The Dems & Abortion…

If you are a Democrat/liberal and if you desire to be pure in your political beliefs, the subject of abortion has to be considered.  Your political party/persuasion is on record as being supportive of  Planned Parenthood and of abortion; in fact, it is the reason that Planned Parenthood is secure in the funding it receives from our tax dollars even though there is theoretically a wall between our tax dollars and abortion.  Might the definition of  ‘birth control’ be expanded from time-to-time to be more all-encompassing?

Abortion is discussed at length in the Bible from the perspective of when life actually begins.  It is understood biblically that life begins at conception.  One can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.  Life begins at conception and abortion is the taking of a life.  Democrats can claim there is no use of federal funding for abortions, but it loves Planned Parenthood and abortions are a direct outgrowth of that organization.  Medicaid (federally-funded) provides coverage for many of these abortions.  In your heart of hearts, it is, at least for me, impossible to deny the connection.  The Law of Biogenesis states that each living thing reproduces after its own kind.  From conception forward, the DNA of that person-to-be is in place proceeding to the day of birth.

If the act of abortion was taken due to the life of the mother literally being threatened if the pregnancy matured, there is a reasonable argument that can be made for federal dollars to be made available to the organization.  Medicaid has some very narrow exceptions having to do with abortion such as in the case of rape, incest or the mother’s life presuming those exceptions have not been made the norm for sake of abortions.

An area that has increased the federal scrutiny of Planned Parenthood is the fact that Planned Parenthood sells (or receives funding aid from tissue obtained in this procedure) fetal tissue to medical research organizations.  This is referred to as “tissue transfer” and that is under heavier scrutiny today.  You may have heard the surreptitiously-made tapes of people talking about this in a matter-of-fact way that makes it sound like the buying and selling of a used car.

Now the Dem’s party line has become quite clear:  you can’t be a real Democrat if you don’t support abortion, so ‘get with the program’.  That is literally in the news today.  NARAL is a driving force behind both abortion and Democrats.  This tie is not an accident and that is very apparent with the Roe v. Wade litmus test for ‘true’ Dems.  If you want to seek office and run as a Democrat, you must be pro-abortion whether that is your real belief or not.

Making believe that abortion is not the ending of a human life just because birth has yet to occur is, to my mind, a very convenient, yet giant leap, from reality to a more convenient and maybe more comfortable fantasy.  Abortion clinics exist.  They wouldn’t exist if there were not a sufficient number of abortions being done to support their operating costs.  It seems, unfortunately, that abortion has become a business.  Planned Parenthood and NARAL are significant entities in this world.

We need to be mindful of euphemisms designed to obscure reality.  Abortion is the taking of a life, and the decision to undergo that procedure needs by taken with all due diligence and thought.  Those making that decision may be impacted by circumstances that are difficult for me to comprehend; I was exposed to such a situation recently so I do basically understand that kind of dilemma.

Back to the halls of Congress.  Abortion as a driving force of politics seems to me to be callous and indefensible.  That it seems to be practiced essentially by liberals does not make it any better.  That it has become such a driver that it finds its way into hearings for Supreme Court justices shows us just how much money, and therefore politics is behind this social force.  The ACT of abortion is being driven from the consciousness of Americans or maybe it is being conveniently made less-than-what-it-is.  There is no doubt that this is a major political point of difference between the two major parties.  I am very happy that conservatives appear to be on the right side (no pun intended) of this debate.  I am saddened that liberals have not been able to discern as have most of we conservatives.

How many future scientists or astrophysicists or physicians or artists or politicians or simply decent human beings have we lost through the act of aborting a fetus?  A fetus that already has the who of him or her in place simply awaiting that moment of coming fully into this world.  I fear that insufficient thought and prayer have been taken in too many of these actions.  True, I do not know the people involved nor do I comprehend their situations and driving motivators.  I can only pray for them and that child and place this in God’s hands.  I cannot comprehend the abortionists who do this as the means of making their living, nor the impact this must have on the majority of them.  I am thankful for that.


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