Trump’s First 100 Days…

This seems the test applied by the news corps for every new President, and it is probably even more important for President Trump than others.  He has been a breath of fresh air from my perspective.  True, there are some rough edges, but I have been pleased with his accomplishments to this point.

Justice Gorsuch represents one of the great moves he has made.  Trump has not been awed by the Oval office nor has he let all the ‘advisors’, whether asked or simply volunteering their advice, dissuade him from his core beliefs.  He has, essentially, shown he is a solid person in spite of the persona he has sometimes cultivated in his business dealings.

President Trump found a lot of issues needing attention from Day 1 forward and he has dealt effectively with each of those issues from the very start.  He has engaged Russia, China, Israel, etc. and done so with a feeling of authority and competence in every situation.

Congress, in his first 100 days, has been a disappointment but that has been largely the result of the Democrats planting political landmines where ever possible and as often as possible, and renegade Republicans seeking to make names for themselves no matter the cost.  His selection of Gorsuch and his powering that through Congress shows that he can and will do so in other situations, as well.  In fact, I think he has shown his opposition in Congress, as well as some reticent Republicans, that he is not to be toyed with without consequences being involved for those playing the games.

Public sentiment has seemingly been solid from Day 1, and there is no sign that is weakening.  If anything, the public’s opinion has been growing more favorable each week.  The press still seems intent on making him stumble, but they need to heed the fact that he is pretty good on his feet.

I have been quite surprised with his grip on the world issues he inherited, and his ideas as to solutions in those situations.  The ease with which he stepped into the issues of the world at large likely stems from his worldwide business initiatives and his friendships and acquaintances made in that capacity.

These first 100 days have pointed up some of the issues that exist with members of the Republican Party that are petty, personal political issues of those who were never fans of President Trump.  I won’t mention names but you know who they are.

The Democrats have tried their best and have probably slowed some of the potential initiatives that President Trump would advance.  They have, in my opinion, gotten dangerously close to showing they care more about themselves than they do about Americans.  Democratic leadership needs to come to grips with reality lest they damage their own careers as well as their party.  They look petty in the process.

President Trump seems to have been most comfortable in world affairs given his business dealings worldwide.  He put on that role like it was a pair of well-worn shoes he’d had for years.  He has had a business presence worldwide, so that served him ably.

Congress has been the source of some complaints laid at President Trump’s feet but that will subside as the months pass.  The Dems will always seek ways to derail or at least delay Trump’s initiatives.  That is how they see their roles as the opposition.  Unfortunately, they give more credence to their roles as the opposition than they sometimes do to those things that are good for the country simply based apparently on political spite.  Trump has been pretty good about chiding the Dems when necessary, too.

I voted for President Trump since he, even with his issues, was so much better than the Democrats’ candidate even though it was ‘her turn’ to occupy the office her husband had held.  I cast that ballot with some trepidations, but I have been very favorably impressed with his ease of entry onto the world stage.  There may be things that happen as we all go forward together that will be more challenging for him, things like North Korea’s child-like dictator being miffed, but I think the world will find itself embarrassed if it simply assumes that this President is not capable of handling his office.

Were I on active military duty today, I would be much more comfortable with President Trump than with many of his predecessors, no matter their party affiliation, being my Commander-in-Chief.  I think we see that in the images of the men and women in uniform whenever he is in their midst.

The first 100 days have passed very quickly and seem to have passed smoothly.  President Trump has stepped up to issues that had laid in wait from the last Administration.  He has done very well in his first 100 days.  I hold hope for this President going down in history as one of the best we’ve had, but I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.

I believe each of us who voted for this man can be quite pleased with what we got for that vote.

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