Frustrating Politics…

As a conservative, I find myself very, very frustrated with national politics.  We hold the White House, we control both houses of Congress and yet we continually permit ourselves to be outplayed by the liberals.  Is it simply that we are outclassed intellectually by the liberal minority.  Is it that we are usually ‘above the fray’ to our detriment?  Are we simply outfoxed time and time again by the liberals?

One thing that seems to be part of the answer is simply this:  Liberals seem to know no boundaries as to what they will do to maintain control.  They are apparently not controlled by a sense of political or personal ethics.  They are not troubled by their personal flip flops that are motivated only be whether or not they ‘win’.  They are so good at confusing the populace that continues to vote for them that they see no reason to change their tactics.

All this is further driven by a negligent (and obviously liberal) press corps that conveniently refuses to expose the actions of these people.  I have a visceral reaction to the Democrat party leaders.  I didn’t start out that way, but it seems a cultivated reaction to seeing people that have so little a sense of ethical behavior and who seem to be impervious to the results, or more to the point the lack of results, that their policies drive for our country.

They have packed the many levels of federal courts so that they are able to effectively “judge shop” knowing exactly what they’ll get from each of those judges.  (Witness Trump’s immigration rules that are knocked down.)  Even when not in the majority, they and their hand-selected cronies continue to drive the issues to the detriment of us conservatives…and more importantly to the detriment of our country.

So, that having been said, what do us conservatives do about this other than to outlive the liberals?  We continue to be the honest and upright people we generally are (yes, there are some bad apples in our barrel, too), we continue to go up against the majority of the press and we continue to do the right thing for this country.  We continue to make our positions known and to argue for those positions as effectively as possible knowing the odds are stacked against us.

We raise our children to be God-fearing, honest and hard-working people.  We teach them that things are not always “fair”, but that we play by the rules no matter what others might do.  We teach them that being of the conservative persuasion is the correct way to course through this life.  We point out the hypocrisy of the opposition’s positions that fly in the face of what conservatives espouse.

We hold our political brothers and sisters to the same high standards we espouse for ourselves.  There is no gain to simply rolling over and getting into the political mud with the liberals.  Our calling is on a much higher order than is theirs or they wouldn’t be acting out as they do time and time again.

BUT, unless and until we conservatives take the next step and publicly demand that liberals follow the rules, expose them and expose the press for their seeming blindness to liberals’ actions, and hammer at that message day after day, nothing is likely to change.  In fact, nothing may change even with our exposing the improprieties, as well as the lack of equal treatment of liberals and conservatives.

Maybe this will prove to be a generational issue that will only resolve itself if we conservatives continue to occupy the high moral ground.  I know that I can not ignore what is right and act out as do those about whose belief systems I complain.

We conservatives are able to take heart with the election of Donald Trump as opposed to a Hillary Clinton who personifies that which I rail against.  Maybe our battles will only be won incrementally.  If that is so, then I will continue to take one step after the other while I continue to catalog the opposition’s malfeasance as I see that malfeasance.

Pat your local conservatives on the back and say thanks for their stand.

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