Trump’s First 100 Days…

President Donald Trump has his first 100 days under his belt.  Contrary to the fears of Democrats and even some Republicans, the country has not self-destructed.  In general, I believe there is a fresh new optimism in the air.  There is hope, excitement and a half-million more people working in America than the day he took office.  Consumer confidence is at the highest level we’ve seen in 17 years.  The stock market rally since Trump was elected is the second largest since JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for you youngsters) was in office.

President Trump has signed 30 Executive Orders since taking office.  We can be assured there will be many more.  Among those was one that directed the Justice Department to cut funding to so-called Sanctuary Cities although a liberal Federal judge has blocked the implementation of that Order.  Another blocks lobbying by former White House officials for five years and places a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments.

The Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are on again.  The number of illegals coming into America has dropped by 72% since Trump’s inauguration even without a wall being in place.  That happens because Trump lets everyone know where he stands and he has added more ICE agents to demonstrate that he is not just paying lip service.  There is a wall even though not yet physical.

In my book, the appointment, congressional approval, and seating of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch may be the single best thing accomplished in these first 100 days.  There may be another vacancy on that Court yet this year or next according to rumors and that means another staunch, proven conservative since the ‘Nuclear option’ is still in place.

All of this coalesces into the restoration of the American spirit that has been significantly diminished in the eight years of Barack Obama.  The idea that there might have been a Hillary Clinton following that eight years is absolutely frightening for us conservatives as it ought to be for all Americans.

Against this magnificent backdrop of positive accomplishments, we see the Democrats (the liberals) acting out since they have no other arrows in their quiver.  The same old, same old is even more tired today than before.  America has seen that there is a tomorrow after eight years of liberal falderal (that is defined as ‘a trivial or nonsensical fuss’ by the way).

Where to from here?

The Republicans (conservatives actually) must coalesce in Congress.  The Freedom Caucus needs to find its adult side, and it appears that may be happening without us being able to be too assured just yet.   These are very special years and we must take advantage of them rather than to ‘pee’ them down the drain.  Conservatives have the opportunity to be in charge for years to come IF we get our stuff together and quit the childish garbage of ‘my way is better than yours’.  We quibble about shades of the color red, rather than about red or blue.  The idea that we’d squander the majority we have today is beyond my ability to grasp, and yet that is still a real possibility.

We the people have done our jobs.  We created the conservative majority and the Oval Office is a beautiful shade of red, too!  Progress is occurring before our eyes if we’ll see.  What can we do to make sure this is what happens?  We have to let our elected Representatives and Senators know that this is precisely what we sent them to Washington to do.  We want conservative values thoroughly implemented, and we want this to last for a long, long time. The only way that will be true is for this majority we’ve created to act like adults and do their work wisely and efficiently.

Anything less will earn them the opportunity to get out of the pit that is Washington, D.C.  We put them into their offices and we can remove them from those offices if we are not getting our value.  The Freedom Caucus is proof of this…and we see that it is not always easy for shades of a color to come to understand that neither shade of red gets the job done as it needs to be done without the other shade of red.

All that is far easier said than done since each person is an individual.  Each person is an individual that made promises to his or her constituency.  That means that we, the constituents, must come together and tell our elected officials that we see that the shades of red must come together rather than to permit blue the opportunity to run the show.

And for that to happen we constituents need to recognize that part of the loaf is far better for us and our country than is none of the loaf.   That needs to start today while we still have the opportunity to coalesce.  Bernie Sanders would be only too happy to put us out of our misery.  Elizabeth Warren would be only too happy to put us out of our misery.

Think about what solid blue would mean for our country, and then let your elected Republican officials know that we really like shades of red better than any shade of blue.  This is our duty as adult conservatives!

Government Shutdown?

Bring it on!  Shine the bright light on Democrat intransigence.  Intransigence is defined as refusal to change one’s views or to agree about something.  The Democrats are still cranky over their inability to defeat Donald Trump and their status as the underdog party in Congress.

A shutdown means that continuing resolutions (CRs in Washington-talk) will be used to continue to fund the operations of the vast majority of our government.  It amounts to the minority party’s tool to show they’re hurt by not being in the majority.  Democrats have a very difficult time when they find themselves in the minority.  After all, they think they have all the really great ideas and voters ought to be able to see that.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thinks she will be able to show the voters why they should’ve kept her party in the majority.  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is not quite as strident as is Pelosi, at least in this instance, but he is close enough and will go along with Cranky Nancy.

