Government Shutdown?

Bring it on!  Shine the bright light on Democrat intransigence.  Intransigence is defined as refusal to change one’s views or to agree about something.  The Democrats are still cranky over their inability to defeat Donald Trump and their status as the underdog party in Congress.

A shutdown means that continuing resolutions (CRs in Washington-talk) will be used to continue to fund the operations of the vast majority of our government.  It amounts to the minority party’s tool to show they’re hurt by not being in the majority.  Democrats have a very difficult time when they find themselves in the minority.  After all, they think they have all the really great ideas and voters ought to be able to see that.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thinks she will be able to show the voters why they should’ve kept her party in the majority.  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is not quite as strident as is Pelosi, at least in this instance, but he is close enough and will go along with Cranky Nancy.

The press, except for the very small number of those in ‘the press’ who are not liberal to the core, will lay the blame, such as it is, at the feet of President Trump and the Republicans.  And Nancy Pelosi will have her pouty face all powdered over to hide her age as she tells us all how dire this situation has gotten and that it is, obviously, all the fault of those ‘darned’ Republicans and that ‘person’ they put into the White House.  It might even somehow involve that new Supreme Court Justice!

A ‘shutdown’ does not impact the Presidential Orders that can be generated other than for budget dollars that might be required as the orders are implemented.  So long as the Dems are going to go all ‘pouty’, we might as well have fun at their continued expense.

Seriously, this is emblematic of the things wrong with our government when we have very serious issues facing us around the world.  North Korea is a very real issue and could explode at any moment…and that moment might be speeded if North Korea’s childish leader decides this is the time for his eruption given our internal strife.  I doubt that Ms. Pelosi has given any serious thought to that possibility since she loves this pouty vindictive part of her job, and since his missiles can’t possibly get to California.  Maybe Hawaii but she gets no votes from Hawaiians.

Unfortunately, for some, the political dance seems much more important than the job of mature governance.  Let that mantle hang around the necks of the Democrats for a while as the world teeters on some maniac’s decision…a maniac that is sufficiently unstable to destroy himself just to show us how tough he is.  This while Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer do their political dance in Washington, D.C.

The wisdom of the shutdown maneuver at this time is highly questionable.  It seems that politics ought to be put behind us when we have more important issues such as North Korea firing missiles at Hawaii, and China holding more and more power over us with our continued borrowing, and the Dem’s unwilling ally, Russian President Putin sitting in the Kremlin with a big smile on his face over this fiasco we’ve brought upon ourselves.  In reality, it is a fiasco that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have brought upon their country, and that includes us, for purely political purposes.

This is the ‘arcane stuff of Washington’ that drives the citizenry nuts…and yet we forget for long enough to keep putting people like this back into office.  We seem to be a bit lacking in our ability to remember and to be discerning given those memories.  This petty foolishness will serve no good end except it gives the Dems something about which to gloat since it is the only power button they can push at the moment.

Will we ever get to the place where we can bring about a new, more genteel, approach to governance or must we simply continue on this slippery slope that gets steeper and nastier with every passing election?  So far, it seems that ‘steeper and nastier’ is in the lead.  Will we ever get to the place where the good of the country actually takes precedence over the good of the ‘party’?

I fear that we each know the answer to that question, and that is frightening.

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