Words With vs. Without Actions…

We have seen the difference that ‘words without actions’ and ‘words with actions’ can make in the world.  We are witnesses to this quite simply when we compare the words with actions of our current President to the words with a lack of actions by our immediate past President.

President Obama made all kinds of pronouncements but failed to display what might occur if those pronouncements were not heeded.  The bad actors in this world are very quick to pick up on those not-so-subtle subtleties.  The press often fails to see those differences or, if they do see them, they fail to note the importance of the difference.

Eight years of former President Obama had a sum total of zero uses of ‘rhetoric accompanied by actions’ if the rhetoric wasn’t effective standing alone.  President Trump appears to be nearly on the exact opposite side of that scale.  He has made use of weaponry to enforce his warning statements to bad actors on the world stage. Bashar Assad ignored words and found himself minus one airfield and a bunch of weaponry.  The ISIS dudes who were in the ‘safety’ of their underground tunnel lair are likely now in their self-created graves courtesy of a MOAB explosive device.

MOAB stands for ‘Mother-of-all-Bombs’ and it sure looks to be an accurate description for weaponry that is non-nuclear.  This weapon was designed for such needs and has been ignored until a few days ago when President Trump made the decision to send a real strong message to ISIS.  The MOAB is said to be the most powerful bomb in our arsenal short of a nuke device.  It also has a sister that is designed for maximum penetration prior to detonation so it can reach far deeper into the ground or a building complex before it goes ‘boom’.

Certainly, we cannot go around blowing everything up.  But, we can go much further with our diplomatic outreach if there is the knowledge that, pushed too far, we can be a tough adversary.  This ought to, if anything can, help the North Korean head-of-state better understand the ramifications of the use of weapons against his neighbors.  He may not be sane enough to grasp this and make the proper connections to comprehend that his belligerence has consequences.  He may not see that subtle connection, however, his supporters in the region, China maybe, will be able to easily make the connection and ideally would help him better understand.

President Trump is further establishing himself as anything but a toothless tiger.  He is showing that lines drawn are drawn to be observed if there is to be no further action.  This is anything but a subtle defense.  Even if the leader it is aimed at is unable or unwilling to recognize the potential consequences, there are others in that leader’s circle of influence who will recognize and, ideally, counsel.

It is nothing short of amazing to witness the differences a few months of this new President have made as compared to the eight years of a leader who wouldn’t consider pulling the trigger.  This has to be driving the political opposition crazy, but it is simply the reality of the world today.  President Trump has come at about the right time for a man of his “my words are backed by actions if necessary” positions.

We needed a man of words coupled with actions when necessary.  His business background is very much a part of this man of action character.  He has put his money where his mouth is in effect by showing that those words are going to be backed up by actions if ignored.  This is essentially a ‘sea change’ when compared with our most recent previous President who had nothing but his eloquence in his bag of tricks.  This is creating a new level of diplomacy impact.  Our words are now backed by actions if and when required.  There ought to be no question about that from this point forward.  If there is any question, and someone somewhere wants to find out for sure if there is any ‘there’ there, this is the President that will help them better understand.

The difference in the prior eight years as compared to what we can predict will be the case in the coming four to eight years is very significant especially for all the other world powers.  President Trump has established where that red line is and has proved there are consequences if it is ignored.


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