The Clinton Foundation…

A blog reader provided me an e-mail this morning that got some juices flowing.  It included information from the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation in the form of high-level information from the Foundation’s 2014 Form 990 tax return.  This information comes via the National Center for Charitable Statistics.  If you have interest, most any charitable foundation’s tax returns can be found here.

The B, H and C Clinton Foundation showed total revenue of $177,804,612 for tax-year 2014.  They also show grants made of $5,160,385. The grants compare to salaries paid by the Foundation of some $34, 838,106.  It would seem that those employed by the Foundation are deemed to be more in need than the charities the Foundation professes to support.  Other expenses came in at more than $50,000,000 for the year which is nearly ten times the amount of the grants cited.  Travel expense was pegged at $8,000,000 and you have to wonder if Bill’s trip to Arizona to chat with the Attorney General was charged back to this Foundation.  Any wagers?  And then there were ‘meetings’ which rang up a total cost of some $12,000,000.

The net assets at the end of 2014 were shown at $332,471,349.00.  Those assets outweighed the grants as would be expected…but by a ratio of more than 66 to 1?

The Foundation showed 486 employees who received nearly $35,000,000 in compensation, that averages a bit over $72,000 each, with another $91,000,000 in fees and expenses…to make decisions on gifts of slightly more than $5,000,000?

The return also showed that the Foundation accumulated an additional $85 Million plus that year.

If you think back, you might be able to conjure up the images of a young couple, Bill and Hil, down in Arkansas scraping by on the salary of the Governor.  My!  How things seemed to have changed for that couple.  I don’t recall any paid employment other than as the result of taxpayer’s money.  Oh, I guess there was that stint for Hillary with the Rose Law firm.  And, then again, there was the nearly miraculous return on her cattle investment in the span of three weeks or so.

I guess this makes me sound a bit skeptical.  I am skeptical but I am sure that if there is anything untoward going on, it’ll be found out and reported by the national media since it is fair and impartial.

Some of the people engaged in politics on a national level wonder why the level of trust they’d desire is not always demonstrated by us voters.  Much of that flows from situations such as this.  Most of us voters do not have anything remotely approaching this level of “success” in our daily lives.  We might be envious, but we are very certainly suspicious…and it would seem that we are rightfully a bit suspicious when this kind of apparent evidence is put in front of us.

This happens when we are watching the goings on in Washington, D.C. as a very well qualified jurist is being besmirched by his opponents in Congress.  It causes some of us to wonder how it is that one side always seems to benefit while the other side plays the game honestly?  It makes us sometimes wonder if we, too, should be using the same tactics and the same definitions of truthfulness and the differences between what is right and what is wrong.

We witness the backlash against politicians that we’ve seen with the encouragement of local actors who appear at Town Hall meetings and serve as disrupters so as to deny the rest of us the opportunity to bring issues to light.  That isn’t right.  There is no way that activity can be construed as anything but deceitful politics…and we see that only one side is affected by these antics.

It is unfortunate but…

Liberals seem to be driving these tactics.  Liberals seem to be benefiting from these ‘foundations’ and whatever other less-than-public activities that serve to drive money to their accounts.  If that weren’t so, the liberals would be screaming to the heavens to drive these activities back into the sewers from which they emerged…but we don’t hear so much as a whimper from the left.  That is damning evidence and it hasn’t even been attempted to be refuted by the liberals.

So, once again, the evidence is laid out before us, but the national media will have none of it.  After all, this is the same national media that made the Clintons and that breastfed the Obamas.  Fair?  Not by a long shot.  Equitable?  Not by a long shot.  And yet, the pompous liberals in Congress dare to feign indignity when they get caught at something a bit untoward.

Too many of our elected officials make a mockery of the institutions of which they’re a part and they seem to have done it for so long that they don’t realize that is what they’re doing.  Or worse…they know precisely what they’re doing and they know we’ll not be able to do anything about these goings on.  One elected official guilty of such conduct is too many.  But, we have a party that engages in this activity and they label it as smart politics.  And they are re-elected regularly…so I guess it doesn’t seem to make a difference anymore.


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