The press, except for the very small number of those in ‘the press’ who are not liberal to the core, will lay the blame, such as it is, at the feet of President Trump and the Republicans.  And Nancy Pelosi will have her pouty face all powdered over to hide her age as she tells us all how dire this situation has gotten and that it is, obviously, all the fault of those ‘darned’ Republicans and that ‘person’ they put into the White House.  It might even somehow involve that new Supreme Court Justice!

A ‘shutdown’ does not impact the Presidential Orders that can be generated other than for budget dollars that might be required as the orders are implemented.  So long as the Dems are going to go all ‘pouty’, we might as well have fun at their continued expense.

Seriously, this is emblematic of the things wrong with our government when we have very serious issues facing us around the world.  North Korea is a very real issue and could explode at any moment…and that moment might be speeded if North Korea’s childish leader decides this is the time for his eruption given our internal strife.  I doubt that Ms. Pelosi has given any serious thought to that possibility since she loves this pouty vindictive part of her job, and since his missiles can’t possibly get to California.  Maybe Hawaii but she gets no votes from Hawaiians.

Unfortunately, for some, the political dance seems much more important than the job of mature governance.  Let that mantle hang around the necks of the Democrats for a while as the world teeters on some maniac’s decision…a maniac that is sufficiently unstable to destroy himself just to show us how tough he is.  This while Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer do their political dance in Washington, D.C.

The wisdom of the shutdown maneuver at this time is highly questionable.  It seems that politics ought to be put behind us when we have more important issues such as North Korea firing missiles at Hawaii, and China holding more and more power over us with our continued borrowing, and the Dem’s unwilling ally, Russian President Putin sitting in the Kremlin with a big smile on his face over this fiasco we’ve brought upon ourselves.  In reality, it is a fiasco that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have brought upon their country, and that includes us, for purely political purposes.

This is the ‘arcane stuff of Washington’ that drives the citizenry nuts…and yet we forget for long enough to keep putting people like this back into office.  We seem to be a bit lacking in our ability to remember and to be discerning given those memories.  This petty foolishness will serve no good end except it gives the Dems something about which to gloat since it is the only power button they can push at the moment.

Will we ever get to the place where we can bring about a new, more genteel, approach to governance or must we simply continue on this slippery slope that gets steeper and nastier with every passing election?  So far, it seems that ‘steeper and nastier’ is in the lead.  Will we ever get to the place where the good of the country actually takes precedence over the good of the ‘party’?

I fear that we each know the answer to that question, and that is frightening.

UC Berkeley – Bastion of Free Speech?

Ann Coulter apparently was so threatening to the liberals on the Cal-Berkeley campus that her scheduled speech yesterday had to be demonstrated against ’til it was finally canceled by the squishy leaders of that university.  There was a time when we automatically could think of universities almost always being the home of debate and free-thinking on the issues of the day, places where all sides of a discussion could be entertained in the spirit of freedom and learning.

The students, and by the lack of any leadership action, the leaders of that university, showed that there is no free speech at Cal-Berkeley unless it is free liberal speech.  That seems to me, a layperson, to be the antithesis of what a true university is all about but that simply shows, I guess, how naive I am about such matters.

I am not a particularly vocal Ann Coulter fan but she is of the conservative persuasion and I generally am in line with her thoughts.  If I am truthful, I think it is probably her personality and nasal tone-of-voice that is off-putting for me.  There can be no questioning her position, though.  And, educated as an attorney, she is able to present her arguments in a persuasive manner…when she is permitted to speak, that is.

This action so indelibly paints the liberal side in this case as a group of rigid ideologues fearful of any other thinking than their own, far better than any prose from me.  The hypocrisy is so apparent and yet the press consistently fails to point it out.  The hypocrisy is so apparent that one might think the next couple of senior classes ought to be failed and refused graduation given their demonstrated fear of any thoughts other than those pumped into the minds of these students by this educational (or should it read indoctrinational?) institution.

Of course, the decision to bar her from the campus was couched in terms of wanting to assure the safety of the students, etc., etc.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Yesterday’s blog dealt with this very issue.  We all, no matter our political positions, ought to be very concerned with these actions and the obvious lack of intellectual backbone of the leaders of this campus.

