Russian Intrigue…Warranted?

Being a Republican Committee Chair in the midst of Democrat turmoil is a thankless job…at best…and potentially career-threatening if the opposition has anything to say about it.  House Intelligence Committee Chair, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), has gotten embroiled in a potentially devastating situation concerning the Russians and the supposed attempts by them to influence the recent election.  Since we now have President Donald Trump, most of us will conclude, correctly, that the Democrats are behind this kerfluffle.  Of course, since Nunes has not shared any of this newfound intelligence with his fellow committee members, the Democrats are apoplectic fearing that this might somehow destroy their meme of Russian influence in the last election.

The New York Times has published a piece that discusses this situation and that is available even to non-subscribers at least as of this morning.

The story begins, so far as we know, on the evening of March 21st when Nunes received a call that made him head straight to the White House.  A day later Nunes held a press briefing before he met with President Trump to brief him on what he had learned the night before.  You can imagine the enormity of the undies-in-a-bundle uproar from the Democrats.  They enjoy being the producers of intrigue but vehemently dislike being the recipients of that favor from Republicans.  Nunes so far refuses to identify his sources except to identify them as ‘whistle-blowers’ who are trying to expose wrong-doing at great potential harm to themselves.

The press has identified two people it believes to have been the sources for the bombshell information.  Those are Michael Ellis, an attorney working on national security issues and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior intelligence director at the National Security Council.  These people sound, based on titles, to be very capable of being ‘in the know’.

Democrats, not willing to give up their bone of contention and bristling because they’ve so far been excluded from viewing evidence, are frothing at the mouth, figuratively of course.  We know that the Dems will work this in an attempt to turn it to their advantage, and that might well result in tactics that are deplored by most people.

Rep. Nunes has ignored Democrat’s saying he should step aside.  That is to the benefit of the entire country whether or not the Dems can begin to grasp that fact.

Only time and more and more disclosure of information will tell us if there is substance to these allegations.  I suspect that will be proved as we see or hear the information.  I doubt seriously that Nunes would have subjected himself to this kind of Democrat diatribe for the fun of it.  If there has been Russian meddling, we need to know how and when and where that occurred.  If the communications of now President Trump were intercepted, we need to know that as well.  If there is a mole somewhere in Washington, we also need to know who and where in the food chain.

Given the hue and cry, I suspect that Democrats are fearful this is not going to inure to their political benefit and yet they simply are powerless to avoid using it to the maximum capability they can muster.  Never mind the truthfulness or the nature of what seems to have occurred.  Let us throw dung at the whole Trump Administration, and the outcome of the election while we’re at it, and pray that some will somehow stick.

Washington is literally and figuratively a swamp, and some of the resident creatures would like to re-capture this for themselves, and, from outward appearances, they might well fit right in either figuratively or literally.  You can decide for yourself whom might qualify.

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