UC Berkeley – Bastion of Free Speech?

Ann Coulter apparently was so threatening to the liberals on the Cal-Berkeley campus that her scheduled speech yesterday had to be demonstrated against ’til it was finally canceled by the squishy leaders of that university.  There was a time when we automatically could think of universities almost always being the home of debate and free-thinking on the issues of the day, places where all sides of a discussion could be entertained in the spirit of freedom and learning.

The students, and by the lack of any leadership action, the leaders of that university, showed that there is no free speech at Cal-Berkeley unless it is free liberal speech.  That seems to me, a layperson, to be the antithesis of what a true university is all about but that simply shows, I guess, how naive I am about such matters.

I am not a particularly vocal Ann Coulter fan but she is of the conservative persuasion and I generally am in line with her thoughts.  If I am truthful, I think it is probably her personality and nasal tone-of-voice that is off-putting for me.  There can be no questioning her position, though.  And, educated as an attorney, she is able to present her arguments in a persuasive manner…when she is permitted to speak, that is.

This action so indelibly paints the liberal side in this case as a group of rigid ideologues fearful of any other thinking than their own, far better than any prose from me.  The hypocrisy is so apparent and yet the press consistently fails to point it out.  The hypocrisy is so apparent that one might think the next couple of senior classes ought to be failed and refused graduation given their demonstrated fear of any thoughts other than those pumped into the minds of these students by this educational (or should it read indoctrinational?) institution.

Of course, the decision to bar her from the campus was couched in terms of wanting to assure the safety of the students, etc., etc.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Yesterday’s blog dealt with this very issue.  We all, no matter our political positions, ought to be very concerned with these actions and the obvious lack of intellectual backbone of the leaders of this campus.

Were this a privately-funded educational institution, there’d be less concern since those are free to teach any persuasion they wish and they rely on that to attract both students and large donors.  This is a predominantly-taxpayer funded institution and that changes the entire picture.  Granted, there are probably more liberals than conservatives in California but still the use of tax dollars collected without recourse from the citizens of that state…and likely augmented by federal tax dollars, as well, is anathema to what we believe.  (I do understand how naive this belief on my part actually is in today’s environment but I just had to voice it.  Liberals get what they want one way or another.)

If you are a conservative person, that in and of itself suggests to me that you are capable of taking in information from all sides and of making solid decisions after having considered all the information.  You are not fearful that exposure to liberal thought might sway you on one or another issue.  By limiting the informational input of these students, the leaders tacitly admit that conservative thinkers are far more judicious than are liberal thinkers.  Therefore, liberal thought needs be protected else it risks being found lacking by the majority.  And, we certainly can’t have that at Cal-Berkeley.  No siree!

That liberal thought is not at the level of quality of conservative thought also conveys the need for a majority of conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, but I digress…to the consternation of any liberal who might’ve accidentally found this blog site.

Were these kinds of tilted presentations to be quite limited, that would be one thing.  But, these things are found all across this country.  We still have a Professor from Marquette University, physically barred from setting foot on the campus, twisting in the wind for something even sillier than this.  He is an avowed conservative and he is paying the price for that vow.  The ‘snowflake’ he supposedly offended has moved on to Colorado-Boulder where liberals can almost float above the ground.  Between that and weed, there should be no difficulty clearing the mountains.

It does not seem to occur to the liberal mind that the denial of access to conservatives tends to prove out the fear the liberals have of being shown as the lesser of the two persuasions.  Going head-to-head is something to be avoided at nearly any cost…apparently if Cal-Berkeley is any indication.


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