Bill O’Reilly: In, Out or Who Cares?

Bill O’Reilly has made himself a lot of money with his gig on Fox News and his series of books…”Killing This” and “Killing That”.  Certainly, there may also be public appearance money sloshing around, too.  But it seems he is at the end of the trail vis a vis Fox News if the rumors are to be believed.

The most often heard rumors have either Dana Perino or Tucker Carlson taking over the seat if O’Reilly is moved out.  Tucker Carlson is a bit too smug for my taste but he is smooth and he is easy to watch.  I’ve liked Dana Perino since I first saw her.  I don’t know why, but I have not wavered in my liking of her.  I am, however, not so sure she is ready for this kind of spot.  Getting tabbed for this spot could be the worst thing that could’ve happened to her at this point in her career.  Is she ready or is this still a bit premature?  This might be a lesser-of-evils choice in the making.

The rumors concerning O’Reilly may or may not be true.  If the Fox News Board moves to remove him today, as is expected, he will be presumed to have committed some kind of a no-no.  Everything being heard right now says he will be gone by tonight.  I have not been able to become a real O’Reilly-liker, and I’ll not be terribly disappointed if I do not have to watch him.  His smugness was off-putting.  His self-congratulating “I told you so” looks into the camera got old fast.

If O’Reilly is dumped, what will that mean for him in terms of his career as well as in terms of his potential for being sued for big bucks if these rumors prove to have been sufficient to get him ousted?  One would think that the old bromide of “where there is smoke, there is fire” would be in play in this situation.  That outside forces would’ve teamed up to get him ousted seems a real reach.  If it happens, I’ll have to presume that he did it to himself.

How will this, if it comes to pass, effect Fox News?  It may result in a bump in viewers who have either not been Fox News followers or who have shied away due to O’Reilly’s style.  I have been a Fox News follower because I think it is less liberal than any other outlet.  I have had some concerns where I didn’t think it to be conservative enough as you might’ve felt to be the case from the immediately preceding sentence.  But regular readers would likely expect that would have been the case.  Fox News can sound conservative simply by comparison to its competition.  That doesn’t mean it always has been true to the conservative cause.

One thing is probably for certain, the liberal media outlets, which basically is all of them, will see this as a victory for themselves.  They will be mistaken but that won’t help or hurt their ratings.  They have a group of viewers/listeners that will always want their version of the news.

Updated @ 2:15PM:  O’Reilly out per Fox News a few minutes ago.

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