The Dealmaker vs. The Dems…

The Dealmaker, Donald Trump, has had significant victories in his private life and hence the title of “Dealmaker” for this blog.  He is obviously now in a role where past victories do not do much, if anything, for his Presidency.  In this new world of politics and politicians, Trump-the- Dealmaker may well have met his match.  At the least, he will need to change some of his thinking and find different approaches in order to gain some successes to hang on his belt (frankly thinking about scalps).

The differences are unique to his new setting, the world of high political intrigue.  Heretofore, he has been in the world of high finance, and dealmaking with business people.  The crux of those deals was usually monetary and devoid of personalities that craved ‘public’ victories, as well.  In this new world as President of the United States on the Republican ticket, Trump is finding that what used to work in the business world is not going to necessarily work as well in his political world.  He’ll get there, but it won’t be easy.

There is first the fact that the two political parties have a long, long history.  Republicans are not necessarily fond of Democrats and vice versa.  Trump and the Speaker of the House have just emerged from the buzz saw world of politics with a loss, or at least a significant setback.  Obviously, the Speaker knows this world, so it must be assumed that the President was driving this deal and neglected some advice I’d be almost certain was provided to him.  He had to learn that his name is not the dominant key here as it might’ve been in the business world.

The Democrats got a “twofer’ in that they were able to assert their power to the new President of the United States of America, and they were able to embarrass the Speaker of the House which hasn’t happened very much, if at all, in the past.  Of course, the Democrats had the benefit of the Freedom Caucus having also decided it would make its ‘creds’ in this same situation.  That combination proved to be too much to overcome just because of the duo that came together with similar thoughts in mind.  The Dems wanted to show this new President just how tough they can be, and the Freedom Caucus had similar ideas.  This might be seen as a marriage made in Hell…and it might hold portent for the future.

The Speaker likely had some idea of what lay in store but, I suspect, felt, or earnestly hoped, that the Freedom Caucus would see the light and come to its senses with the criticality of this vote in mind.  The President likely felt his persona and charisma could carry the vote given that this was his first excursion into the pit of vipers and maybe thinking they’d make nice as the result.

The Democrat leader(s) saw this as his/their opportunity to show his/their party, the media, their constituents, and both the President and the Speaker that they still had power and that they’d use it any time and in any way they felt necessary to salve their ego and to show their party supporters they had made the right choice.  It wasn’t pretty, and Trump and the Speaker felt it.  And, it will have repercussions down the road.  These kinds of things can be set aside, but they are not entirely forgotten, especially in the world of politics.  Sometime, somehow there will be payback.

I suspect this may have some impact on the seating of the new Justice.  It will still happen but there may be a delay in filling that seat as the result of this dust-up.  The Dems have tasted the blood in the water.  They will want to capitalize further on this ‘victory’ through humiliation.  This might assure the use of the Nuclear option by Republicans in order to seat the Justice.

There is the question of what, if anything, this will cause the President to consider.  He is not used to taking this kind of thing.  That may explain the relative silence so far; he might be letting this get a little further in the rear-view mirror before reacting.  He does have other issues with which to occupy himself, after all.

I do expect this will help President Trump in his future dealings in this political world.  He is nothing if not a quick learner.  He’d never been involved in politics and decided the run for President would be his first shot at it.  And, he won.  That is a quick learner.

If the Dems base their future plans on this occurrence, they will likely be disappointed.  This was a ‘one off’ that had some ‘liberal’ N.E. Republicans breaking with the party thus enabling others to do so, as well according to Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-WI).  There will be those kinds of situations from time to time, BUT the perpetrators would be well-advised to be very, very careful with the use of this tool.  It will not work out too well for them if re-used too often.

“Politics makes strange bedfellows” is an old phrase that bears repeating in this instance.  The N.E. Republicans who started the exodus of previously committed members made its mark.  Those Congresspeople will likely not become conservative but they are still Republicans even if liberal Republicans.  The party needs them and may need them more than they need the party.  That can make for dangerous situations politically as was just proven.  There are ‘tools’ that are available to the leadership that might be useful in the next such situation since their likelihood of walking out has been noted.

Ain’t politics great?


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