Trump Budget: Devastating or Delightful?

President Donald Trump has had the audacity to actually cut some budget line items in his blueprint for the 2018 fiscal year and the howls are being heard.  Oxen have been gored and those departments and agencies are gasping over the brashness of this new President.  It is almost a “How dare he?” outcry.

This new President told us what he’d do with the budget, he did it, and the departments and agencies that are reduced are crying foul.  It is unusual apparently for a newly elected President to have the cajones to do what he said he’d do, and this one did just that.

Defense (+10.0%), Homeland Security (+6.8%), Veteran’s Affairs (+5.9%) and Social Security (+0.2%) were the gainers this time around.  The rest of the major budget items have taken a hit and the howls and cries can be heard as this is written.  Never mind that the departments and agencies that have mandatory obligations have had those obligations spared; funding for those areas remained intact.  Health and Human services took a 16.2% hit but all mandatory obligations were covered.  Treasury took a 4.4% hit but all its mandatory obligations were funded.  Social Security saw an increase of .2% but that was in addition to the mandatory benefits spending on entitlements.

We see the reporters howling during press conferences because things have been changed in their world.  We now hear the laments from those departments and agencies that took the budget hits.  Change has descended on Washington, D.C. and those who live and work in that swamp are discombobulated.  Elected officials of the Democrat persuasion are beside themselves.  Some Republican elected officials are also still stinging from our votes that made Donald Trump President of the United States.

There is indeed a ruling elite in our country, and that is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans.  The orderliness this group has created for itself in the halls of Congress has been disrupted by we the people and our votes.  Our election of Donald Trump probably comes about as close to an insurrection that the elite will ever see.

Against that backdrop, we can better understand where the various players are coming from if we’re so inclined to follow that kind of thing.  President Trump told us what he’d do if we placed our trust in him; we did and he’s doing it.  It is not the custom for our top elected officials to do precisely what they told us they’d do if we voted them into office.  We see the press on its heels given the new Press Secretary and the rules that exist.  President Trump knew he’d be bucking the press for his term, so he is playing the game his way, not their way.

That can generally be said for the entire Washington establishment.  Trump is doing what he said he’d do.  The establishment doesn’t quite get that approach.  He isn’t bending with every breeze that blows.  He is not paying the press the fealty they expect and that alone is enough to cause them maximum apoplexy.  They huff and they puff but nothing changes.  Who does this new President think he is?  Doesn’t he know how things have aways been done in this town?

As each week passes and we see the results of the last election, I believe we made the absolute correct decision even if we got a few rough edges in the deal.  This President came along just in the nick of time.  He got here when it was still going to be possible to make some changes in just how our national government is run, in what it spends, in where it spends and in critical areas such as border security no matter how that security is achieved.  He got here just in time to repair the damage the immediately past President caused in the modern world.  Israel comes to mind immediately.

The Department of Defense knows that it came out on this new deal.  It had been giving up funding right and left due to the actions of then President Obama.  That changed as we can see with the 10% budget increase by the current President.  We have a person who knows how the world works, and who is very comfortable in that world.  The staff that has been assembled is designed to enable this President to get done what he told us he’d get done.

So, the entrenched government figuratively clutches its chest as if it is having a heart attack.  This must be a nightmare; we’ll awaken soon and find out that was what happened to us, say the insiders.  We’ll be okay; we just have to hang on until this all goes away.

The real nightmare is yet to present itself for some who cannot believe this is happening.

The changes will prove to have been very effective.  We’ll come to really understand that we were on the wrong track for the past couple of terms.  The ever-present cockiness of the immediate past President contrasts with the absolute humanness of the new guy.  What we see is now what we get.  What a great new way to see a government run.  This almost seems like the era of Ronald Reagan when we had a man entirely at peace with himself who had no axes to bury and who simply got on with getting on in the Oval office.  I have said before that this Presidency has seemed similar to that Presidency, certainly not in the personalities involved, but in the matter-of-fact approach being taken today as was followed by that President.

Talk about a breath of fresh air!

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