Fold Up The Tents, Get Out Of Town

The Huff-Huff Huffington Post has spoken on this day: Earth Day, 2017.  This bastion of liberalism stays tuned into its roots, and those roots are about as liberal as could be since this rag/blog was founded by Arianna Huffington some years ago.  It has stayed true to its guiding principals, such as they are, ever since.

Among the contributors is Barbara Streisand who contributed her thoughts in a January 18th post:

There have been giants who served as president: George Washington helped found the country; Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; Teddy Roosevelt established national parks; Franklin Roosevelt pulled us out of The Great Depression and defeated fascism; Lyndon Johnson established Medicare; Bill Clinton gave the nation a budget surplus; and Barack Obama provided access to health insurance for all Americans.

Now we await Donald Trump, and I am deeply concerned for our country and the world.  He has demonstrated he is dangerous and unfit for office.  Does he understand the magnitude of the job?  Did he just run for president to get even with President Obama who once made jokes about him at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner?  Does he want to get rid of Obamacare just because of its name?

So today we are treated to a discussion of the nearly first 100 days of President Donald Trump (nearly since Earth day is on April 29th and they needed to get this published soon enough ahead to theoretically impact Earth day).  This is written by the president of the National Natural Resources Defense Council, Rhea Suh, and is titled “100 Days of Harm”:

Like any arbitrary benchmark, the 100-day point of a new president’s term normally tells us only so much about whats to come.  In the case of President Trump’s all-out assault on our environment and health, however, we’ve already seen more than enough.  Trump has acted again and again to undo half a century of bipartisan progress in protecting our rights to clean water, air and lands.  He’s moved to part ways with longstanding American values of conservation in the public interest.  And, he’s betrayed the covenant we’ve forged with our children to leave them a liveable world.

This is the clap-trap that poses as deep thought in the world of liberals.  I’d think they would be thankful for President Trump recognizing the problems we face in the world today that were ignored and/or created by the immediate past president whom I feel certain they wholeheartedly approved of.

We can’t do much about conservation if there is no world remaining, now can we?  We can rescind the moves made by the previous president to add tremendous additional costs to fuel needed to move goods to market and to provide heat.  We can make changes to the health care program passed in the dead of night to try to keep it in place and not self-destruct.  We can defend ourselves and others from the world’s despots so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the parks and natural resources that are already being wisely conserved without the over-reaction of the liberals.

Conservatives have their job cut out for them and those of us who are conservative know that and believe we are up to the job.  We are accustomed to having to move into office to clean all the trash and poor governance left over from the last liberals to rule.

Reading the Huffington Post we are reminded of the shallow thinking that follows liberals around.  All the feel good issues in the world will not defeat our enemies.  Only after we defeat those enemies whether they be humans or bad ideas and programs, can we take the time to celebrate.  Liberals seem to get mixed up and celebrate when they first get into office by trying to muck up the world around us with the latest concepts dreamed up by liberal think tanks.  Then they get removed by the voters who replace them with us to again clean the streets with all the donkey droppings that are left behind.

It is cyclical if you look back over the past decades.  Our jobs as conservatives are to find the keys to extending the length of time conservatives hold the positions of power in our country so we can further limit the damage done by liberals in office.  Just think what the world would look like if conservatives could have two presidents in office back-to-back for a total of 16 years.  Not only would the flunkies of the Democrat party be gone by the end of that time, but the people would have the opportunity to see for themselves what they’ve been depriving themselves of with these eight-year cycles.

Oh yes before I end this blog.

The last president left quite the mess in this world and conservatives are again faced with getting us back on track and out from under the threats we face today.  I have yet to see the rush by Democrats to get in line to help with that task.  They’d apparently rather obstruct trying to help their party rather than pitch in to help their country.  Sooner or later, people will wake up and see this for themselves.  That is how the conservative movement has grown over time and will continue to grow.


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