Democrats, It’s Hard To Take You Seriously…

A cartoon by Ramirez in The Weekly Standard of April 3rd shows the Senators watching Judge Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing.  We see the Senators from behind Gorsuch and the Republican members are characterized as themselves while the Democrat members are characterized as clowns in varying stages of clown makeup.

Cartoonists have the uncanny ability to show us everything we need to know about things through often comedic drawings.  This effort captured the essence of the hearings we’ve endured to the point of Neil Gorsuch being confirmed as the next Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Democrats did themselves no service by appearing in this situation to be nothing more than nitpickers who had no real chance of derailing this nomination.  They were, in their defense, thoroughly and completely outclassed.   This was akin to the condemned being accorded the opportunity to kill the lion in order to be saved.  The lion never lost, and these members of Congress show that they were definitely out-thought, decidedly outclassed and had no defense from the moment the gavel fell.  They were so hapless as to make me occasionally almost feel sorry for them.

Justice Gorsuch exuded class while his inquisitors were clueless and classless too much of the time.

The Dems, of course, warned us about the use of cloture to end the filibuster, thereby making a simple majority of 51 votes sufficient to end the debate and officially seat the new Justice.  There comes a time when conservatives must act as the adults in these situations and do what is right for the country despite the sniveling fits of the Dems.  This was one of those occasions…and it felt good.  

The Dems had their opportunity to act out and we have the Justice we sorely needed.  Lest we conservatives get too comfortable, we must remember that this new Justice will call ’em as he sees ’em.  We might be surprised at times by his position but I am comfortable that he is the right person at the right time.

Now…how will this affect the relationship of Senators with each other?  The Dems will pout and look for some form of recompense.  The Republicans will, ideally, not rub their opponents noses in this loss.  There is still much work to be done.  Republicans, however, need to avoid the feeling they should do something nice for the poor Democrats to help them get beyond this loss.  Wear your victory proudly!

It will take some time to begin to see the results in the form of cases decided at that level.  Justice Gorsuch’ past decisions were laid out in part so that we could all see his work.  We think we know how he will vote on this ultimate legal bench.  He might surprise us when the subtleties and nuances of a particular case elude us while he sees them and their implications clearly.

I believe we can be comfortable that we conservatives have the best possible choice from our perspectives on this ultimate bench of justice.  He will hear the same evidence the other eight will hear and will abide by his grounding and understanding in reaching his decisions.  He was most impressive in these weeks coming up to the final decision.  He was given every opportunity to step in dog feces and he didn’t step in it once.  He was tested, sometimes in what impressed me as silly ways, by the Dems and handled all those interrogatories quite capably.

This time period has also served us well in that we saw some of the misfits that sit as Democrats.  Sen. Al Franken, D-MN was an embarrassment to self and state and he didn’t even comprehend that.  How detached from reality must one be to act as he acts and to think he is part of the mainstream?  Speaking of that, how is it that the people in Minnesota could make such a huge mistake when they are much like us except for the fact we are separated by the Mississippi River?

All this points to the enormity of our challenge each time we walk into the voting booth to exercise our rights.  The people of Minnesota are good people but they apparently have different ideas about representation than I have or than you have.  This too shall pass, as the saying goes.  Eternity will smooth all our rough edges, but we can sure see some craziness while we’re here on this earth…and we saw some in the past couple of weeks as Dems fought tooth and nail to keep now-Justice Neil Gorsuch off the U.S. Supreme Court bench.

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