice Department to cut funding to so-called Sanctuary Cities although a liberal Federal judge has blocked the implementation of that Order.  Another blocks lobbying by former White House officials for five years and places a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments.

The Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are on again.  The number of illegals coming into America has dropped by 72% since Trump’s inauguration even without a wall being in place.  That happens because Trump lets everyone know where he stands and he has added more ICE agents to demonstrate that he is not just paying lip service.  There is a wall even though not yet physical.

In my book, the appointment, congressional approval, and seating of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch may be the single best thing accomplished in these first 100 days.  There may be another vacancy on that Court yet this year or next according to rumors and that means another staunch, proven conservative since the ‘Nuclear option’ is still in place.

All of this coalesces into the restoration of the American spirit that has been significantly diminished in the eight years of Barack Obama.  The idea that there might have been a Hillary Clinton following that eight years is absolutely frightening for us conservatives as it ought to be for all Americans.

Against this magnificent backdrop of positive accomplishments, we see the Democrats (the liberals) acting out since they have no other arrows in their quiver.  The same old, same old is even more tired today than before.  America has seen that there is a tomorrow after eight years of liberal falderal (that is defined as ‘a trivial or nonsensical fuss’ by the way).

Where to from here?

The Republicans (conservatives actually) must coalesce in Congress.  The Freedom Caucus needs to find its adult side, and it appears that may be happening without us being able to be too assured just yet.   These are very special years and we must take advantage of them rather than to ‘pee’ them down the drain.  Conservatives have the opportunity to be in charge for years to come IF we get our stuff together and quit the childish garbage of ‘my way is better than yours’.  We quibble about shades of the color red, rather than about red or blue.  The idea that we’d squander the majority we have today is beyond my ability to grasp, and yet that is still a real possibility.

We the people have done our jobs.  We created the conservative majority and the Oval Office is a beautiful shade of red, too!  Progress is occurring before our eyes if we’ll see.  What can we do to make sure this is what happens?  We have to let our elected Representatives and Senators know that this is precisely what we sent them to Washington to do.  We want conservative values thoroughly implemented, and we want this to last for a long, long time. The only way that will be true is for this majority we’ve created to act like adults and do their work wisely and efficiently.

Anything less will earn them the opportunity to get out of the pit that is Washington, D.C.  We put them into their offices and we can remove them from those offices if we are not getting our value.  The Freedom Caucus is proof of this…and we see that it is not always easy for shades of a color to come to understand that neither shade of red gets the job done as it needs to be done without the other shade of red.

All that is far easier said than done since each person is an individual.  Each person is an individual that made promises to his or her constituency.  That means that we, the constituents, must come together and tell our elected officials that we see that the shades of red must come together rather than to permit blue the opportunity to run the show.

And for that to happen we constituents need to recognize that part of the loaf is far better for us and our country than is none of the loaf.   That needs to start today while we still have the opportunity to coalesce.  Bernie Sanders would be only too happy to put us out of our misery.  Elizabeth Warren would be only too happy to put us out of our misery.

Think about what solid blue would mean for our country, and then let your elected Republican officials know that we really like shades of red better than any shade of blue.  This is our duty as adult conservatives!

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