D.C. Can Be Dysfunctional…

We the People send our Representatives and Senators to Washington, D.C. expecting that things will get done, and then we wait and wait and wait.  The dance of the elephants goes on and on and on, and we get little to nothing from that dance.

So much time seems spent on posing for holy pictures while not much of substance really gets done.  Democrats want what they want and Republicans want what they want.  Not many seem to want what we told them we wanted.  There is a disconnect that must happen when they get on the flight to go back to Washington, D.C.

We sometimes elect a new person thinking we’ll see some change as the result.  That new person gets to Washington, D.C. and finds nothing like he or she expected would await him or her.  There is sort of an initial period where they try to learn the ropes and during that time too may lose track of what we told them we wanted to see get done.  The great ideas tend to be dulled by the clutter of talk, the life form that is the District of Columbia saps the initiative of the newbies in too many cases.

Our intentionally slow-moving government is that which dulls the great ideas in too many instances.  We want the process to be well ordered and deliberate but we get slow and methodical that doesn’t often accomplish what we asked to have accomplished.

The occasional disrupter, Donald Trump, for example, stands out like a bright blinking light in a sea of gray.  Disrupters more often than not are taught their lessons and become like their brothers and sisters.  Rarely is there that person who simply persists as a disrupter…and we appear to have stumbled across that person during our last national election.

Trump, the Disrupter, has come under the weight of the “way things are” in Washington, D.C.  He fights mightily to overcome this resistance only to find even more resistance as the great masses of politicians react to the someone or something threatening the way things are done.  They can hardly believe the bravado one would need to be so intentionally disruptive.

The message seems to finally be getting through to the politicians that there is a disrupter in the White House who isn’t getting the message as quickly as they thought he would.  If he can persist in his efforts for another six to eight weeks, I suspect there will be a lot of believers who’ll come to understand he is what he is and he isn’t going to be rolled-over.

In the meantime, you may be like me wondering why the politicians haven’t gotten much accomplished yet in this new reign.  It isn’t easy for a newbie to become the disrupter since virtually the entire District rises up to repel that threat.  This President Trump person actually seems to be intent on disrupting.  He has appointed other disrupters as part of his Administration.  He has refused to slow down to the typical pace in the District.  He still thinks he is in the business world where those who take risks win.  Politicians simply do not like personal risk.  It isn’t good from the re-election point-of-view.

Our electee is gradually making the point that this isn’t going to be business as usual.  Even the press is coming to understand that; the press hates it but is coming to understand it.

I believe that President Trump is strong enough to overcome the built-in inertia that is the District of Columbia, and that seems to be nearly about to have been achieved.  He must continue to project this image since the politicians will take advantage of any display of discomfort or weakness on his part.  There is a tribal instinct involved.

This is literally a battle of wills, and President Trump is pretty well suited to such battles.  He has been there and done that in the wild and brutal world of big-time development. This is not a Casper Milquetoast player.  Trump is Trump; there is nothing put on about the persona.  Once the opposition comes to understand what they are up against with this leader, they will begin to try to find ways to get along.  It is either that or they go home to the next election looking like kindergartners instead of college seniors.

D.C. can be dysfunctional, but it can also be brought to heel.  Trump is the person for that job.

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