Holy Saturday. NK Nuke Test Day?

The despot who also poses in his ‘day job’ as the leader of North Korea has made threats about something happening today, and the world, both non-free and free, awaits the arrival of this day and whatever it is that Kim Jung Un decides to do to make a ‘splash’.  This psychopath, who ruthlessly rules his part of the Korean peninsula, has proved before that the only thing certain about him is his unpredictability.

So the United States has brought more naval power to the region and has attempted to work with the other countries in the area to mount a united front likely without the support of China…although China has much to lose if North Korea goes off the deep end and actually detonates a nuke weapon as it has threatened.

This is much akin to being between a rock and a hard place for us, for China and for all the countries in that area.  Kim is deranged and is the perfect example of someone who ought to be eliminated permanently for the good of the world.  That is easier said than done.  The North Korean people will suffer no matter what we do or don’t do about Kim.  Who or what would follow if we took Kim out at the knees?  That might prove to be worse although that is difficult to imagine.

I suspect that China would step in immediately given that North Korea is its next door neighbor and that they share a common border.  The U.S. has interests in that area certainly including the people of South Korea.  If China takes over the northern end of the peninsula, how long would it be before it took over the rest?

What would President Trump do?  With an increased naval force in the vicinity would he feel compelled to show that the U.S. also believes it has a stake in the region?  How would our trade relationship with China be affected?  Presume they called their loans to the U.S., and that we had no ability to simply pay off that debt (which we don’t).  What happens next?  We squeeze them and they squeeze us.  Elephants dancing cause a lot of disturbance for the mice that try to stay out of their way.

Situations such as this show us just how little would be necessary to cause a major, virtually worldwide, conflagration.  It also points up the relative lack of actual authority possessed by the United Nations.

Is it likely that China will consult the U.N. before taking action?  Is it likely that the U.S. will do more other than possibly notify the U.N. of an impending action a few minutes before a strike?  What happens to the neighboring countries in that area?  Does the U.N. see the necessity for it to engage somehow?

The world could be changed overnight, either for the better or for the worse.  Would the killing of Kim do anything much to change the situation?  It might slow the process but a replacement for Kim from North Korea would not make much of a difference, at least in the short term.

We in the U.S. sail blissfully along without much thought for these potentialities.  We seem a long distance away from the scene.  Our world seems safe for the foreseeable future…and we have stuff to do today and tomorrow and next week.  ‘Never mind’ as Mad magazine used to say.

Our world has shrunk in all senses.  Weapons can be launched from one side of the world to destroy the other side of the world.  Economic chaos could envelop the entire planet in a matter of weeks or months.  What had been worldwide peace, such as it is, could become a worldwide conflagration.  We and others have the weaponry to make that happen and all that would take is for a madman or woman to make the wrong decision.

Hair triggers of one kind or another exist around the world and some trigger fingers are itchier than others.  They might be economic hair triggers or nuclear hair triggers.  North Korea simply points up the relatively short time span that would be required for the planet to be fully engaged in war, either as antagonists or protagonists or relatively innocent bystanders.

We all would be wise to remember the fragility of this planet and the life that exists here.  We all would be wise to engage in prayer that wo/men in positions of power would come to their senses before pulling that trigger.  An unstable peace is far better than all-out conflict.  It would not, unfortunately, be unthinkable anymore for such an outcome.  We are already in the unstable peace era.  It is not unthinkable when we see the likes of the North Korean leader.

Ideally, calmer more reasoned God-fearing minds would prevail.  At least they have for the most part to now.  A sad reminder at Easter time that this is, indeed, the right time to make amends with our Lord.

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