Were this a privately-funded educational institution, there’d be less concern since those are free to teach any persuasion they wish and they rely on that to attract both students and large donors.  This is a predominantly-taxpayer funded institution and that changes the entire picture.  Granted, there are probably more liberals than conservatives in California but still the use of tax dollars collected without recourse from the citizens of that state…and likely augmented by federal tax dollars, as well, is anathema to what we believe.  (I do understand how naive this belief on my part actually is in today’s environment but I just had to voice it.  Liberals get what they want one way or another.)

If you are a conservative person, that in and of itself suggests to me that you are capable of taking in information from all sides and of making solid decisions after having considered all the information.  You are not fearful that exposure to liberal thought might sway you on one or another issue.  By limiting the informational input of these students, the leaders tacitly admit that conservative thinkers are far more judicious than are liberal thinkers.  Therefore, liberal thought needs be protected else it risks being found lacking by the majority.  And, we certainly can’t have that at Cal-Berkeley.  No siree!

That liberal thought is not at the level of quality of conservative thought also conveys the need for a majority of conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, but I digress…to the consternation of any liberal who might’ve accidentally found this blog site.

Were these kinds of tilted presentations to be quite limited, that would be one thing.  But, these things are found all across this country.  We still have a Professor from Marquette University, physically barred from setting foot on the campus, twisting in the wind for something even sillier than this.  He is an avowed conservative and he is paying the price for that vow.  The ‘snowflake’ he supposedly offended has moved on to Colorado-Boulder where liberals can almost float above the ground.  Between that and weed, there should be no difficulty clearing the mountains.

It does not seem to occur to the liberal mind that the denial of access to conservatives tends to prove out the fear the liberals have of being shown as the lesser of the two persuasions.  Going head-to-head is something to be avoided at nearly any cost…apparently if Cal-Berkeley is any indication.


Student Radicals & Free Speech

David French, senior writer for National Review offers a chilling piece today titled “It’s Time to Crush Campus Censorship”.  There is a phrase uttered by Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education that reads, “college students are ‘unlearning liberty'”.  He sees these actions as pushing the “virus of censorship and oppression” beyond the university and into the nation as a whole.

The essence of this piece, quite simply, is frightening.  It is summed up as the idea that free speech does NOT mean a blanket permission to say anything anybody thinks.  It instead means, according to the radicals, “balancing the inherent value of a given view with the obligation to ensure that other members of a given community can participate in discourse as fully recognized members of that community.”  The idea is that these, the brightest bulbs in our country from their own points-of-view, should be protected from anyone else talking in ways that might disrespect their views of what is really right or wrong and that they ought to be able, essentially, to destroy our Constitutionally protected rights without fear of being questioned.

The radicals are laying claim to them being the only valid critics of democracy and that their belief system is so valid as to make us toss out that which we’ve held sacrosanct since the founding of this country.

The institutions of greater learning are failing by their permitting of these radicals to engage in the destruction of free speech in the name of free speech.  If that isn’t lunacy, there is no lunacy.  Our leaders are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  That entails the pushing back of such ideas as the radicals are espousing to “preserve the constitutional republic” as French states in his article, and yet we do not see our public officials pushing back on the radicals’ thoughts.

Is this the realization of the derogatory term “snowflake”?  Do these radicals actually believe they are the smartest people on the planet or are they simply playing at being adult leaders?  Have they become so drug-addled that this seems wisdom to them?  And where are the university leaders who ought to be in front of this push to destroy this movement before we all are forced to “unlearn liberty”?

The Berkely campus is the existential lefty paradise and we now see just what that means.  Colleges have a responsibility, as well, to protect and defend our Constitution even as they permit ‘free speech’.  If the right cannot be permitted to speak at Berkeley, for example, that must be an indictment of this liberalism they have touted for years.  If their brand of liberalism is so fragile as to be threatened by a conservative’s thoughts, then even the liberals, bright as they are by self-definition, ought to be able to see the folly of their belief system.

Obviously, free speech works in both directions.  Those espousing one over the other need to be willing and prepared to defend their beliefs.  One side cannot simply denounce the other without providing the underlying rationale for the denouncement.  And then, the other side has the inherent opportunity to raise questions about the denouncing side.

