Boston Marathon…Safe & Secure?

The Boston Marathon gets underway a few short hours from now; the preliminary events are already underway.  I don’t know about you, but among my first thoughts having recognized this was the day of the Marathon had to do with terrorism.  We in America have become accustomed to at least having to give some thought to the possibilities of problems.  That is precisely what terrorists have desired and strived to make happen.

To our credit, we have not gotten into the habit of canceling such events as has sometimes occurred overseas.  We have, however, engaged in tactics that were distant thoughts a decade or so ago.  The idea of having heavy trucks loaded with earth in place as barricades at critical points has gotten to be standard procedure.

Many of us have become accustomed to actually looking at our pathways and being more cognizant than we used to be…back in the good old days when we had virtually no concerns about terrorism.  Those ‘good old days’ go back about a decade or so.  This all ties in with talk of border security and welcoming foreigners to America as they seek better lives for themselves and their children.  We have had some exposure since the buildings collapsed in NYC but nothing so bad as the quite regular occurrences we see today in Europe.

My patterns have changed as I’ve written in the past.  I have ideas of where I’d turn if something were to occur that put me in danger.  I have formed the habit of keeping an eye on my surroundings and the people in that area.  That habit may be worth nothing if there is never a need for the options, but I don’t know that and I’m trying to remind myself to always be aware of surroundings.  Sure, I slip sometimes but usually remind myself before too much time has passed.  I have never been entirely comfortable in large crowds so this is just a bit of an expansion of those feelings.

We appear to have a good President this time so far as our personal protection is concerned.  He has tightened our procedures and processes.  He is doing enough that liberals are uncomfortable.  That is a good gauge in my world.  Conservatives have always been labeled as being too controlling as compared to liberals.  That is a good way to be thought of in this time of unrest, terrorist activities, and borders that are not impenetrable.

So far as liberals vs. conservatives, there is a reason for the difference on this issue.  The majority of immigrants who come into our country and who become citizens tend to vote for liberals since they have the idea that it is the liberals who give them benefits that conservatives would not provide.  The long and the short is that liberals ‘buy’ those votes with programs that provide benefits.  Conservatives care but get no credit for caring.  Our form of caring is that of equipping the immigrants to make good lives for themselves in our country.

The press has, in my opinion, been complicit in this process by neglecting to mention the differences between the two major parties on this issue.  Conservatives deport bad actors; liberals ignore and forgive thus creating more bad actors since they always seem to be the ones that ‘win’ when their counterparts look at these situations.  Mexican immigrants with families still in Mexico tend to take their earnings minus what is absolutely needed for their survival and send that money to Mexico to support their families left behind.  I have no big problem with that so long as the immigration is done legally and within the norms we establish.  That does, however, suck tens of millions of dollars out of our economy annually.

This may very well have contributed to the numbers of Americans living primarily on welfare for a couple of reasons.  The jobs they might’ve been qualified to do have been taken by others willing to work for less per hour, and the Democrats have made it quite possible for this to continue given welfare programs and tax policies.  We have only to look at the south side of Chicago to see how well that works.  It has become an armed bastion with hundreds of murders annually.  No wonder the former President does not want to return to his home city.  And Mayor Rahm Emanual, a solid Dem, so far seems to have found no solutions.

We have only to look at the most recent election cycle to see what might well have caused this historic shift.  The vast amount of this country is now geographically ‘conservative country’ with the exception of the major population centers that remain ‘liberal country’.  That, as discussed before, shows the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who apparently foresaw such a shift being possible.

Stay safe and stay conservative…and talk to your friends who’ve yet to make the switch.

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