President Trump Keeps Dems, & Others, Off-Balance…

The Democrats think they have pegged President Trump and then he throws them a curveball and forces them to reassess.  This is happening on any number of fronts from the attack on Syrian air power to the selection of the next Supreme Court Associate Justice who was just sworn in as this was being penned.

President Trump seems to have a much keener sense of the state of the world than he was credited with and he seems to be quite comfortable in his seat in the Oval office.  He is not a professional politician however he does understand the concept of politics.  He has been in the world of business where certain attributes become honed skills.  Negotiating with Trump seems to require an opponent with high quality negotiating skills lest the process is lopsided.

His staff has, so far, kept him advised and, through that, has kept him on track.  He appears to be a demanding taskmaster and is not at all shy about making changes whenever and wherever he sees those as necessary.  That seems to be assuring us that he will do whatever he deems to be necessary during his term.

The approach to North Korea is one that our former president would’ve found very difficult to undertake.  President Trump has a U.S. Navy task force on its way to the Korean peninsula region.  He has been involved with the leaders of China, as well.  The North Korean leader should be very wary of his actions, although he seems not to have the ‘smarts’ to understand.  If he gets too full of self and launches an attack on South Korea or any other country in the region which he can reach, he better have had his slave laborers digging a very, very deep hole in the ground.  Trump does not seem prone to dilly-dallying or dithering, and would likely retaliate quickly and decisively.

We have an almost completely opposite President now compared to the most recent occupant of the White House.  While still sometimes frustrating, these are very exciting times.  There is a feeling of bigger things to come from President Trump.  Does this mean the Dems will roll over?  Hardly; if anything it will simply make them more resolute and more difficult with whom to work to the benefit of the country.  That may spell some difficulties for us and for President Trump.  Too much obstructing, however, will very quickly nail the Dems between the eyes in terms of public opinion since the populace seems quite enthralled with its new President.

President Trump is, in large part, re-making the Office of the President that was changed by then-President Obama, and changed dramatically in his eight years.  Each change back is a reminder of those we’ve had for leaders in the past.  We were not always in this hyper-political world.  There was much good to be found in President Truman, the guy who ran a department store before assuming the office.  There was a real awakening when President Ronald Reagan, a former actor, found his way into that office.  Presidents do not have to come from any particular background.  We seem to know a good candidate when we see that person on the campaign trail…although we were not so discerning with the immediate-past President whom we even re-elected for a second term.

We Americans are generally a discerning group although we have made enough errors in judgment to remind us that we still have to work at picking the best man or woman for any office, but especially for this highest office in the land.  There will not likely be a non-proven state senator who cast only ‘present’ votes so as to avoid leaving a trail as to his real beliefs again in the Oval office anytime soon.  Just because a woman is a candidate does not mean she will automatically be voted into that office.  If she convinces us voters that she deserves the opportunity to lead us, she will be elected; if she does not, she will not be elected.  The most recent such candidate did not measure up on a number of issues.

We Americans were ready for a change and we showed just how ready when we elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Conservatives are rising now but those things tend to ebb and flow.  While conservatives are in the seats of power, we must insist that those people make the changes we want and that they campaigned on.  The days of not receiving what we were promised when we cast our ballots are over at least for now.  The really good news is this: the conservatives we are electing now will be in office for some time to come, and will be able…with our reminders…to make the changes we requested with our votes.

Our new Supreme Court Associate Justice is but one example of the long-lasting benefits that can and should flow from our election of conservatives.  Our new President is but one example of the long-lasting benefits that can and should flow from our election of conservatives.

This is not a time to gloat.  It is a time to help others understand why we are conservatives.  There is a real difference between liberals and conservatives on many important issues.  As a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible to find an issue that doesn’t have clearly defined differences.

Given the shift in the voting patterns we saw in the past election and the fact that difference has been in the making over several recent elections, we have every expectation that these trends will continue…so long as we elect good conservatives and keep track of their records.  The country, geographically, is nearly all red.  The major population centers tend to be the only remaining liberal bastions, and we may be able to change that thinking as conservatives prove their worth.  This trend has been there for years; it can be there for years to come if we do our work well.

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