This is “free speech”.  Free speech permits all to engage in the debate over whatever is being debated.  Free speech is not what the lefties seem to have come to believe.  Professors can become so enamored with personal belief systems as to lose sight of reality.  Campus administrators have a job to do, and that job is not to simply roll over in the face of these radicals.

The Founding Fathers got it right.  This new crop of lefties has veered off the highway of learning into the swamp of elitism and disparagement of all other beliefs that might be frightening to them.  Where does this end?  Will there be court opinions before too long?  If so, we can be assured this fight will span years since the left will do their best to “court shop”.

If this finds its way into the court system as it almost certainly will, we can see the wisdom of the seating of the most recent Supreme Court Justice.  We can see the importance of each of the 100 or so Federal judges that remain for President Trump to decide.  We can see how the campuses of ‘higher learning’ across this country impact this country…some for the worse and some for the better depending on one’s perspective.

The long and short of this is simply that when we fail to remain vigilant we risk losing all.  When we get sucked in by the siren’s song of the left, we risk losing all.  It falls to us as conservatives to assure that this country remains the haven of freedom for all that it was created to be, and to assure that, at worst, there is a balance between left and right.  And, that at best, there is a resurgence of conservatism especially at times such as we are in today when the liberals seem to have lost their ability to reason, as well as to learn from history.

It is unfortunate, indeed, that publicly-funded centers of higher learning are political entities and not simply repositories for what has been learned and proved over the centuries.  The debate that ought to occur on such campuses has to be conducted in the full light of day with both sides involved, but we know that is not where our educational system is at today.

As David French said at the close of this piece: at public universities, campus censors have the freedom to speak, but they do not have the freedom to oppress.


D.C. Can Be Dysfunctional…

We the People send our Representatives and Senators to Washington, D.C. expecting that things will get done, and then we wait and wait and wait.  The dance of the elephants goes on and on and on, and we get little to nothing from that dance.

So much time seems spent on posing for holy pictures while not much of substance really gets done.  Democrats want what they want and Republicans want what they want.  Not many seem to want what we told them we wanted.  There is a disconnect that must happen when they get on the flight to go back to Washington, D.C.

We sometimes elect a new person thinking we’ll see some change as the result.  That new person gets to Washington, D.C. and finds nothing like he or she expected would await him or her.  There is sort of an initial period where they try to learn the ropes and during that time too may lose track of what we told them we wanted to see get done.  The great ideas tend to be dulled by the clutter of talk, the life form that is the District of Columbia saps the initiative of the newbies in too many cases.

Our intentionally slow-moving government is that which dulls the great ideas in too many instances.  We want the process to be well ordered and deliberate but we get slow and methodical that doesn’t often accomplish what we asked to have accomplished.

The occasional disrupter, Donald Trump, for example, stands out like a bright blinking light in a sea of gray.  Disrupters more often than not are taught their lessons and become like their brothers and sisters.  Rarely is there that person who simply persists as a disrupter…and we appear to have stumbled across that person during our last national election.

Trump, the Disrupter, has come under the weight of the “way things are” in Washington, D.C.  He fights mightily to overcome this resistance only to find even more resistance as the great masses of politicians react to the someone or something threatening the way things are done.  They can hardly believe the bravado one would need to be so intentionally disruptive.

The message seems to finally be getting through to the politicians that there is a disrupter in the White House who isn’t getting the message as quickly as they thought he would.  If he can persist in his efforts for another six to eight weeks, I suspect there will be a lot of believers who’ll come to understand he is what he is and he isn’t going to be rolled-over.

In the meantime, you may be like me wondering why the politicians haven’t gotten much accomplished yet in this new reign.  It isn’t easy for a newbie to become the disrupter since virtually the entire District rises up to repel that threat.  This President Trump person actually seems to be intent on disrupting.  He has appointed other disrupters as part of his Administration.  He has refused to slow down to the typical pace in the District.  He still thinks he is in the business world where those who take risks win.  Politicians simply do not like personal risk.  It isn’t good from the re-election point-of-view.

Our electee is gradually making the point that this isn’t going to be business as usual.  Even the press is coming to understand that; the press hates it but is coming to understand it.

