What Is Your High School Teaching?

The La Plata High School in La Plata, MD is teaching students about Islam.  Teaching ‘about’ would not be so bad; we all should have an understanding of faiths other than our own, and especially about Islam, since it is proliferating in America as more and more of that faith immigrate to our country.

Todd Starnes of Fox News Opinion is working on this angle and if you want considerably more information and more sources, Google his name with Fox News Opinion.

The La Plata High School case is the subject of a lawsuit filed on behalf of John and Milissa Wood, parents of a teenage daughter who is a student at La Plata High School.  That case was filed by the Thomas More Law Center.  The president of Thomas Moore is quoted as saying that La Plata High School forced the daughter of the Woods to recite the Shahada and to acknowledge Muhammad as her spiritual leader.  The Shahada is the Islamic Creed: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.

The Law Center maintains that simply reciting the statement is sufficient to convert one to Islam.  The lawsuit, filed in federal court, alleges that students spent one day studying Christianity while they spent two weeks studying Islam.  “During its brief instruction on Christianity, defendants failed to cover any portion of the Bible or other non-Islamic religious texts such as the Ten Commandments”.  “Instead, the class included disparaging remarks about Christianity and the Pope.”

The school also instructed students on jihad “a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline.”

John Wood, the father, is a Marine veteran, by the way.  He called the school to voice his concern over his daughter’s assignment and was told a day later by the vice principal that she was required to take the class and that she would receive ‘zeros’ on any incomplete assignments even though the assignments might violate the family’s religious beliefs and heritage.

If this were occurring in a school in my community, I’d be very much involved since I have grandkids in that system.  But how would I know unless I spent time trying to gain access to the curriculum and then to the study materials in order to determine my feelings about the subject matter.  That raises the question as to whether or not my intrusion would be welcome.  I might simply be dismissed as a troublemaker with no right to access this material or to comment on the curriculum.

If you are like me, this kind of thing probably wouldn’t have been on our collective radar scope. But, apparently, it should be if this situation is any indication of education-at-large.  Maybe educators, in general, would not undertake this curriculum item, but maybe they would in the interests of preparing the students for the coming increase in numbers of those of this faith.

That is all well and good, BUT the manner in which this ‘education’ is being conducted in this particular situation sounds more like indoctrination than education.  I do not believe that is what we taxpayers expect from the educators of our respective communities.  Ideally, this would not be widespread.  If it is predominately in centers of higher Islamic population that is very understandable.  The Twin Cities’ education institutions ought to be providing this kind of education BUT it ought to be education and not indoctrination.

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