Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings…

Neil Gorsuch enters the D.C. version of ‘The Coliseum’ today and the Democratic lion-wannabes will be on the prowl.  They crave some red meat to show their supporters they have not forgotten how to be Democrats.  The unfortunate aspect of this all for the Dems is that they do not have the votes, by themselves, to derail the confirmation process.  All they can do is try to muddy up the person sitting before them to the point that a Republican will cave.

This show is payback for the Republicans failing to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick, last year following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, a proven conservative jurist.  The Dems did not and do not have the majority necessary to push their side to victory UNLESS they can sway some Republican votes.  That is highly unlikely unless there are a few Republicans who desire to fall on their sword for some reason.

This well may require that the Republicans invoke the so-called Nuclear Option which the Dems would use in the blink of an eye but hate having the opposition make use of when the tables are turned.  This is, from the conservative perspective, the absolute time for the use of this tool if there were ever to be a time for its use.  There is no question on the part of sane people as to whether or not the Democrats would invoke the use of this tool were rolls reversed.  It sometimes seems, unfortunately, that Republicans have hesitation to use all the tools at their disposal thinking that, somehow, saner minds on the Democrat side of the aisle might prevail.  There may be some of those minds among Democrats but it seldom is made apparent by their actions.  In this case, the group known as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched a massive telephone campaign aimed at the Dems to let them know there might well be a price to be paid if they neglected the Nuclear Option tool.

All of this is, of course, aggravated by the fact that there is no President Hillary Clinton.  She and the Democrats were apparently, from their points-of-view, robbed of the Presidency; and that is made even a worse offense to their sensibilities since it was President Donald Trump who defeated her.  Oh, yes.  Lest we forget, Hillary was ‘robbed’ by that pesky Electoral College, since she had a thin, very thin, margin in her favor with popular votes, that somehow our founding fathers thought a good idea whereby the heaviest population centers are not always able to make our decisions for us.

So,  we have the makings of a typical Democrat tirade designed to show their folks back home that they can still fight even though they’ve had difficulty winning of late.

Now, as for Republicans and the Nuclear Option, this is the perfect time to show us conservatives that you really do have backbones of iron as you claim to be the case.  There is no need to be wishy-washy about Mr. Gorsuch.  He is the real deal who would make an excellent person for the vacant seat formerly occupied by a strong conservative.  You know you’ll not be treated well, or even fairly, by the press, so forget about that.  Buckle your chinstraps and get on with getting on.

Neil Gorsuch will be a very solid U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  He has a record pointing out his judicial philosophy so we need not guess as to how he would see issues and rule on those issues.  We need remember that sometimes we are fooled and find that someone who appeared to be of the conservative persuasion ends up disappointing us.

I doubt this is going to happen with a Justice Gorsuch.  We do know this will be a real battle royale with the Dems using any tools they can devise.  There are ten Democrats facing re-election next year, according to NBC News, in states that President Trump carried.  It is critical to have this confirmation go well and to watch as the voters in those states decide if they will go for another six-year term for the Democrat in their senate seat even though they voted in the majority for a Republican presidential candidate.

Those are very mixed signals and those are not lost on the Dems.  They see the writing on the wall and they are frightened that they may face even more losses as this all unfolds.  There may well be a tsunami building that will sweep even more Dems out of office at the same time Republicans/ conservatives gain more clout.

Every day is important.  Every vote is important.  There is absolutely no room for a wishy-washy Republican vote.  We are potentially on the very cusp of a long-term Republican/conservative majority.  The Gorsuch confirmation vote will be very telling, especially so in being able to see who is committed and who might be a bit squeamish over future votes.  Republicans need to whip, metaphorically, their members to vote the way us conservatives need them to vote.  Make your position known.

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