I believe that President Trump is strong enough to overcome the built-in inertia that is the District of Columbia, and that seems to be nearly about to have been achieved.  He must continue to project this image since the politicians will take advantage of any display of discomfort or weakness on his part.  There is a tribal instinct involved.

This is literally a battle of wills, and President Trump is pretty well suited to such battles.  He has been there and done that in the wild and brutal world of big-time development. This is not a Casper Milquetoast player.  Trump is Trump; there is nothing put on about the persona.  Once the opposition comes to understand what they are up against with this leader, they will begin to try to find ways to get along.  It is either that or they go home to the next election looking like kindergartners instead of college seniors.

D.C. can be dysfunctional, but it can also be brought to heel.  Trump is the person for that job.

The Dems & Abortion…

If you are a Democrat/liberal and if you desire to be pure in your political beliefs, the subject of abortion has to be considered.  Your political party/persuasion is on record as being supportive of  Planned Parenthood and of abortion; in fact, it is the reason that Planned Parenthood is secure in the funding it receives from our tax dollars even though there is theoretically a wall between our tax dollars and abortion.  Might the definition of  ‘birth control’ be expanded from time-to-time to be more all-encompassing?

Abortion is discussed at length in the Bible from the perspective of when life actually begins.  It is understood biblically that life begins at conception.  One can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.  Life begins at conception and abortion is the taking of a life.  Democrats can claim there is no use of federal funding for abortions, but it loves Planned Parenthood and abortions are a direct outgrowth of that organization.  Medicaid (federally-funded) provides coverage for many of these abortions.  In your heart of hearts, it is, at least for me, impossible to deny the connection.  The Law of Biogenesis states that each living thing reproduces after its own kind.  From conception forward, the DNA of that person-to-be is in place proceeding to the day of birth.

If the act of abortion was taken due to the life of the mother literally being threatened if the pregnancy matured, there is a reasonable argument that can be made for federal dollars to be made available to the organization.  Medicaid has some very narrow exceptions having to do with abortion such as in the case of rape, incest or the mother’s life presuming those exceptions have not been made the norm for sake of abortions.

An area that has increased the federal scrutiny of Planned Parenthood is the fact that Planned Parenthood sells (or receives funding aid from tissue obtained in this procedure) fetal tissue to medical research organizations.  This is referred to as “tissue transfer” and that is under heavier scrutiny today.  You may have heard the surreptitiously-made tapes of people talking about this in a matter-of-fact way that makes it sound like the buying and selling of a used car.

Now the Dem’s party line has become quite clear:  you can’t be a real Democrat if you don’t support abortion, so ‘get with the program’.  That is literally in the news today.  NARAL is a driving force behind both abortion and Democrats.  This tie is not an accident and that is very apparent with the Roe v. Wade litmus test for ‘true’ Dems.  If you want to seek office and run as a Democrat, you must be pro-abortion whether that is your real belief or not.

Making believe that abortion is not the ending of a human life just because birth has yet to occur is, to my mind, a very convenient, yet giant leap, from reality to a more convenient and maybe more comfortable fantasy.  Abortion clinics exist.  They wouldn’t exist if there were not a sufficient number of abortions being done to support their operating costs.  It seems, unfortunately, that abortion has become a business.  Planned Parenthood and NARAL are significant entities in this world.

We need to be mindful of euphemisms designed to obscure reality.  Abortion is the taking of a life, and the decision to undergo that procedure needs by taken with all due diligence and thought.  Those making that decision may be impacted by circumstances that are difficult for me to comprehend; I was exposed to such a situation recently so I do basically understand that kind of dilemma.

Back to the halls of Congress.  Abortion as a driving force of politics seems to me to be callous and indefensible.  That it seems to be practiced essentially by liberals does not make it any better.  That it has become such a driver that it finds its way into hearings for Supreme Court justices shows us just how much money, and therefore politics is behind this social force.  The ACT of abortion is being driven from the consciousness of Americans or maybe it is being conveniently made less-than-what-it-is.  There is no doubt that this is a major political point of difference between the two major parties.  I am very happy that conservatives appear to be on the right side (no pun intended) of this debate.  I am saddened that liberals have not been able to discern as have most of we conservatives.

