U.S. Cyber Action vs. NK Missiles?

We have witnessed a new approach to North Korea’s Kim Jung Il and it has been a decidedly more daring approach…we seem to be daring him to try more launches.  If that is what we’re doing, then we must think/know we can affect those future launches to protect our assets.

We used the Stuxnet virus on Iran to alter the curve on their nuclear program development and send it back to the ‘dark ages’ in that area.  We seem to be daring Kim Jung Il to “go ahead, try another launch; give us your best shot”.  If that is what we’re doing, it probably will work since he is not the most stable and thoughtful leader in the world today.

Notably, the last attempt by Kim saw the missile blow up shortly after lift-off.  That coupled with some indications from our side that we just might have such a capability seems to be part of this latest puzzle posed by the despot leader of North Korea.  There are other things that could be in play, also.  Tools such as long range lasers are possibly in play or even satellite-based actions have been talked about, too.

We understand that we’ll not know about this for obvious reasons.  If we have such capabilities, we don’t want to share that news with other countries.  Leaving our potential enemies wondering is probably the best defense we could hope to have.

We have more strategic force on its way to this part of the world, and our leaders have made no attempt to dissuade people who believe that additional military actions are on the docket.  That could simply be us playing with whatever mind Kim has remaining at his disposal, or it could be that we are going to flatten his development effort.  Maybe the use of the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) in the Middle East was a double-edged sword; maybe it set an example there and served as a deterrent threat to North Korea.  We have other MOABs in our inventory.  Much of the military development core in North Korea is supposedly underground.  Sounds like a good fit.

The people of North Korea do not deserve what they have for a leader, but that is beyond our ability to undo without the use of assets that could bring harm to some innocents.  None of us really want that to occur, but weighing the options versus the possibilities for harm to us might make the decision an easier more clear-cut decision.  Our current President does not seem to have a problem deciding what to do and when to do it.

China obviously shares a border with North Korea.  We are certainly cognizant of that, and we know how terribly dependent we are upon China’s good feelings toward us (which also serve them extremely well).  But, there may well be a concern on the part of China’s leaders that this next-door neighbor could easily go off against them either intentionally or accidentally.  There also could be residual effects on parts of China depending on how we choose to handle this situation.  It is highly unlikely that we will initiate actions against North Korea without having messaged that intent to China prior to taking the action.

There is an even greater danger for the people of North Korea very few of whom have any blame in this situation, but one has to ask just how much more they could be forced to suffer than is already demanded of them.  That is good and unnecessary given other assets we have available.  The population of North Korea has little access to the power grid so we might decide that would be where we’d prefer to cause damage.  Without computers and the electrical grid, North Korea would be rendered virtually weaponless presuming we have other capabilities up our sleeve such as have been rumored.

We likely have the means to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, and we probably could convince China to sit quietly by as we undo the regime in North Korea which has to have caused them concerns as well.  If they prefer, we could literally partner with China to make all this happen.  They would have as much or more to gain if they participated and among that would be the good will of the rest of the world.

One thing is certain: we, the world, need to handle this problem sooner rather than later.

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