Things Money Can’t Buy…

This was gleaned from a good friend’s Facebook posting and bears repeating.  Thanks Bruce!

Money can’t buy:

Manners– Think about the times you encounter people with poor manners or no manners at all.  They are either simply ignorant about their behavior or they are well aware and simply don’t care.  I feel bad for them.  The lack of manners often connotes a person you probably aren’t anxious to be around.

Morals – The immoral seem to surround us and many appear to have no comprehension of morality, or they do and plain don’t give a rip.  They are to be pitied.

Respect – The lack of respect for others probably signifies that this person has little or no respect for self, and that is a terrible burden to be carried through this life.

Character – Character is that mysterious aura that many people exude without words or even actions.  You know that you are in the presence of one with character without being able to identify just how you are that certain.

Common Sense – All too uncommon in our world today.  Common sense seems somehow to be less valued today but it is still among the greatest gifts one can possess.

Trust – To trust someone in any situation is a gift we receive from those whose trustworthiness is exuded without words.  To be trusted is among the greatest compliments we can be paid by another.

Patience – Patience is the culmination of our life lessons which we bestow on others who are still learning.

Class – An elusive gift that some possess and it is instantly recognizable simply by their carriage of self.  It is not cockiness nor is it conceit.  It is simply ‘class’.  It cannot be purchased and it cannot be feigned.

Integrity – This is a very special quality of those whom we especially appreciate and with whom we can be honest about anything and everything without fearing repercussion.

Love – The human quality which cannot be imitated, only copied and gifted to those with whom we live, work, and pray.

Faith – This added by the friend from whom I copied the rest of the list.  Our faith in God is the greatest gift we can receive, and our faith in others is among the greatest gifts we humans can convey.

Money isn’t nearly so important as it is oft made out to be.  These are the things that money simply cannot buy, nor would they be worth as much if they could be purchased with simple coin.  Feel free to add to the list…

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