Democrats Have To be Exasperated…

President Trump, the person whom we were repeatedly told would be utterly useless as our President, has again proved he is likely among the best people we could’ve chosen at this particular moment in the history of our country.  The strike against Assad is looking to be a stroke of genius.  Tillerson is looking to have been a very solid pick for Secretary of State.

Will there be some bumps in the road?  Certainly.  There likely has never been a President for whom there were no ‘bumps in the road’.  But, so far, we see a very competent President who has chosen some very solid people to help him govern.  His selection of Justice Gorsuch was a masterstroke.  Even his pick for Press Secretary has proved to be quite capable, and that is a thankless job if ever there were one.

If this new President of ours is not any good as the Dems have told us over and over, he must be one of the luckiest guys in the country to have accidentally looked so good in his early days in office.

We will be coming to a point, and very soon, where the Dems are going to have to make some critical decisions for themselves.  Are they going to continue to try anything and everything possible to slow Trump’s progress and run the risk of further alienating Mr. & Mrs. Average American?  Or are they going to have to become as adult as is possible for them and try to find constructive rather than destructive ways to work with this Administration?

For you or me, that would be quite a simple choice.  But, then again, you and I do not have any, or at least have very few, ulterior motives.  We want what is best for us and for our country, knowing that will also very likely be what is best for the world.  Most of us have political beliefs, but most of us are also wise enough to know that we benefit from good moves no matter from whom those moves came.  We are not on the ‘battlefield’ such as those we’ve elected too often see themselves as being in Washington, D.C.

Among the most striking things is the huge difference between the Administration just replaced and the Administration just sworn in.  We frankly know that Hillary and Bill and former President Obama are laying in wait for the perfect time to reappear on a daily basis.  They are anxious to begin their effort to undermine this Administration, each with slightly different motives.  If they’ve already begun the effort, it ain’t working very well because no one seems to have noticed.

Even the press is not terribly vicious in its reporting as one might’ve assumed would be the case by this time.  If you’ve watched the news conferences, you have probably noticed quite a change in the press’ demeanor since that first day.  They seem to be recognizing that President Trump really is President Trump.  This is not just a never-ending nightmare; it is also reality.

We are now in the stage where the rest of the world is going to be noted as to what it thinks about the new Administration.  Bashar Assad has learned the hard way what this new Administration is about.  The Syrian strike has helped Russia see the difference between the old and the new.  The strategy now in place for the North Korean situation will be the next point of recognition.  The movement of the U.S. Navy into that area helps those involved begin to recognize the seriousness with which this Administration takes their antics.

The anti-Isreali folks have learned that this Administration is about 180 degrees different than the last.  The people who were whining about “The Wall” are not often found these days.  The U.S. economy didn’t tank as some would’ve had us believe.  We have a full nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Congress seems to be working reasonably well which is good for that institution.

Our country is not yet falling apart.  In fact, it seems we are flourishing as a country.  I know that does not seem possible as dire as was the picture painted for us some time ago, but that is what seems to be happening.  It seems we can now be reasonably assured that we’ll not be pushed around as had become our role too often in the past eight years (much of which was self-induced as we seem to be coming to understand).

It is indeed a new day.  It is becoming a new world.  America is again a real force with which to be reckoned.  There is no way that all this can be just our imaginations.  It must really be that President Trump and his team and the Republican Congress, and now the Supreme Court, has made quite a difference in our attitudes and our positive outlooks.

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