How many future scientists or astrophysicists or physicians or artists or politicians or simply decent human beings have we lost through the act of aborting a fetus?  A fetus that already has the who of him or her in place simply awaiting that moment of coming fully into this world.  I fear that insufficient thought and prayer have been taken in too many of these actions.  True, I do not know the people involved nor do I comprehend their situations and driving motivators.  I can only pray for them and that child and place this in God’s hands.  I cannot comprehend the abortionists who do this as the means of making their living, nor the impact this must have on the majority of them.  I am thankful for that.


Fold Up The Tents, Get Out Of Town

The Huff-Huff Huffington Post has spoken on this day: Earth Day, 2017.  This bastion of liberalism stays tuned into its roots, and those roots are about as liberal as could be since this rag/blog was founded by Arianna Huffington some years ago.  It has stayed true to its guiding principals, such as they are, ever since.

Among the contributors is Barbara Streisand who contributed her thoughts in a January 18th post:

There have been giants who served as president: George Washington helped found the country; Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; Teddy Roosevelt established national parks; Franklin Roosevelt pulled us out of The Great Depression and defeated fascism; Lyndon Johnson established Medicare; Bill Clinton gave the nation a budget surplus; and Barack Obama provided access to health insurance for all Americans.

Now we await Donald Trump, and I am deeply concerned for our country and the world.  He has demonstrated he is dangerous and unfit for office.  Does he understand the magnitude of the job?  Did he just run for president to get even with President Obama who once made jokes about him at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner?  Does he want to get rid of Obamacare just because of its name?

So today we are treated to a discussion of the nearly first 100 days of President Donald Trump (nearly since Earth day is on April 29th and they needed to get this published soon enough ahead to theoretically impact Earth day).  This is written by the president of the National Natural Resources Defense Council, Rhea Suh, and is titled “100 Days of Harm”:

Like any arbitrary benchmark, the 100-day point of a new president’s term normally tells us only so much about whats to come.  In the case of President Trump’s all-out assault on our environment and health, however, we’ve already seen more than enough.  Trump has acted again and again to undo half a century of bipartisan progress in protecting our rights to clean water, air and lands.  He’s moved to part ways with longstanding American values of conservation in the public interest.  And, he’s betrayed the covenant we’ve forged with our children to leave them a liveable world.

This is the clap-trap that poses as deep thought in the world of liberals.  I’d think they would be thankful for President Trump recognizing the problems we face in the world today that were ignored and/or created by the immediate past president whom I feel certain they wholeheartedly approved of.

We can’t do much about conservation if there is no world remaining, now can we?  We can rescind the moves made by the previous president to add tremendous additional costs to fuel needed to move goods to market and to provide heat.  We can make changes to the health care program passed in the dead of night to try to keep it in place and not self-destruct.  We can defend ourselves and others from the world’s despots so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the parks and natural resources that are already being wisely conserved without the over-reaction of the liberals.

Conservatives have their job cut out for them and those of us who are conservative know that and believe we are up to the job.  We are accustomed to having to move into office to clean all the trash and poor governance left over from the last liberals to rule.

Reading the Huffington Post we are reminded of the shallow thinking that follows liberals around.  All the feel good issues in the world will not defeat our enemies.  Only after we defeat those enemies whether they be humans or bad ideas and programs, can we take the time to celebrate.  Liberals seem to get mixed up and celebrate when they first get into office by trying to muck up the world around us with the latest concepts dreamed up by liberal think tanks.  Then they get removed by the voters who replace them with us to again clean the streets with all the donkey droppings that are left behind.

It is cyclical if you look back over the past decades.  Our jobs as conservatives are to find the keys to extending the length of time conservatives hold the positions of power in our country so we can further limit the damage done by liberals in office.  Just think what the world would look like if conservatives could have two presidents in office back-to-back for a total of 16 years.  Not only would the flunkies of the Democrat party be gone by the end of that time, but the people would have the opportunity to see for themselves what they’ve been depriving themselves of with these eight-year cycles.

Oh yes before I end this blog.

The last president left quite the mess in this world and conservatives are again faced with getting us back on track and out from under the threats we face today.  I have yet to see the rush by Democrats to get in line to help with that task.  They’d apparently rather obstruct trying to help their party rather than pitch in to help their country.  Sooner or later, people will wake up and see this for themselves.  That is how the conservative movement has grown over time and will continue to grow.